Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Obama: "Un-American" Not To Take In More Muslim Refugees


As one might imagine, Freepers' anti-Muslim Final Solution rhetoric is running high these days. Which means they're screwing up attempts by the GOP to do some politically cynical Muslim-bating by going way, way too far.

And then Obama, clearly in the 'fuck it' phase of his Presidency, takes the bull by the horns: "when I hear political leaders suggesting that there would be a religious test for which person who is fleeing from a war-torn country is admitted...that’s shameful. That’s not American."

Tying treating Muslims like humans to patriotism? That's like two kicks square to Free Republic's nuts. And the freakout is amazing, going from impotent name calling to impotent demands for resignation and military coups.

hal ogen takes a lot of words to say "No, U!"
If something or someone is “unAmerican”, I would Clown Prince nobama, the mentally ill One, to be praising and promoting it or them.
SgtHooper will show Obama unAmerican!
No, this treasonous administration needs to open our hearts to Christian Middle-eastern refuges. Every muslime needs to be deposited south of the border into Mexico.
datura goes birther:
Since when does this freaking Kenyan know anything about being an American???

FU Barry!!
CPT Clay kind of underscores his own impotence:
As long as we're dreaming, sitetest demands lynching:
The kenyan antichrist must be hanged.
SWAMP-C1PHER is sad at how America is killing itself with it's ideals right out of the Constitution:
We’re being forced to commit suicide at gunpoint! I never thought I’d see this country fall so far in so little time. Sucks royally.
glasseye knows what Obama is:
The muslim interloper does not get to define what it is to be American.
Not now, not ever.
On a thread full of people insisting they know what unAmerican really means, Brilliant tries some postmodernism:
Whatever Amercans do or don’t do is by definition “American.”
Why does Will88 even bother with a dog-whistle these days?
Few if any things are more disgusting than hearing our first Third World president talk about what American values are.
V K Lee just yells:
I will NOT be called Un-American by a creature who has no clue as to what AMERICAN might mean. Blow baby blow, you scrawny gas bag of evil. Puff on it a while. Goldilocks.
Jim Robinson explains the Freeper Truth about the refugees. Every single one.
Trojan Horse. Muslim refugees are enemy soldiers. Jihadists. Enemy infiltrators. Invaders. Killers. Mass murderers. Terrorists.
Candor7 declares demographic war, and demands Obama's resignation.:
Its UN-American to foment demographic warfare on the America public. To date 16 governors have refused to take any more Syrian refugees.They know what is Un-American and what is American

Obama needs to resign....forthwith.
Forthwith even!

LeoWindhorse thinks it's time for the military coup:
He needs to be removed immediately , he isn’t going to go willingly . Only our ‘no partisan ‘ Armed Forces can affect this change . They have to act , and stop being ambivalent sheep who merely watch the shepherd destroy the flock
MeneMeneTekelUpharsin wants to let Obama know how bad he is:
Obama, you are the very definition of traitor.
SandRat also with the Muslim:
So say Calif Obama.
VideoDoctor is way behind his fellow Freepers:
I've said it for a YEAR now.. I will say it again.

"We have a Muslim President who is running interference at every turn for his RADICAL MUSLIM brothers."

Anybody who disagrees probably needs a lobotomy.
Duckdog is really hoping for an attack to really wreck our democracy:
When the first one of these enemy soldiers. Jihadists. Enemy infiltrators. Invaders. Killers. Mass murderers. Terrorists. kills an American, the indictment needs to list obama as allowing it to happen.
lormand joins the calls:
This F&^%$er needs to be removed from Office ASAP.
Gay State Conservative just humps some really old guilt by association:
Sadly,Obola isn't the only one to hold that attitude.Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright are on record saying precisely the same thing.
In such a thread, FourPeas tries to pretend no one cares:
Barry probably thinks someone cares about his misconception about what ‘un-American’ is
Bulwyf is from Alberta, but is kind enough to be offended on America's behalf:
I’m past tired of that useless pansy.

I’m not even American and I’m so fed up with his lies and his intent on destroying my neighbors that I’m fearful of beginning to hate.

As a Christian, I’m not supposed to hate.


  1. if "brainy" ben got help, it couldn't have been from just anybody ...

    Norm Lenhart: "Did Carson do all there freat [these great] feats in the OR or was he assisting someone else of a lighter color that actually did the work?"

    1. That is a good one. Not only is the secret whitey the smart one but he is also the one doing the "work". Everyone knows black folks don't work. Everyone knows black folks can't be smart enough to do rocket surgery. Yep, Norm, I think you've got it.

      Good grief.

  2. More Freeper craziness with Trump saying Mosques in the United States should be closed...and they agree.

    They like to ignore parts of the same Constitution they claim to love.


    1. In this thread Mercat says, "I visualize churches in the 1930s where they preach Nazism instead of Jesus. Same sort of thing. Shut them down. Same in fact with the black liberation churches like the one O attended."

      Darn, this is like a wet dream for the religious right wing nut jobs that took over the Republican Party during the Reagan era. Let's just close ALL the churches that don't agree with us.

      Close the churches that allow gay marriage! St. RimJob the Needy is against the Mormons so close those churches too! Fuck the Mormons and their stupid bicycles. Fuck the Episcopalians especially, they think they are so much better than me. In fact, let's just kill them all. Kill them all. KILL THEM ALL!!!

    2. I'm checking the records and you've yet to give to the Q4 Grift-a-thon!

  3. So, they think that Muslims should be excluded from entering the the US, and those already there should be deported. One question. How do they determine who is Muslim? By sight? I know Chaldean Christians that "look" just like Muslims of Arabic descent. Hell, Israeli Jews look middle eastern. Maybe they could come up with a symbol that said Muslims could wear on their sleeves...

    1. And where do they plan to deport them to, if they were born here? Do they think just any country would accept them (even if this weren't an outrageous proposition to begin with)?

    2. Ahh, freepers. Protecting White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Native Americans from the swarthy hoardes

  4. "Anybody who disagrees probably needs a lobotomy."
    So is VideoDoctor saying that if you get a lobotomy, you'll agree with him and other Freepers?
    Seems right.