Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Potpourri

IMR 4350 thinks the only reason people don't like anti-Muslim bigotry is a conspiracy:
Funny, I always thought the endgame was "Brave New World

That’s right where we are headed.

Just look at the way the way the muslims have been allowed to pour into the countries overseas and the talking points from all the leaders is the same, it’s not the muslims that are the problem it’s the “right wing extremist” that oppose the muslims that are the problem.

Obama had his DoJ with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center come up with a report saying the same thing about this country.

All the radical left leaders around the world all with the same talking points all at the same time isn’t just by coincidence, it’s planned.
eartick is sure there's an American conspiracy to have Muslims kill us all:
But our _resident Obucketoshiite can keep importing them as fast as possible into the country.

Placing them strategically across the amber waves of grain until the call to prayer is given to attack.

They will poison our water, blow up our dams and reek havoc across the country.

Jeh (what a f(&ked up name) will make sure, if you you are a jihadi flying to America, you will be safe getting here to destroy us.
relictele GrandJediMasterYoda was not a fan of the musical guest on Trump's SNL appearance:
That was a not talent called Sia being absolutely horribly boring as usual, just pathetic as it gets. This other freeper told me she has billions of fans worldwide, and it’s true. I looked her up on Youtube, her videos have almost a billion views. Just more evidence to me that we really are going through a moron apocalypse.
blueunicorn6 is trying to understand why people support the cartoonishly villainous Hillary he's made up in his head:
I watched a tv show about the people who were in the World Trade Center buildings when they were attacked.

Did you know there were artists there? There were Democrats in those buildings.

My point is that the enemy attacks Americans and they don’t distinguish by political party.

Espionage is a crime against every American.

Whether Hillary Clinton was negligent or sold secrets for money or gave our secrets away because she sides with the enemy, she compromised our safety.

She even compromised the safety of the people she’s asking and expecting to vote for her.

Why would anyone (even a paid lackey) vote for or support someone who was so uncaring about their life like Hillary Clinton has been?

Only a fool votes for someone who is trying to get them killed.
GOPAreDemProgressives predicts the end of America, again:
Hillary Clinton is such a witch! If she becomes President we're doomed!
relictele has no sympathy for a woman whose 9-year-old boy was shot to death:
This brood mare really sounds distraught.
rockinqsranch's done his research, and can't trust the people he hates:
From what I’ve read, seen, and heard there isn’t any trustworthy Islamist on this Earth.

The Left insists we accept these uncivilized savages into our culture as though they were Wolves, or Cougars to be reinstated on what’s called “Federal Lands” next door to Human families.

The Leftist’s then legislate to penalize the families they put the vicious animals next door to for defending themselves from assault by them. Same for Islamists. The Left protects them.

The Left protects Crime, and Evil of every value.

It’s Projection.

From what I’ve read, seen, and heard there isn’t any trustworthy Leftist on this Earth.
Balding_Eagle lays out how super-negotiator Trump will end currency manipulation:
What does Trump plan to do about our own currency manipulation?

Mere speculation on my part, based on how I think he operates.

The subject of currency manipulation is going to be a very key element of negotiations with any and all countries.

An agreement will be reached as to how, when, where, how much, such manipulations by either party occur.

It will be clearly spelled out so that there is no uncertainty on any point.

Penalties will be outlined.

Both parties will have the respect of the other side.

Negotiations will be done in a very tight time frame.

Our side will not be afraid to walk out if it is in our best interest to do so.

Trump, or his negotiators, will be unpredictable during these negotiations, and the other side will not be able to keep up.

We will get the better part of the deal.
a fool in paradise remembers the TARP bill differently than most:
Barry Obama threw a temper tantrum in November of 2008 and demanded that Bush sign the Democrat bailout bill.
Hostage knows who the real media victim is:
Carson has been treated with down filled comforters and baby powder compared to what Trump has been treated to.
Norm Lenhart is weirdly devoted to this Bond-villain plan of his, and can't stop posting about it:
Wait, is “existential cage theory” a real theory? I like the sound of it. I want to use that.

ReREal? Depends how you want to define it. I ‘created’ the idea so to speak, although I doub’t very much I’m the first to do so. I more or less coelesced the idea into a short blurb. But it’s real in the sense that it is a practical solution to the problem.

Existential Cage Theory - An Idea Whose Time Has Come

1: Get a cage
2: put the liberal in the cage
3: weld the door shut
4: walk away.

Think of it as “Scared Straight” for kids of the modern age. You take the caged liberals and line them along the road so people can see the animals that attempted to strip them of their rights and human dignity, while destroying their country.

It is morally acceptable because liberals pushed hard for the idea that starvation was a euphoric way to die. See the grave of Terri Schivo for proof.

It is also acceptable to them as an environmental solution to catastrophic climate change because they tell us the planet has a fever and we must depopulate to ensure continuity of the species.

Thus, with their blessing, I present Existential Cage Theory.
PoloSec is pretty sure ending all taxes is the secret to something beyond a ridiculous deficit:
Eliminating the IRS as we know it today is brilliant, it is the HUB of all government spending without the IRS feeding those agencies they will collapse, there will need to be a whole new round of what can and cannot be funded using the Constitution as the foundation, this is the strategy Cruz intends to deploy, and as President he will veto any spending that is not constitutionally sound.
Sivad will not allow any quotes that were once Arabic:
“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

That’s muzzie talk.
Biggirl loves her some ISIS fan-fiction:
A Chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

True as ever.

Imagine that a Baggage Handler’s Family is kidnapped by ISIS. They tell him to plant a Bomb or his Family all Die a horrible Death. It could happen anywhere.

Not surprised. ISIS is EXTREME terrorism.
fruser1 knows how white people can solve the problem of ISIS:
Simple solution -

Restore colonial rule.
Ancesthntr may be in for a number of rude awakenings:
My wife, a legal immigrant from Mexico (and a citizen for about 10 years), was really ticked off at Trump for that statement. However, in the fullness of time, she has become pro-Trump. She even enjoys bothering her Mexican friends (many of whom are also citizens) about it (”You’re not for Trump? What’s wrong with you, don’t you care about the country you’ve chosen? Are you stupid?”).

She understands, as someone who has gone through the immigration process, that it is HORRIBLY unfair to let millions of people jump the line and, simultaneously, flout the law, evade taxes, get free medical care, etc. She also understands that native-born people with low skill levels are the ones hurt worst - and I never stop reinforcing this every time there’s another riot by blacks (”if they had jobs, they’d be working and not rioting - but now they have nothing to do but be hopeless and frustrated, and on welfare and foodstamps”).

Trump predicted that he’d get a majority of the Hispanic vote - and I believe that he is right. He’ll also get a bunch of the black vote, and the union vote. I’m beginning to believe that we have a serious landslide coming, and Shrillary Cankles is not going to be the beneficiary.
backwoods-engineer thinks Obama is behind some protests at CMC College in California:
Quick, somebody find out who Obama or one of his minions met with at Claremont McKenna College. Has to be somebody. Everywhere this racist crap props up, the trail leads right back to the White Hut.
PapaBear3625 also thinks students protesting is an Obama plot:
Who is working behind the scenes on these various and sundry "demonstrations," I wonder? How many more are already in the chute?

Expect it to peak in November 2016. And to become another "Gore 2000" series of protests if the election is in any way "close".
kearnyirish2 wants some apartheid:
Blacks today are segregating themselves better than the Klan could have imagined 50 years ago. I appreciate their candor; let’s live apart.
Oratam thinks there's a media coverup of how short and fat Hillary is:
forget the wig . . . how is it photos never reveal how very, very short Hillary is?

I'm mean, she's a short, plump, dowdy, li'l butterball and photos always make here appear a commanding 5'6" or 5'7".

She's your fusty maiden aunt who busies herself meddling in other people's affairs.
Daniel Ramsey is sure the birtherism will finally be vindicated when Trump replaces Obama:
I cannot wait for Trump to target Obama as he is kicked out of the Whitehouse, it will be the most watched event period, every day Trump exposes Obama like an onion, layer by layer, all those sealed documents will come to light, all of the Mossad and MI6 intel will be added.

There will never be an Obama at Mt Rushmore.
RitaOK may be realizing that Freepers don't actually do anything other than pay JimRob:
The very LEAST Freepers should do, if not to get in the street, is to phone blitz our representatives in our own district offices, senate and congressional offices, our governor’s office to stop receiving foreign fighters disguised as “refugees”, and CALL every single day.

Put sticky notes on GAS PUMPS! Stick ‘em in the fruit at the grocery store!

DO the hell SOMETHING, beyond haranguing about OBAMA. Haranguing to the CHOIR is NOT resistance.

Action is resistance.
dennisw on the political wisdom of impeaching Obama:
This impeachment would make our point very clearly plus it would tie The Kenyan down. It would bog him down and make him ineffectual in his last year in office. We cannot be done with him soon enough.

I doubt we have enough time to impeach and remove 0Zero from office. But we can score lots of points in the impeachment process. And we deserve to make them.
Dr. Pritchett is pretty excited about the coming Muslim-liberal war:
I have a theory that after Islamists are fully entrenched in America, they’ll first start killing all the people that supported them getting here: women, liberals, journalists, homosexuals, liberals, city dwellers, etc.

Now, I haven’t seen any analysis of the people who were murdered in France, but I wonder how many of them actually supported the policies that led to that massacre?

In all cases, it’s the gun carrying adults that’ll be left cleaning it up.

fuzzylogic is one of at least 3 Freepers wondering if Obama sent the signal to start the Paris attacks:
It was Obama’s green lighting the operation !?!

I hate to be so cynical but that crossed my mind too - was “contained” a trigger word? He’s a muslim, so I can’t put anything past him. You know, it’s not like he thinks he should “punish his enemies” or anything - like those evil French colonialists.

If he says something similar, and something immediately happens, we’ll guess is England is next.


  1. "That was a not talent called Sia being absolutely horribly boring as usual, just pathetic as it gets."

    While I'm not a fan of her music, this guy is absolutely retarded if he thinks Sia isn't talented.

    1. He ends his comment with, "Just more evidence to me that we really are going through a moron apocalypse." He's late to the party. I said the same thing when Freepers were talking about "Arkancide" and "Where is the birth certificate?" We really are going through a moron apocalypse. For reals. It's right over there at Free Republic. Benghazi! Vince Foster! Ron Brown! Wharblegarggle! Wharblegarggle!

  2. Freepers on dealing with same sex marriage topics at the thanksgiving table.

    1. Oh please, by all means, DO subject the topic of marriage to the Socratic method. That's exactly why the arguments against same-sex marriage utterly fell apart in front of the Supreme Court. Once you acknowledge that we let barren couples, childless couples, and couples past the age of child-bearing age to marry and remarry, there is no "logical" reason to deny same-sex couples the same right. Now, if you're Catholic, marrying and remarrying are subject to different rules -- IF you want to be in the church and stay in the church -- but logic has nothing to do with it.

  3. what more archetypical existential cage is there than free republic?