Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ben Carson's storytime

It's been a pretty delicious week of Ben Carson news. As is a common narrative when private figures run for President that they whither when there's actually public scrutiny of what they do. So it is with Carson; his personal story not checking out, both regarding his past anger and superlative honesty. And then there's the Pyramids...

Freepers are torn. On the one hand, Carson is the chief rival of their beloved Trump. On the other, they love to defend all conservatives against the predations of the evil media.

As one might predict, the cult of personality won out at first, and Freepers delighted in attacking Carson's honesty. But as the right wing media rallies behind Carson, Freepers ended up getting in line.

Free Republic has noted every single story about Carson's ups and downs, so I had my pick. I picked the Pyramids, because that's hilarious, and because the idea of objective truth becomes collateral damage.

laplata is more right than he knows:
The Palinization of Ben Carson continues.
PennsylvaniaMom is a Carson fan, and thinks this is a set-up:
You are sadly correct. Palinization. Soon to be known as “Carsoned.”

Dr. Carson is a good, decent man and a brilliant surgeon (who has saved many, many lives).

That the Dem operatives at Buzzfeed have to scour the cellar of the Internet to “find” something to ridicule. From 1998. He must really be scaring someone.

These “gotchas” are pathetic and sad.
Da Coyote doesn't care about Republicans at all, really; only hating liberals:
I would rather he operate on me than Dorkbama the low IQ muzzie.
Show me your records, muzzieboy.
Greetings_Puny_Humans thinks Carson is better than one of those viable establishment candidates!
Brain surgeons of the caliber of Ben Carson have no business running for president. They are many steps above any politician.

Well, I guess it MIGHT be better to have a sponge stuck in the brain than say Marco Rubio as the nominee.
I can't tell if ConservativeMind is joking or not...
What’s funny is that Donald Trump questioned the legitimacy of 0bama’s birth certificate and still does.

I mean, that’s crazy, right?
Oh, that quirky RitaOK doesn't seem to be taking Carson seriously:
Oh, do go there, Dr. Carson. That is a subject I was just taking up with my hamster, Gladys, while she was working out on her exercise wheel.

The two of us were thinking the pyramid structures would serve as useful Department of Homeland Security shelters from desert flooding and such, as well as storage for various medications, tranquilizers, pot, etc.

What do you think, Ben? Ben? BEN? Are you awake, Ben.

Well, Gladys, I think he will move on to something else, now, but it’s time for you to take your Natural Food supplements and get off that wheel.
Wow. conservative98's graphic is one of the lamest I've seen:
ViLaLuz realizes that the extend of Freeper convictions is as strong as any actual fact:
So? It’s not as crazy as Bruce Jenner believing he’s a woman, abortionist believing preborn babies aren’t human, Benghazi was caused by an awful video, 0bama is American, etc. Etc. Etc.
Seeing More Clearly Now also doesn't care how crazy his candidate is so long as liberals are around:
Then there are the definitely ridiculous beliefs that actually do us great harm:

Let’s not forget Al Gore’s bogus Global Warming Belief.
Let’s not forget Barack Obama’s bogus Belief that Islam is Peaceful.
Let’s not forget Barack Obama’s removal of job application questions about applicants’ felonies.
Let’s not forget San Francisco lawmakers’ belief that their giving sanctuary to murderers will bring world peace.
piasa goes into longform detail about cultural Darwinism and gay marriage:
He’s dead wrong about the pyramids of course.... it’s silly, uninformed speculation. On the other hand, this belief, however wacky, isn’t going to cost me money nor is it going to be the driving force behind some UN scam to redistribute wealth.

The equally kooky theory of manmade global warming, which is no doubt enthusiastically supported by the very media who are going to beat him over the head on this [justifiably so], is not just costing me money, it’s costing us all money. But the media actually buys into the anthro-global warming kookiness, so they still smugly believe they are the voice of reason when they should be mocked for it as well.

Just today, a friend passed around some silly BBC article that asserts that multiple diverse thriving cultures around the globe believe there are more than 2 genders and some even recognize 5 supposedly, the implication being that we too should adopt these views rather than view aberrant behavior as aberrant. I couldn’t help but note that Darwinian survival of the fittest has rendered most if not all of the cultures mentioned moot- they are subject to rulers of more conventional outlooks. Anyway, she really does believe you can be any sex you want to be. Yet in spite of her own absurdity she was passing around an article mocking Carson. And she believes in manmade global warming too.
FourPeas may not be clear on what critical thinking is:
Yeah, he has such poor critical thinking abilities that he’s operated on the brains of children all over the world.
cgbg just inveighs against truth generally:
There is a hierarchy of tin-foilers.

While we are supposed to use the scientific method to evaluate evidence that is based on a foundation of free inquiry, debate, and access to data.

When governments around the world hide key data in the name of national security then scientists in the “open world” can only evaluate the data available to them. That leads to a variety of false and stupid conclusions and discredits science as a discipline. If that was not bad enough government grants tend to warp science in “politically correct” directions and discredit it further.

Bottom line—when we can’t trust the integrity of science then the “tin foilers” have as good a claim on truth as anyone else.
Dagnabitt knows Carson's only real qualification:
GOP: Please get over your infatuation with unqualified racial token candidates.

Ben Carson, who has never supervised more than a handful of people, who supports illegal alien amnesty and who has crackpot ideas like this pyramid weirdness - would be polling under 1 percent were he not black.
proust agrees - Carson is black, so he probably hates whitey:
The white man musta stole all the grain in there.


  1. I have a feeling that Carson (and Trump) are going to start sinking after these stories and last night's debate.

  2. Love that people are still on this notion that global warming is made up when we now know that Exxon knew about it decades ago. Just another crazy liberal plot.

  3. Dem operatives at Buzzfeed

  4. When governments around the world hide key data in the name of national security then scientists in the “open world” can only evaluate the data available to them.

    Or, scientists could go out and collect their own data...they're known to do that.

    That leads to a variety of false and stupid conclusions and discredits science as a discipline.

    No, that's what political echo chambers such as FR do.

  5. Got a nice "holier than thou" thread setting off some sniping.

    Not great, but funny in spots.