Thursday, November 5, 2015

The lonliness of the Freeper

A NY Post article entitled 'America is due for a revolution' turns into a bunch of Freepers discussing how much they walk around just hating half of America, including their family.

heights gets a lot of agreement for this sad declaration:
Its at the point where I viscerally hate half the population.
MNJohnnie knows revolution is totally just around the corner!
I think our political leadership has any clue how close to the edge this country is. They are tap dancing in a minefield.
98ZJ USMC is a dick to his family, and blames them for it:
Anyone in my family that has ever voted (D) is disowned and ignored. I get the: "Well, yeah I did vote for Carter" to which I say: "Well, yeah you were stupid."

I don't care. They created me as an enemy. Now, they can deal with it with a hearty "f*ck you and go away".
Windflier has also broken with his family:
Heck I began life as a lofo Democrat voter, myself. I have to draw the line where folks are STILL supporting the LibDemCommies, even after all the evidence is in.

It's a good thing I moved my family from my native California to Texas ten years ago. The family barely spoke to me then, because of my conservative politics, but now they act like I've moved to Alpha Centauri.

It's just as well. I don't have the stomach to make nice with people who support America's domestic enemies -- even if they're family.
Maybe not so lonely, DCBryan1 has particular people he wants to kill:
Before the revolution comes a phase people forget: settling scores.
Ya know? I'm not even sure Da Coyote has a list of ALL the liberals he's seen:
Record and remember addresses of ALL liberals.

Guard the airports.

When it happens, they should be justly rewarded for their efforts.


  1. "Before the revolution comes a phase people forget: settling scores."

    Let's remove the fact that these old impotent wrinklebags lack the motivation to bring about any "revolution," how is this talk any different than the black gangbanger in the urban part of town?

    The only difference is that they haven't taken the initiative.

  2. Fantasies of feeling their political enemies' blood underneath their fingernails along with a heaping dose of bile is all that keeps them going.

    It must be hell to feel nothing but hate and believe that everyone and everything around them is an existential threat. What a miserable existence.

    1. Maybe the thing that makes this all worthwhile for them is that they get to feel like they are special.

  3. Oh this is great. I'm pretty sure I have a freeper in my family, or at least would be if they could get on the internet. Doesn't talk to anyone in the family anymore. Everyone is tired of them, and they're going to die with no one giving a shit.

    And the black gangbanger? Yea, was probably targeted at school for punishment at a very young age, and knows several people that are incarcerated due to legal system that targets african americans at a very young age.

    You know being the victim of a racist political system unlike freepers who have recieved social security probably medicare, and the crazy socialist benefits that jobs used to give out.

    My freeper like uncle would go off on people getting free stuff from the government all while recieving a disability check, government pension, social security, medicare and medicaid. Literally everything in their lives is government funded.

    1. When other people get money from the government, they're moochers. I got this money fair and injuring myself!

    2. Scores are settled _before_ the revolution? I thought they'd be settled _during_ the revolution, or that the endstate of the revolution would be a regime in which scores are settled again and again and again and again and again and

  4. and these folks claim to love jeezus, but what they really love is the god of the old testament.

    1. Let's face it -- they really have no use for Jesus. Jesus would get zotted.