Thursday, November 19, 2015

Refighting lost battles

A Utah judge removed a foster child from a lesbian couple for the mere fact of their gayness. I doubt even the judge thinks this is going to stand, so it's another last gasp of frustration from conservatives. But in the meantime, the judge has managed to traumatize a child and her parents.

It's telling for how ridiculous this ruling is that Freepers are split between those who think this does more harm than good to their cause and the larger contingent who just embrace their id and to hell with consequences:

UPDATE the judge must have underestimated the backlash, because he's quickly reversed himself and taken himself off the case.

Above My Pay Grade just reflexively cheers:
Good for the judge. Common sense and the welfare of the child prevail.
Duchess47 dimly realizes the world in which she lives:
How did a gay couple become foster parents? That’s frightening that it is even allowed.
G Larry knows all about how gay is formed:
Ladies, just because your were molested as children, doesn’t mean we’re obligated to provide you with children to molest.
WENDLE knows all gays scar children:
He was mandated to order for “the best interest of the child”. He certainly did that. These sexually perverted individuals deeply scar little children with their perverse conduct. I applaud the Judge and all Judges who care about children and less about in your face sex deviates.
fwdude has a question that destroys the libtards:
I never get an answer when I pose this question to homo-advocates:

If 97%+ of the population is sexually normal (straight,) doesn’t it make sense to have adopted children, who are extremely likely to have this characteristic, be put with those who will MODEL the roles that the child will grow into?
Which is why all children are exactly like their parents.

tuffydoodle makes her policies via dimly recalled anecdotes:
Didn’t Putin stop any out of country adoptions after a homosexual couple in Australia adopted a little Russian boy, horribly sodomized him and shared him with their pervert friends? That story sure did get buried in a hurry.
AppyPappy senses something may be amiss, which means it's factless speculation time!
I bet there is more to this than meets the eye.

There are a lot of African American kids in foster care and taking kids away from black women and giving them to white gay couples is a really bad optic.
miss marmelstein, of course, has to weigh in about the gay community:
Do gay men adopt black children? They are notoriously bigoted against blacks (I could tell stories!!) The children I see with gay men would garner praise from fans of The Master Race.
max americana knows with gays the rape and incest is inevitable:
Well, that's the end of his career.

Worth it. The kid now has a better chance in life instead of the alternative kid rape and molestation plus incest from those pukes.
Albion Wilde sees how this is counterproductive:
If you’re going to buck the world’s evil legal trends, Judge, try not to be ham-handed about it.
DoughtyOne makes a hilarious Obama=black=cannibal joke!
Will he be invited to the White Hut?

Yes, and has seating pre-arranged in a big urn over a fire pit.
The_Republic_Of_Maine wants the judge to also take Obama's daughters away from him:
Maybe now he will rescue those two girls from the obamits.
Lest you think The_Republic_Of_Maine was making some petty joke, he has a metaphor to follow up:
They are not rehabititatable.

It’s like this, November 17th 2014 my dad got a tweet, from a member of NM Militia who works at the VA Hospital in Albuquerque, informing him that his best friend had jsut been admitted, that it was colon cancer and that they were prepping him for Emergency Surgery to remove 1 foot of his colon.

A follow up tweet said that the odds of his living was one in three, but that without the surgery it was zero.

Why do I tell you this?

Simple, if the kids stay with the obama’s their chances are zero, if rescued they have a chance, for is anything impossible for God?
Nothing's impossible to God, so long as you remove liberals' children from them first to ease the way!

fr_freak either missed that this was a lesbian couple, or thinks oral makes you an unfit parent:
Have you ever talked to anyone who works in a big city emergency room? Even seemingly normal people do some major league crazy things to their bodies in the name of sexual gratification.

What you mean is that a small percentage of presumably heterosexual people do crazy things to their bodies in the name of sexual gratification, while ALL homosexuals, BY DEFINITION, do crazy things to their bodies in the name of sexual gratification. Rather than base our policies on statistical outliers, how about we play the odds?


  1. Why Hillary Clinton Is Too Old And Sick To Be President

    The original article from Red State reads in part,

    "Hillary never participated in athletics when she was younger, something about being too ugly to participate. And now, as she approaches the BIG SEVEN-ZERO she is very out of shape."

    The comments the Freepers make are even less intellectual. All this is neither here nor there. It makes no difference whatsoever. To anyone. It's just Republicans jacking eachother off and like any circle jerk it produces nothing.

    Please give. Give generously to Free Republic. Maybe RimJob can send out little bottles of lotion to the Freepers as a Christmas present to make jerkin the gherkin a little nicer for them all.

    Who am I kidding? RimJob is just laughing all the way to the bank. He is not doing anything for anyone with all that Free Republic money. It is Christmas every freaking day for Jim Robinson. Happy Holidays!

  2. (I could tell stories!!)
    Then maybe you should tell these stories that definitely never happened

  3. "... a homosexual couple in Australia adopted a little Russian boy, horribly sodomized him and shared him with their pervert friends? That story sure did get buried in a hurry."

    umm, no -- you're obviously misremembering that march story about the tea party state rep who abandoned his adopted 6-and-3yo daughters to a former employee at his christian preschool who raped the older one.

    the important thing is thank god they weren't homosexuals.