Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tuesday Potpourri Pt. 2

I Hired Craig Livingstone thinks Laz's pro-Nazi posts are just a bit much:
Germany needs to start the showers back up.

That’s going a bit too far. Besides, in all their brilliant strategery, Germany only kills the smart people, not the stupid ones.
Republican support for immigration makes pabianice wonder if maybe there is something bigger going on:
I have to believe that Ryan, et al, know something we don’t know, such as a collapse coming if they don’t toe the RINO line. What would cause the collapse is obscure, but there are just too many alleged conservatives now working for the Liberals to pass it off as conspiracy or stupidity. Like immigration. What do they know will happen if we close/tighten the borders? Collapse of Mexico and Central America? Civil war there with likely WMDs? What do they suspect will be the short-term consequences of limiting the national debt? Civil war here?
itsahoot laments to passing of Paul Hogan:
The guy that Crocodile Dundee character was based on refused to surrender his weapons and they killed him.
Poor MayflowerMadam can't find a decent stamp these days:
Has anyone checked out the P.O. stamps lately? Maya Angelou, gay people, commies, black terrorists. Disgraceful. At Christmas, there’s Kwanzaa.

Not many choices for decent people.
miserare is a petty, petty woman:
the annoying smart ass brat at the Thanksgiving dinner.

Every family has one. Ours is a smartass grad of Macalester who works for the UN.

I am writing her out of the will.
In the latest police brutality versus a minority, publius911 knows that force is the only way to combat the blacks' main weapon:
The officer could have just forcefully removed her from the chair without knocking her to the floor and then throwing her. There has to be reasonable risk to justify force. This was clearly excessive.

No. It was proportionate, considering the instigator’s “’tude’”
spetznaz is still hoping for Cruz:
I believe this debate has given Cruz his breakout moment. The media tried to keep him ignored, but the man rose up and won the fight. I hope the electorate gives him a fair look as the man has a lot to offer.
The Ghost of FReepers Past thinks about the number of the beast:
Well, I think these security chips are a very good thing for stopping fraud. At the same time I think one day that sort of chip will be placed under the skin on your hand or forehead and, yes, we will have one world government. It is unavoidable. I remember when we couldn’t imagine the logistics of it. Now it is pretty easy to see just how it will work.

Don’t think scary. God is in control. Things must get bad first.
alloysteel is pretty excited about Mike Tyson endorsing Trump:
This particular endorsement perhaps carries altogether totally disproportionate weight with certain ethnic groups, and with the “sportzfanz” version of low-information voters.
Tyson's endorsement means Abby4116 is extolling Trump's virtues:
A lot of people also don’t know that Mike Tyson is Michael Steele’s brother-in-law and ran his 2006 Senate campaign. Michael Steele was one of the few in the GOP that actually campaigned for the tea party candidate Christine O’Donnell when her own state GOP worked against her. Riece (however you spell it) plays with the GOPe, unlike his predecessor.
Paladin2 - 'rape of the makers' hehe:
Why didn’t Cruz join Rand in loudly protesting the continued rape of the makers?
St_Thomas_Aquinas has a great plan to destroy the GOP in the general election:
The candidates should simply determine their own rules and forums and boycott the RNC debates.

Problem solved.

Imagine the ratings for debates hosted by Rush, Sean and Mark.
GrandJediMasterYoda thinks Trump's neurosis will drive him to success:
The thing I find interesting about Trump is that the guy would cut off his own legs before he ever allowed himself to come across as a loser or a failure.

Just as an example, anytime anyone brings up his bankruptcy cases he basically flips out. So you can imagine what this guy is going to do to create jobs, he’s going to make damn sure he succeeds rather than give his enemies the privilege of pointing fingers at him and saying “Ah ha, you loser, you failure”.

Same with everything else, that’s why I think more than anything he would make a great President. The other candidates *really* won’t give a damn as much as he would once they get in office if they fail at something. Trump on the other hand I believe will make damn sure he succeeds or in his word “wins” on EVERYTHING, and as we have seen, he has no issues obliterating anyone who gets in his way.
TheTimeOfMan is willing to kill all the Muslim men and women, but he has a limit...
I have no problem rounding up and executing muslim men. I can even shoot muslim women if necessary.

But there will be no gang raping or genital torture of girls. Anyone who wants to go there will have me to deal with.
An airliner goes down. jacob allen goes really far to blame Obama:
If it turns out to have been a missile fired by ISIS did Obama supply the more advanced missile to them? He does like to sneak guns to the bad guys.
butlerweave knows all Democratic women are ugly:
I heard that Hillary wants to borrow the “Wide Load” signs from guess who
Gay State Conservative hates Hawaii:
I've visited Hawaii once.Spent about a week there.We had fun.But having seen it once I haven't the slightest interest in seeing it ever again.

Apart from its usefulness as a military base Hawaii is worse than useless for this country.If it were to sink into the sea tomorrow I wouldn't shed a tear.

Macadamia nuts are *way* overrated.
Welp, election's sewn up. GodAndCountryFirst had God speak to him:
Trump will be the next president. After praying on it, I am certain that will be the case. I also think Sarah Palin will be involved in a Trump Administration - perhaps as Secretary of State or some other post related to national security.


  1. gang raping or genital torture of muslim boys?

    the line starts with TheTimeOfMan

  2. The subject is Trump. Null and Void writes,

    "I suspect his Sirhan Sirhanicide will be the spark that triggers CWII"


  3. Is Laz back on the bottle again? Lately his posts have been quite nihilistic, and he's even going so far as promoting the worst of human deeds such as the slavery of blacks and using gas chambers as the Nazis did.

    I know he tends to have a morbid sense of humor, but I think this time he's being deadly serious. Very bizarre and very dark.

    And the worst part? Some of his fellow Freepers applaud him! In response to Lazamataz's call for Germany to bring back "the showers" referenced above, central_va posted a picture of Zyklon B, as if he has a good idea.

    And yet conservatives are so perplexed as to why they continuously fail to win the public over in the marketplace of ideas.

    1. He's back skiing if you catch my drift. Explains the extra paranoia

    2. Ah I see. That makes sense. What a shame.

      I know this might be slanderous, but if this is true then I suspect that some Freepers are secretly happy that Laz fell off the wagon. First of all, misery loves company. And if there's one thing that FR has an abundance of, it's misery. Second of all, using that stuff can be like rage fuel sometimes, and Freepers thrive on rage to do......whatever it is that they do.

      It's all impotent rage, but rage nonetheless.

      Am I off base here?

  4. Has anyone checked out the P.O. stamps lately?

    I dunno, every time I go to the post office self-service machine, nothing comes out but flags and eagles. Calm down, you wacky broad.

  5. A lot of people also don’t know that Mike Tyson is Michael Steele’s brother-in-law and ran his 2006 Senate campaign. Michael Steele was one of the few in the GOP that actually campaigned for the tea party candidate Christine O’Donnell ...

    Mike Tyson...Christine O'Donnell...Donald Trump...
    I really don't think "voter ID" is the nation's problem with bad governance.

    1. Mike Tyson endorsed his BiL, Steele, but never 'ran his campaign'. In fact, the Steele campaign never publicly acknowledged Mike Tyson endorsing Steele, as his rape scandal still makes him quite polarising.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.