Monday, November 16, 2015

Paris Envy

I'd say the main impulse Freepers have had over the terrorist attack in Paris on Friday was...envy. Freepers think violence clarifies morality, and it just irks them that such a great excuse to implement a final solution at last is wasted on non-Americans.

So they find some tweet saying America is gonna be targeted one day, and beat their chest in a hollow attempt to feel empowered.

twister881 clearly wants some terrorism over here:
Bring it on, boy-raping, goat-f***ing @holes.
LS is hoping for a 9-11 do over. Also Iraq was super clever:
We are getting there, to the point we should have been at after 9/11.

I love Trump but disagree fundamentally with him about Iraq.

What people don't YET understand about Iraq was that Bush understood we could not invade Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Iran . . . . We couldn't take every one of them out. Instead, by putting US troops on the ground in Iraq, he got the terrorists to come to us. It was the same strategy as Lord Chelmsford used vs. the Zulu in 1879, the same as we used with our bombers over Europe in WW II. Get the enemy to come out in the open. No, it wasn't a war on "all Islam," but it was extremely effective for what we could do at the time.
servantboy777 wants a terrorist attack in Texas or Tennessee particularly:
Chicken***t cowards. Killing innocent unarmed people going about life.

A thousand Texans/Tennesseans against ten thousand of you pedophile pricks. We’d open a huge can of whoop @$$ and stomp a damn mud hole in ya.

You may take a bite out of our sandwich, but we’re gonna eat your lunch you muzzie cowards.
Fai Mao often meets people who don't know how a Republic works:
I have found that many non-Americans, especially those from very backward places ave no real idea of how he US political system works. They actually think that a terrorist attack, basically a bully tactic will cause the country to collapse. They also fail to see how the government priorities can change with an election.
Vision is so eager!
These backward cultists don’t realize Americans are waiting for this.
ldish, though, laments that Obama is so super Muslim:
“I don’t know what it is, I just wish people on our side would take stock of what’s happened over the years.”

But fools in the USA elected a closet muslim to the white house...the enemy is one wants to admit it but it is true. But alas he becomes a black man at any hint of dealing with him to hide behind the skirt of “everyone is a racist” if the proper measures of impeachment are mentioned which would threaten race roits to scare from that idea. He is no more a black man than I am...he is an african indonesian muslim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET RID OF HIM MOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hondact200 is furiously writing some fan fiction:
interesting and yet the Odumb@$$ claims that ISIL will not attack America.

Come now with the colleges and universities in an uproar over perceived victimization and racism. Places like Ferguson and New York in an uproar over police killing unarmed blacks.

ISIL is an opportunistic movement and it will take the opportunity to inflect significant carnage. It will go after a soft target whereby significant and maximum carnage can be had.

Look at the number of Muslim enclaves in the US - look at the attack to occur in America’s Heartland - Midwest. It will not be NY or LA, it will be someplace like Chicago, Cleveland, Minneapolis-St.Paul or it will go after a small quaint community, whereby schools, hospitals, nursing homes, mall will be simutaneously attacked. To inflict fear into the American people by going after the young and old!
PA-RIVER is getting really hopeful:
Once critical mass of outrage is achieved, Islam will be exterminated.

It’s getting near. Stock up on ammunition.
Mr. Jeeves explains why there are no Muslim nations in the UN:
Remember that - in the end - Islam always loses. They overextend themselves. They burn themselves out. Internal strife prevents them from building anything of lasting importance.

What if ISIS had immediately declared themselves a real state, sent ambassadors to European states, laid off the public atrocities, and conducted themselves with at least a modicum of civility in their international relations? Everyone from McCain and Obama to Merkel and Hollande would have been lining up to recognize them, to give them financial aid, to name them "partners in the search for Middle East peace."

But Islam is incapable of that. Atrocities, they are expert at. Governance they can't handle. So ultimately, they will always run into some motivated leader - Martel, Sobieski, today (apparently) Putin, tomorrow maybe Trump or Cruz, and get their heads handed to them.
Jim Robinson thinks the main thing about this attack is more ammunition to hate Obama with:
Obama’s part in all this makes him a traitor.
Candor7 is ready to test his mettle already!!
One of those rag-heads draws down in my town and he will immediately taste the lead of freedom, Alahu Whackbar or not.

Every state in the union should immediately implement concealed carry without much fuss. Let the 2nd amendment do its job.

Let the soft targets of America become hard.
Become hard indeed.

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