Friday, December 4, 2015

Spotlight Friday: RKBA Democrat

His profile has Carlin and Thoreau quotes on it, and a a Lincoln bashing meme I suspect he doesn't understand.

A 2004 signup from Virginia, at first he was mostly into local Catholic Church politics and advocating for open carry. He also followed elections very closely.

Not anymore! Sometime this summer he changed completely. Now he's gone from starting the 2014 election thread full into the idea that all elections are just a show put on by the 'uniparty. More than that, he's all about the moral superiority of not voting. For a while his tagline was "Voting is self-abuse - without the pleasure." Now tilting at the project windmill, so he's found a new place below the bottom of the barrel.

So nowadays he spends all his time going from thread to thread evangelizing how not voting means only he has the moral highground to condemn the 'uniparty,' and vaguely gesturing at some sovereign citizen ideas.

Voting is useless:
The frustration is understandable. For the time that we spend in electoral politics and voting for these fools, it’s logical to wonder why we bother with it.

A suggestion? Try doing something productive that DOESN’T involve voting. Anything. Read a kid a book. Volunteer to pick up trash on a highway. Picket libs. Virtually anything that you do will have more lasting positive impact than that ballot you would cast.
We have a one party political system. The uniparty. They’ve been doing this for a long, long time. They’re very good at it. If you think they’re going to allow some upstart from outside their happy little mafia obtain power, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Electoral politics is a dead end for conservatives. The sooner we do something useful other than playing this sucker’s game, the better.
Voters can't give a President a mandate:
Just keep in mind that the majority of the American adult popularion either voted against dear leader or didn’t vote. He has no mandate. Never did have one. Never will.
Even if you elect someone cool, it won't be enough.
Elect a true conservative and it ends.

Uhhh. No. Assuming such a true conservative could be elected (unlikely in my view), CONgress, the courts, and the bureacracy would do everything it could to preserve its power regardless.

Electoral politics is a bottomless pit of treachery and despair.
As late as April 2015, Cruz gave him a moment of optimism:
The games have just begun. We have at least one outstandimg candidate on our side and a few that are better than average. We have 8 years of dear leader who is more popular in Iran and Cuba than he is at home. And we’re up against who? Cankles? America’s Ex-Wife? A shrill, tedious old woman who is announcing from Broom-Broom One because she probably couldn’t fill a hall for her candidacy announcement?

I like the odds.
Now, not even Trump can save us:
So they're going to sabotage Trump at the convention? Assassinate him? What?

And if the electoral process is dead, what is the end game? Revolution? Tyranny?

A1: if he wins the nom, which I’m not convinced he will, the uniparty throws its support behind piaps. Probably a unity ticket of some sort. If by some miracle DT is elected then he’ll be sandbagged from minute one. CONgress, the courts, the media, and the bureaucracy. Upshot, he gets nowhere.

A2: on the pessimistic side, tyranny. But I’m not a pessimist. I think that the same forces that are pushing us toward self governance continue. So we end up self governing.
Speaking of pessimism...
Those who are inclined to embrace debauchery embrace it. Those who aren’t find a way to resist it. Most of the resistance to societal debauchery abroad is manifesting itself in an embrace of islam. As those who embrace debauchery fail to reproduce, they’ll die out. As those who resist it embrace islam and breed like mad, they occupy the vacuum left behind.

Jihad in that sense is really unnecessary. Its pretty obvious that in a couple of generations islam is dominant anyway. And all it takes is an understanding of basic math. We can even phrase it as a math problem that we can put in textbooks: “Mohammed starts having children at age 18, the first of his 10 children is named Ahkmed. Peter has his only child, Christian, at age 40. How old is Ahkmed when he chops off Christian’s head?”

Christianity seems to have more or less abandoned the field. Its a very sad realization for me to realize that while I won’t have to choose between my faith and survival, those who are much younger than me or yet to be born probably will. Islam, at least in the demographic sense, has an extremely bright future. Christianity, not so much. And the Godless debauchers are eliminating themselves already.

Jihad is a side show. Victors study demographics.
And back to elections are all shams:
This is the predictable result of voting in sham elections: politicians who have no conscience, no morals, and no honor. Only a boundless lust for power and graft.
Hell, lets not have a Congress at all!
Should we have a CONgress at all?

At no time in my memory has CONgress been an effective institution. It’s rife with corruption, anti-freedom sentiments, and sheer incompetence. At no time in my memory has CONgress acted as a meaningful check on executive power.

So why do we preserve this institution? What do we get from it of value?
An alternate to voting - be super annoying to government agencies:
The agency is required to respond to comments received. They don’t necessarily have to respond to each one nor do they have to agree, but they have to respond.

Blasting the agency with piles of negative comments usually results in withdrawal of the proposed rule or significant modification. It’s an effective tactic.
Homeschooling will replace voting!
Let’s say you think the government schools suck. I would heartily agree. On the one hand, you could spend countless hours and resources trying to elect school boards and politicians who will Somehow Make It All Better. OR You could could spend your time and resources homeschooling your kids, or volunteering to help at a private school, or just teaching your kids some useful life skills (other than how to put a condom on a cucumber). I.e. you could govern yourself.
He also hates patents?????
Patents should be eliminated. They don’t reward folks who invent or create new things so much as they reward the person who runs to the patent office first.
From 2012 - Secession!
I can’t really say I’m a secessionist as I do not favor Virginia secession at this time. But it isn’t for me to say that other states shouldn’t. In the case of a few states, I think there is a compelling case that could be made. Both TX and LA are states that are blessed with their own coastlines, ports, abundant natural resources, and robust populations. Not to mention histories of having gone it alone.
Epic Rick Perry secession fantasy:
If you think about it, the ball is really and truly in Rick Perry’s court right now. Moreso than I think he even realizes.

Sometimes people have their dates with destiny. Patrick Henry and Sam Houston had theirs. I think Rick Perry might, just might, be about to have his.
Kinder gulags!
Anyone who has the means and is sane has likely already removed their children from the government run kinder gulags. So more than likely the majority of those whose children attend this looney bin are OK with it.
Stop abortion through unspecified individual action!
Infanticide isn’t going to be ended through electoral politics, the gop and it’s enablers have made that abundantly clear.
Immigration reform is always about to happen!
Their best and brightest hope is during the lame duck. Plan on it.
Everyone knows the thousand New Jersey Muslim 9-11 celebration is real, there's just no proof!
We all know this happened. But without video, without photos, the LSM will do all they can to shove the information down the memory hole.
The Hunger Games describes the present day:
It is a fantastic series, and while the author is a lib, it was not written In a right wing bad, left wing good fashion. Basically, all sides can take some horror from it.

Contemporary Gomorrah-on-the-Potomac is very analogous to the Capitol outlined in the series.
If the Muslims don't take over first!
The North American caliphate won’t be quite so tolerant to these special snowflakes.
Excluding the middle between normalcy bias and rampant paranoia:
Normalcy bias gets you every time.

Why surely the Turks didn’t mean what they said about Armenians.
Why surely the Germans didn’t mean what they said about the Jews.
Why surely the soviets didn’t mean what they said about the counter revolutionaries .
Why surely the Khmer Rouge didn’t mean what they said about intellectuals.
Why surely the Serbs didn’t mean what they said about Bosnians.
Why surely the the Hutu didn’t mean what they said about the Tutsi,


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