Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Obama most disgusting act: visit the families of San Bernardino victims.

In the latest level of knee-jerk idiocy regarding Obama, Freepers rage that he's going to comfort some San Bernardino families.

They don't have a really good reason to rage, and they fill this little hole with MOAR RAGE!

Texas Eagle makes a rather lame jab:
Haven’t those poor people suffered enough?
And then, of course, ridesthemiles takes it seriously:
Haven't those poor people suffered enough?

Obama has to pile on the punishment, as usual.....Everything is all about him. .
Texas Eagle throws out that he bets Obama visited the shooters' graves:
Will that be before or after he visits the graves of Sayood and Mashik? I know I misspelled their names. I did that on purpose.
Ruy Dias de Bivar is sure he did! And there was totally a funeral!
A side trip from the muzzleman terror team funeral he may have secretly attended while on the way to Hawaii.
ridesthemiles explains that Obama doesn't mean it:
Nothing sincere in this gesture-——

AF 1 needed to be refueled, anyway, & March AFB is nearby.
US_MilitaryRules would like Obama to know that the goal posts are over here:
What about the wounded? I guess they don’t matter.

“Playing through, coming through, excuse me, excuse me!”

Oh he’ll stop by on the way home since he forgot them.
KeyLargo imagines some words for Obama to say, and then hates him for saying them:
Following criticism of his seeming insensitivity to the largest terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11, Barack Obama is reluctantly making a brief pit stop in San Bernardino to express scripted condolences before continuing his flight to a 5-star multi-million dollar vacation in Hawaii.

Based on his previous comments about the slaughter, we expect him to spend most of his time telling victims’ families how great Muslims are, how important it is not to hold grudges (”especially at a time of year when many Americans, immigrants, and refugees celebrate the holiday of their choice”)
maddog55 has had it with any family that isn't a full-on partisan Freeper:
Anyone who would even think about meeting with him is a fool.
digger48 thinks this comforting thing is really a plot to take his guns:
They probably found the anti gun family members so he can get them to join with Bloomberg for the next gun control push
BlueStateRightist doesn't consider any victim that likes Obama to be an American citizen:
...this is California, a liberal utopia. I’ll bet there are quite a few Obama worshipers who will kiss his feet when he shows up.

But, of course, you should also consider the American citizens.
HarleyLady27 is bad satire:
Oh Lardy Bee, more embarrassment thrown at grieving American families....

Go away and leave Americans and America alone...your not one of us!!!
Sasparilla doesn't even bother to specify why he's so pissed off at Obama for this:
This man child is beyond disgusting.
from occupied ga also concentrates on the level of hate, and doesn't bother with a rationale:
Every time you think the narcissistic hard core Marxist hypocritical lying POS in the white hut has sunk as low as he can go, he manages to astound with a new nadir of human vileness.
FrankR seems to think Obama killed those 14 people:
The perp always returns to the scene of the crime.
Truth29 is sure Obama is secretly mocking those families:
Obama can go and look at the family victims and think, how dumb can they be to believe that he is concerned about their non-Muslim welfare.
JLAGRAYFOX knows all non-idiot family members will shun Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Instead of welcoming Obama...you should turn your backs on him and boo him with the intensity he rightfully deserves!!! Making nice with Obama, only shows how uniformed and gullible, all of you are!!! Welcoming Obama certainly is not honoring your innocent fellow San Bernadion murdered citizens!!! SAD!!!
Terry L Smith really wants some swearing:
I would like to see one of the fathers actually lose it on live camera in the following manner:

“It’s all your g88 d888 m88888 f888888 fault, you Muslim loving s88 o8 a b8888! where is your protection, now? Huh?”
and immediately spit on his shoes!
Vermont Lt prefers less anger, more creepy Muslim stuff.
All they need to do is sit down, take off their shoes, and turn the soles of the shoes towards him as he speaks.

He will know what they mean.

Silent, yet very insulting without threatening.
exit82 doesn't care about the families, or healing, or anything except witnessing some discomfort of Obama, no matter how slight!
Please, Lord, let some family member tell the jug eared clown off on camera!


  1. Resident prognosticating moron Patton@Bastogne offers this sweet piece of advice to Trump:

    Memo to Donald Trump ...

    Executive Summary:

    By helping to DESTROY Hillary in the first three (3) Democratic Presidential Primaries, Donald Trump can "accurately claim" that he KEPT HIS PROMISE to the GOP that he CAN and DID DEFEAT Hillary ...

    1) set-up a Hillary Lies website (www.HillaryLies.com)

    2) Purchase a $ 100 million national TV ad buy to air a "Hillary Liar" video featuring Bill Clinton on the ISIS Recruitment Video ... featuring the www.HillaryLies.com website link ...

    3) Massively Broadcast national TV ad (everywhere) until everyone in America has seen the video at least three times ... including in movie theater ads, Liberal newspapers and Women's magazines ... EVERYWHERE ...

    4-A) FOCUS "Hillary Lies" TV ads in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina so that Bernie Sanders can DEFEAT Hillary in the first three (3) Democrat 2016 Presidential Primary States ...

    4-B) FOCUS "Hillary Lies" with a massive Outdoor Billboard campaign in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina so that Bernie Sanders can DEFEAT Hillary in the first three (3) Democrat 2016 Presidential Primary States ...

    Again ... By helping to DESTROY Hillary in the first three (3) Democratic Presidential Primaries, Donald Trump can "accurately claim" that he KEPT HIS PROMISE to the GOP that he CAN and DID DEFEAT Hillary ...

    Okay, spending $100M on a single ad-buy is automatically a simply retarded. Besides the fact that you're using absolutely no microtargetting efforts, he obviously knows little about both politics AND human psychology.

    People who support Trump already don't like Hillary. Those who have even a marginal view of Hillary will be turned off by someone like Trump insinuating that a former Secretary of State and former First Lady is a liar. He would alienate pretty much every single female voter anywhere left of conservative!

    Second, did he really just suggest a billboard campaign?!? Yeah...see? He doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. People don't decide to vote for someone because of a fucking billboard!

    What a maroon!

    1. I love how it's just an template to "DESTROY" Hillary. Yes, because that's all there is to do in election!

    2. The idea that Trump is spending a large amount of his own money is a joke.

  2. Tonight's openly racist FR thread, Christmas edition ...

  3. Wait, this time last week Freepers were commenting on how the president has not visited the families yet.

    1. Still waiting for Ben Carson to visit any of the families...he said he'd try to catch the next one.

    2. Obama Derangement Syndrome is in full swing with Freepers.