Friday, December 11, 2015

Spotlight Friday: nopardons

It's funny how much a cult of personality can look like a first crush. I'm not sure of the gender here, but since it's a crush on a dude, I'm going to go with woman. Nopardons has been a Freeper since 1997, but I've only seen her active recently.

And there is basically one reason why she's active - Donald Trump's dreaminess. She'll spend time swooning over him until the moment anyone says something bad and then she will hound their every comment.

In the meantime, she has some time to hate Muslims, love old movies, and use (and argue about) big words. But mostly it's about one post away from asking what Trump smells like.

Misunderstanding movies:
Hey young women, you want respect? Quit acting like sluts and partying and jumping every thing that has a swinging...

There's a movie called, "Pleasantville" where a brother and sister find themselves back in the 1950's. Makes me nostalgic.

Yes, like that movie !

The females who sleep around and are still single facing the swift approach of their 40th birthday, should stop wondering why they are still unwed !
Thousands of Muslims, I say!
Eight people is “thousands and thousands”?

It is when you include several towns in N.J., in N.Y., and in Michigan.
He’s AMAZING ! :-)
He’s AMAZING ! :-)
The thing is, he’s an old fashioned guy, has a special touch, and he’s SO “human”...instead of being some cardboard figure, saying the same old stuff, sans passion.
I watch him everyday/night
LOL...I watch him everyday/night too; I can’t get enough!
@realDonaldTrump on #climatechange: “It’ll get cooler, it’ll get warm. It’s called weather...I think it’s a big scam. “ #OReillyFactor

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.....that's what I say too!
He's VERY human
That's the thing....he IS "one of us" ! He's VERY human, not detached, not aloof, doesn't speak like a lawyer, nor some automaton, and is comfortable in his own skin. :-)

Sure he says a lot of the same things, but he also ALWAYS has new things to say and none of us want to miss a word of it !

The thing is, as I posted earlier....he really IS kind of old fashioned ( I am too ), LOVES this nation ( me too ), and his money isn't "NEW MONEY", so he doesn't have anything to "prove" to anyone/that he "belongs".

The funny thing is, that most people just don't "get", is that many millionaires are just "normal people" ! Though he's a billionaire, he has worked VERY hard for where he is now, knows the value of money, and never allowed his kids to be spoiled brats !

It's not that I'm a "groupie"; I just LOVE hearing what he says. It's been a VERY long time since any pol has sounded like him.
I bet he's even better in person
Trump is really AMAZING and I bet he's even better in person. He gets better with every rally and will make a GREAT president!
We share the same favorite films!
He's just "normal," but he is brilliant.

Would I leave my grandson with him ?

You bet I would !

Would I love to watch two of his favorite movies with him ?

Since they are two of my favorite movies too, of course!

And I believe that he is the ONLY one who can and WILL manage to pull this nation back from the brink.
Trump's favorite movies? Gone with the Wind, Sunset Blvd., and Citizen Kane. Suuuure.

Trump's houses are the bestest:
Yes, that decor is not to my taste, but you can tell that it all cost a great deal of money. A famous decorator did it, but I bet that Melania had the first and last word about it all.

Ivanka's apartment is minimalistic ( also not my taste ), but extremely well done.

Yes, he did earn it and taught his kids, as his father taught him, what hard work is all about. And I bet that his kids are raising their children the same way. And THAT really is what keeps them all grounded and "normal" and like us...who aren't billionaires. :-)
Beatnick hate, 70 years later!
Both Brandon and Dean were bi-sexual/queer and Kerouac was a dissolute counter-culture creep. Jack and his mostly unhappy b and led the way to the COMMIE takeover of the culture and the damnedable hippies.
What should happen to Muslims?
They declared war on us and now they whinge and whine and play the "victim".

They don't like it here/feel fearful?

The point about Muslims:
But the point is, the stinking Muslims are on a world wide jihad, to conquer the world and force their evil, disgusting cult on us.
And on some random death penalty thread:
Trump believes in bringing back the death penalty; GOD bless him !
And if you don't approve of Trump?
Just stay off Trump threads and do NOT post about him on any other thread...EVER !
blinkered and benighted
This is why I do not support him[:] I want a conservative, not a megalomaniac.

You’re just blinkered and benighted.
a floundering nation filled with idiots
Our educational systems do NOT teach factual history anymore and so many people's abject lack of ability to concentrate on anything much, nor remember things ( blast the stupid electronic crap we have now ! ) is part of the problem.

Add to that, what 7 very long years of barry, the naked king of slime, and the MSM holding him up, and we have a floundering nation filled with idiots !
Obama vs. Trump:
Not to mention that Obama and that beard of a "wife" of his are classless, uneducated, nasty, American hating trash.

Trump LOVES America and I bet all his family members do too.


  1. Nopardons has quite a history in Freeptardia. She (yep, she's a she) has been around forever and was part of a vile group widely known as The Harpies during the Bush years. She was on all the Bush threads having palpitaions and barking at everyone who didn't worship him to the same insane level she did. I remember most of her comments had to do with how sophisticated she was vs whoever she was barking at. Whether it was socially, educationally, or politically... she let you know she had been around, seen it done it, and her opponents were simply "naifs". A favorite archaic word of hers. After her fellow harpies were banished toward the end of the Bush years, she vanished for a long while, but her corpse (minus the naif-calling) seems to have risen from the dead to bless Freeptardia once again.

    1. Yes, for quite awhile, especially during the Guliani purge days, nopardons, along with a number of other harpies were showing up on a few of the anti-freeper sites for about a year before returning tail-between-legs to their abusive cesspool.

      But, her attitude re: Trump explains alot of his general appeal ...
      fat old lonely wrinkle bags fantasizing about Daddy Warbucks rescuing them from their lives of drudgery to his castles of gold.
      Really, check out who on FR is most worshipful of Trump ... its going to be Guliani-2 sometime next year after Trump goes third-party rogue, giving the election away to Hillary or Bernie.

    2. Nopardons is supposedly from old money and very wealthy. Lived in Newtown (Sandy Hook) and had a house in Manhattan.

      Her favorite word(s) codswallop and boulderdash

      Someone posted a very nice house down in Florida around $350 k and she called it a hovel

  2. Intense pissing match between Trump and Cruz supporters

    1. The purges will start early this year!

  3. Check out this thread. I found it to be pretty interesting.

    It's a vanity post by hoagy62 asking if hating Muslims is justifiable if one is a practicing Christian. There's an interesting mix of responses.

    Some say "love the sinner (the Muslims) but hate the sin (Islam)" and pray for their salvation.

    Some say that Christ commanded to defend and attack when necessary.

    And some others like wardaddy think that not hating them is abnormal and un-Christian, and anything short of abject hatred is automatically implicit support for the terrorists.

    A few even seem to imply that they're either tired of acting like good Christians or they feel that Christ's teachings were nonsense and they know better about what it really means to be a Christian.

    1. or they feel that Christ's teachings were nonsense and they know better about what it really means to be a Christian.

      I wish I had words for thiis

    2. "tired of acting like good Christians"

      play-acting would be more accurate