Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thursday Spotlight: CivilWarBrewing

Christmas time is here, whether you're into that or not.
I'm back in NY with the fam so no weekend posts, and Monday will be late. But I prepared a pretty sweet spotlight for y'all.

He joined in 2012, but he's so beyond Freep I have to believe he's a retread banned during the pro-Romney purge. His name recalls Jim Robinson's "Rebellion is Brewing!" signoff from that era.

Not a troll, I don't think, because he posts so often anyone not actually this crazy would have gotten tired by now.

Not a big thinker, this guy. He'll just post whatever his id is screaming at any given moment, often in ALL CAPS AND HUGE RED LETTERS. There's no philosophy for this guy because he's not considering anything, so you just get a scattershot of contradictions factless speculation.

The best you can hope for with these types are themes, and for Mr. Brewing here those are false flags, secret Muslims, and hating women.

Paul Ryan is building a fence around his house. PROOF!
Looks like 0dunga has blackmailed Ryan or he is just a flat-out traitor trying to sabotage the Republican party.

Ryan KNOWS he is betraying his party. When a politician fortifies the fence around his mansion that means he KNOWS he is angering MILLIONS of his constituents.

'FUPR' isn't good enough. Insert your most heinous comment here: _______________________________ POS RYAN, MF'er TRAITOR TURNCOAT BA$TARD.
Everyone knows the occupation is easier than the war!
0dunga killed over 3 times the number of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan than Bush did, and you would EXPECT your greatest number of casualties to occur DURING INVASION, but this is NOT the case if you look at the numbers.
Debate analysis:
'Snoozefest'? HARDLY. I feel the terror discussion clearly illustrated Team 0dunga/Hillary's outright submission to Islam quite CLEARLY.

I also think CNN wanted as many bodies behind podiums as possible in an attempt to MINIMIZE THE IMPACT OF ANY ONE CANDIDATE. That CNN tactic didn't go unnoticed by FReepers, I'm sure. I thought Christie did a great job of sticking it to Hillary. Almost every remark included a jab at Hillary.
Speaking of Obama's submission to Islam, Proving Obama's a Muslim. And Bush too!
Immediately following the worst Islamic terrorist attack in the U.S. since 9-11, only a MUSLIM president would reach out to governors for help with gun control and NOT ISLAMIC TERRORIST CONTROL efforts.
Another secret Muslim found:
It's now been settled..

Muslims are everywhere!
The Pentagon has been consumed by Islamo-Fascists just like the State Dept.. America is doomed.
All car accidents are due to MUSLIM SLEEPERS!
..and am I the ONLY one who thinks that the cop who drove head-on into an oncoming truck in NY, KILLING BOTH OF HIS FELLOW COP PASSENGERS, was an ATTEMPTED SUICIDE TERRORIST ATTACK by a Jihadist cop? 2 INFIDELS DEAD.

And what about the taxi driver who drove down a sidewalk in NY? Cab Jumps Curb, Hits 4 in NYC; Man, Girl Killed; 2 Injured

Black protests are a problem that can only be solved by shooting them:
Blacks live under their OWN rules. We see that everyday in our White House, and THEY SEE IT, TOO. There is NO REASONING with people who defend a THUG who pushed a cop, reached for his weapon and then turned on him and charged at him a SECOND time.

There is only ONE language they understand and it's called "DOUBLE TAP".
And soon...the Chinese will strike!
I’m going to go out on a limb and say that well over 75% of the Chinese in this country are ACTIVE spies for China. How long before Americans with high security clearances start disappearing off the streets? And we’ll know why, as well.
Turkey shoots down a Russian plane. Thanks Obama!
Our Satan-in-Chief is trying to start WWIII.
Democrats are blackmailing everyone:
Maybe Hillary has a revised list of people she wants Barry to have the NSA eavesdrop on.. She needs phone conversations, emails, etc., of all Republican candidates added to the list..

It's no wonder the Dems seem to ALWAYS get away with EVERYTHING, eh? Even SCOTUS isn't immune from Barry's NSA.
There is only one saintlike man who cannot be blackmailed:
There’s probably not a single person in Congress who couldn’t be blackmailed by SOMETHING, other than maybe Ted Cruz. Cruz is a rare bird, unfortunately.
That was 2014. Now it's Trump versus the UNI-PARTY.
Just as we FReepers have, Trump now realizes we have a UNI-PARTY and that is why it is HIM against the ESTABLISHMENT. This accounts for his skyrocketing popularity.
Obama's post election plans to flee to Cuba:
Yep. He’ll pardon ALL Gitmo detainees, Maj. Hasan, Tsarnov, blah blah blah.. If Hillary is elected he’ll stay in the country because she’ll cover-up his crimes. If Trump, Carson or Cruz is elected, he’ll flee the country for Cuba where he’ll replace Raul Castro and attempt to organize a communist revolt in the United States.. Uhhhh errr, I mean, CONTINUE THE ONE HE’S ALREADY STARTED HERE.
Benghazi explained!
The hacking of Hillary’s server is the CAUSE of the attack in Benghazi. The bad guys knew ALL of Ambassador Stevens’ security arrangement (or lack of), scheduling, times, dates, personnel..
I want the unvarnished TRUTH as to WHAT WAS THE U.S. DOING IN BENGHAZI??? After 3 YEARS, we STILL don't know the answer to that question!!!

Also, WHO were the attackers and WHY did 0bama fail to actively go after them? Were the attackers the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD assigned by Morsi/Hillary to take Stevens hostage to be later used by Morsi to gain the release of the Blind Sheik before the election?

San Bernardino and Planned Parenthood - both false flags:
Tin foil hat? You're not alone..

If the anti-gun cabal wants to enlist the sympathies of the public in a HUGE way, they choose targets that are UNTHINKABLE for attack such as A CLINIC THAT OFFERS "HEATH CARE SERVICES" TO WOMEN, AND NOW A GROUP THAT WORKS FOR THE DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED.

Oregon State shooting - false flag:
School officials had their orders to allow the shooting to happen. False flag. You mean to tell me the shooter’s Internet rants weren’t reported and they didn’t know this was going to happen? Of course they did!
A failed Freeper protest? Another false flag!
False flag, I agree. It was designed to fail from the start for the purpose of demoralizing the Tea Party movement ahead of elections. As if oppression by the IRS isn’t enough.
Pamela Gellar being shot at by enraged Muslims? Also maybe a false flag!
Could even be a false flag to rally Americans’ support of Jade Helm and infiltration of our streets by U.S. troops. We THINK we know why they are there, but the real reason turns out to be something else.
And those that can't be blackmailed will just be assassinated by a false flag:
So, how many 'psycho Army veterans with PTSD' are lying in wait for D'souza at the Community Confinement Center? We all know this is what's going to happen to him.

Mark this thread for when it happens. This is a travesty. I'D RATHER BE IN PRISON THEN BE UNDER THE TERMS OF THIS 'OVERKILL' PROBATION!
In fact EVERYTHING is a false flag, from the Pope to Syrian refugees to Obama:
this is all nothing but a U.N/NWO PSY-OPS PROPAGANDA, and Boehner is part of that team. He's been one heck of an agent for the NWO while speaker, huh!

The WORST Pope ever comes to America for the first time ever, at a time when America has the WORST president EVER?

TWO of the largest immigration crisis EVER in the history of the world, one in Europe, one in the U.S., while the WORST U.S. president EVER is in office? JUST A CO-INKY-DINKY? HELL NO!!!!

This has all GOT to be a global conspiracy against America. This is a political attack, not a religious experience. Team U.N./NWO flooding Europe with Islamists and flooding America with third-worlder Democrats to change our election outcomes to favor THEIR MISSION of undermining America. Cuba favored over the U.S. by the Pope? HORRIBLE!!
So the UN rules us all!
It’s the U.N. who tells 0dunga, Loretta Lynch, Jeh Johnson, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, etc., what to say to the American people!
So Obama is backing off of Assad because the UN told...the Caliphate is in place.
I guess Team 0dunga feels satisfied now that the expansion of the Caliphate into Europe and the U.S. via ‘refugees’ is now sufficient so the administration can ease up on stoking the civil war there by no longer arming anti-Assad forces.
Wait, no it was a PR move by Obama:
Odunga saw his sinking poll numbers on his handling of ISIS at 43% approval and has decided his anti-Assad policy is BAD OPTICS, and with a year left in office an even WORSE legacy.
Did I say UN mandated Caliphate? I meant soon Russia will rule the world:
Russia will defeat ISIS, thus dominating the Middle East and thereby replace the United States as world’s #1 superpower. 0dungo says ‘Mission Accomplished’!
Or maybe it will be Iran:
Yep. King Zero’s method is clear: Allow ISIS to take Iraqi cities then Iran Quds force comes in and retakes cities from ISIS. Rinse and Repeat. Iran has their agents in our White House, namely VALERIE JARRETT.
The point is, we live in the worst of all possible worlds:
One thing is GUARANTEED.. Whatever is WRONG is what WILL happen.
There's really only one solution to this bewildering conspiracy:
BOMB Iran and orchestrate a MILITARY COUP on the corrupt and traitorous Muslim insurgents in our government (Obama, Jarrett, Kerry, John Brennan, etc.)

Toy guns are the key to manliness:
single moms + boys without toy guns = EMASCULATED MALES
Vaginafest 2016:
Either way, Hillary or Faux it’s a mass catharsis ‘vagina fest’ hosted by Sandra Fluke. Same chit as 2008 and 2012. There’s no reasoning with bimbos immersed in women’s issues.
Estrogen rallies for Elizabeth Warren!
I think the Dems are planning a MAJOR 'courting of single females' all over again with Warren, the War on Women, Sandra Fluke speeches, giant 'estrogen rallies' and other massive gatherings where hypnosis and catharsis sweep through a sea of "vaginas for Liz".
The bitterness of divorced women are the key to Democratic success:
I think single/divorced females view the Republican party as “their ex-husband’s party” and seek to RETALIATE by voting Democrat! There’s probably a shred of truth in this dynamic. Their vote is an act of retribution. Unfortunately, they’re killing their children’s futures in the process but it’s more important for them to make a statement against their ex-husbands or the man who jaded them. It’s the ‘War on Women’ “GET BACK AT HIM, LADIES.. GET BACK AT HIM!”
We need to declare a war on women:
Females voted America to its death and they're luvin' it! It's bad enough females abandoned their children for their careers but they had to see to it they'd wipe their futures out, too. What would we do to Russians, Japanese or Germans if they assaulted America like females are?
Females love the black cock:
Females? Ben Carson fantasies. The ‘Obama syndrome’.
He talks like he knows...
Cocaine is her best friend. Makes her animated and VERY outspoken. Oh yeah and it also makes her snort every 30 seconds and lick her gums. She's been raiding the evidence locker.

If that woman wasn't coked up I'll eat my shorts.
Not without medication. But then you're clearly having so much fun...


  1. At least he isn't bitter.

  2. I don't even think Santa needs to give him any coal. He's so enflamed with hellish rage that he probably shits coal every day.

  3. I think he's married to Ann Archy.

  4. Why are FReepers rallying around a crony socialist?

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  6. Lonely Christmas Eve freeper thread

    1. I kind of pity them actually. But the ones like greene66 really astound me. He says that he'll spend his Christmas "mostly" alone pining for a bygone era and cursing the darkness of our present culture. I have two questions:

      1) How is this different from any other day of his life?

      2) How does he go on living like this? Does nothing at all bring him any joy or happiness? Nothing?

      Ok so really four questions lol.
      Merry Christmas everyone!


    Trump gets hate tweets. Freepers outraged as they would never threaten Hillary or other Dems.

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