Friday, January 1, 2016

Spotlight Friday: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper

MadMax loves the jokes. But being as he's a Freeper, they're spiteful, angry jokes that mostly trade on how liberals are all evil and should die, haw haw.

He's more or less stuck in the red scare 1950s, and will go to great lengths to play six degrees of Communism with any given liberal, and flogs some book that does the same. Wants a return of the Hoover FBI witch hunts, McCarthy hearings, purges, etc.

Beyond that, hyperbolic comparisons of esoteric politicians to serial killers and dictators are a big habit.

Is also a Freeper Jew who seems to spend a lot of his personal life frustrated that his fellow Jews don't see the coming Holocaust sequel, but this time liberals are the Nazis!

Spy on Congress - but only the Commies and Negroes!
There are a lot of US congressmen and women who NEED to be spied on - reds, black extremists, nutcases.

We should start with Moscow’s favorite red John Conyers, then Barbara Lee, Jan Schakowsky, and work our way down the food chain of treason.

For a great source on the “Who’s Who” of traitors and Marxists in Congress, get a copy of “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the US Congress”, 2015/2017 editions, Trevor Loudon, or on
McCarthyism, but moreso
Move over Joe McCarthy. You only had up to 187 names on your three lists. I’ve got that many names on the first page of traitors, crooks, crazies, cronies and incompetents, and as Chicago sang, “Only The Beginnings”.

We need an honest Attorney General who will clean house with a fire hose.
A super clever plan: impeach everyone!
A resolution for impeach does lay out the case against the official for the public to see.

This tactic should be used against every major Obama cabinet official, every agency head and assistants (such as Lois Lerner), against Hillary, Kerry, Dempsey, etc. and the EPA, BLM, etc.

Lay the case for their incompetence and criminality before the public. Some papers will actually publish those documents, conservative websites on the internet would definitely publish them all, and honest talk show hosts would discuss them.

Let the American people see the truth about the corruption, criminality, craziness, and Marxist ideology of the Obama authoritarian regime, its leaders, “Good Germans”, and liberal wackojob syphocants in the media.
Remember when the tea party destroyed Obama?
The “end” was the creation of the Tea Parties. The death of the Obama marxist regime starts November 2, 2010 and the death blow is November 2012.

Lots of fighting ahead but we are locked, loaded, trained, and ready to take to the streets to promote good patriotic candidates against Obama’s Marxist Horders and Chicago Criminal thugs.

Now is the time for all patriots to come to the defense of our country.
A recap of Hillary Clinton scandals shows how weak the case against her really is:
And I wouldn’t let Bill Clinton near any school with girls in them. Just saying...!

Remember, Hillary got fired from the Watergate Commission for unethical conduct etc. Boy, is that a qualification for president you won’t find on her resume’.

Hillary - Watergate firing
Cattlegate -insider trading
Rosegate - law firm scandals
Hubbellgate - No. 2 man in Justice went to jail as corrupt; one of her best friends
Healthcaregate - a total failure
Cubanagentgate - almost succeeded
Monicagate - she knew about it but didn’t out it
BosniaSnipergate - Missed her by that much!
Speechgate - I say nothing and get over a quarter of a million dollars for talking to Democrat fools. I love it.
BenghaziGatesDidn’tHold - 4 dead Americans in Benghazi; their graves ARE NOT 4 bumps in the road.
DEPENDSGATE - Gee Whiz, look at that girl go! Now showing “Girl Gone”.
Liberals are all perverts, man!
The Left has sex on their minds more than they have the safety of America. Just look at Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer and the teabaggers of CNN (their term - never heard of it till they said it with snickers, and I don’t mean the candy bar).
Why won't God kill all the Democrats?
God, if you are reading this, please take some of the Democrats who are ruining this country. The list is long but Hell ain’t half filled and Satan needs some new bodies down there.

WHy do evil men and women live so long, and the good die young? Reid, Pelosi, Conyers, Rangel, Waters, Schakowsky, Grayson, Sebelius, Markey, Durbin, Whitehouse, Warren, Anita Dunn, Axelrod, Jarrett, etc.
Why Obama doesn't care about Benghazi:
If the victims are all white, what does he care?
Pete Seeger should have been jailed for being a pedophile for communism, has a very shiny nose:
Seeger’s music was real but he perverted it for the communist cause. That should have been a crime itself, a crime against culture and humanity.

Would have gotten him 10 years in a cell in Hanoi and a firing squad in the Soviet Union, Red China, and No. Korea.

Met him once when he was having a press conference about pollution on the Hudson River. His nose was redder than Rudolph’s. Not sure whether he was drunk or suffered from a skin condition.

He acted like your friendly “uncle” but in life, he was really a pedophile for communism
Dr. Spock - another Commie!
“Dr. Benjamin Spock”, the Marxist and childraising advisor leftist.

Spock was the presidential candidate of the Marxist “Peoples’ Party” in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s, along with avowed Marxist VP candidate Julius Hobson.

Later the PP ran Marxist Barry Commoner as their presidential candidate before it disappeared, with some of its members merging into the newly rising Marxist Democratic Socialists of America (from the old DSOC and SDS/NAM movements).

Sometimes we folks out here in the boondocks just have to tell you what the MSM won’t.
Lawrence O'Donnell is a super Communist
O’Donnell is a certifiable psychopath. He’s also an admitted socialist,communist and to the left of the Communist Party, which puts him in North Korea somewhere.
So you know MLK was super communist:
there were significant parts of Dr. King’s life that involved knowingly or unknowingly hiring/working with at least two Soviet KG operatives (the congressional outted Stanley Levison, King’s financial, legal and political advisor and Jack O’Dell, his personal secretary and CPUSA/Soviet organizer in the South (HCUA hearings, 1956).

There were some foreign aspects of King being a security risk (re blackmail) that have only peripherally been mentioned.

Nobody has the balls to tell the whole truth.

However, this does not diminish the good deeds and ideas that King put forth.

The problem is telling the “whole” story at one time.
Valerie Jarrett, pinko by association
Jarrett has at least one red in her family-tree, Vernon Jarrett. She is crazy but like a fox, a red fox. Never underestimate this Chicago pinko. She is dangerous.
Everyone running for President as a Democrat, is a Communist:
The Democrats marxist love triangle: Hillary, Bernie and Martin. Each trying to out-commie the other.

It is like the crazies in an insane asylum having the Napoleons versus the Adolphs versus the King Georges as to who is the real leader of the zoo.
Everyone who voted for the assault weapons ban of 2015 is a Communist, and also crazy!
I see more nuts, commies, sociopaths and dumbasses in this list than I have seen in a long time. It makes me want to double my donations to “Mental Health Week”, buy a lot of duct-tape, and make sure I have enough aspirin around to counter all the headaches these fools and traitors are going to cause in 2016.

Many of them are members of the Democrat Progressive Caucus, which is Marxist in orientation and includes such Marxist luminaries as Judy Chu (Red Chinese asset); Danny K. Davis - CPUSA friend; Schakowksy - hardcore red; Nadler - Marxist pig; Rangel - lots of red fronts to his name; Becerra; Conyers - the King of the Communists in Congress; Guttierrez - Puerto Ricano Marxist; etc.

We’re having a Party, everybody’s coming!

For documentation on many of these lefties, get Trevor Loudon’s book, “The Enemies Within: Communists, socialists and progressives in the US Congress”, 2013 (new version coming out in 2017.
Rounding up the guilt by association of Obama, to prove he'll lose in 2012:
It is a combination of Mussolini’s haughty pose, Stalin’s iron-fist, Alinsky’s marxist community street organizer, and the whole Communist Party USA influence on him, as well as the arrogant, unrepentant attitude of communist terrorist Bill Ayers and his movement slut wife/terrorist, Bernadine Dohrn, a so-called “law professor” at Northwestern Univ.

More specifically, roll all these influences (the CPers were Frank Marshall Davis, David Canter, possibly Don Rose (a CP sympathizer), and Quentin Young (Obama healthcare)); the New Left marxist hate and arrogance of Ayers/Dohrn); the marxist organizational skills and “con” tactics of Saul Alinsky; the slickness of Green/Red czar Van Jones; the Mao-was-a good guy communications skills of Anita Dunn and the flamboyant hate America mentality of Rev. Wright (the original hate whitey, hate America marxist/friend of Farrakhan, Castro and Qaddafi), as well as the Soviet marxism of his father and the hippy-leftist Kumbaya of his mother, which, when put together, created a “new marxist man”, Barack Hussein Obama.

Rolled together, Obama, along with his skilled team of Democrats/Marxists disinformation, misinformation and no-information PR specialists, was able to perpetrate the greatest con-job on America in our political history (and duped enough liberals/leftists and undereducated Americans) to fall for his covert racism and marxism and get him elected president.

He is the total narcissist, the most arrogant leader America ever had, and a closet racist, besides generally hating his country to the point that he has betrayed and weakened it whenever he could.

He will fall, along with his sycophants, toadies, asskissers and in-house communists, on Nov. 6, 2012. Then we will have our revenge, a political “night of the long knives” that will fill our jails with traitors, crooks, and commies (i.e. the Obama team).

Transparency will prevail and America will be shocked at what they will see. The emperor will be exposed as “having no clothes” , as having no loyalty to America, and as having purposely planned for the downfall of our country.

The documents are there, often in plain sight, but one must “see” (Carlos Casteneda) before they can “understand.”
As a Jew, he hates that Nazi Kapo Soros:
Soros the WW2 KAPO, just trying to finish what the Nazis didn’t do to the Jews.

He should be tried in Israel as a war criminal and executed on the spot, or any spot where he is found.

Seig heil George. Adolph has a nice place waiting for you so that you can exchange “uber alles” ideas together for eternity.

You might as well have pushed your fellow Hungarian Jews into the ovens, KAPO RAT. Rot in hell you Nazi traitor.
Oh, he's also a Communist, natch.
Soros’ greatest fear right now is that Congress will investigate him,his communist ties and his front organizations.

That is why a new House Internal Security Committee is needed.
All the Democrats are evil and crazy. The only cure is another French Revolution:
Like Obama, in Kerry’s world, everything he does is “Me, Me, Me”. He has an ego the size of an elephant’s gas filled stomach and colon, only superseded by Hillary and Obama.

Hillary is a leftist doucebag and knows it. Obama is the ultimate psychopath, narcissist, egomaniac and doesn’t know it or care. That is why he surrounds himself with hardcore Marxists and politically preening egoists. They will always bow down and tell the emperor how great he looks and how smart he is.

Reminiscent of the French Revolution of 1789.

Michelle is “Marie Antoinette” in that she is more of a “let them starve” in the schools instead of letting them eat the “cake” that tastes good.

Where the hell is Robespierre now that we need him?
If global warming, why warm in 1978?
On Christmas Day, 1978, I took my 3 year old son hiking at the Frederickburg’s battlefield park, in our short-sleeve shirts.

We didn’t know about “global warming” back then. In Jan. 1987, we had two back-to-back 18 inch snowstorms. Not a peep from anyone about global warming.

Weather is weather and there isn’t a damned thing you can do about it. Singing, “Only In Your Dreams”.
Palin Love:
Palin is everything most liberal/progressive/marxist women aren’t - intelligent, articulate, a mother, has an Downs Syndrome child. loves her family, her husband, her country.

Also very attractive, can shoot a gun/rifle, skin a moose into chili, fish for salmon, live in a winter environment, knows politics, how to balance a budget, deal with oil companies, protect the environment while enjoying its bounty, is religious, and is a decent woman, not some sexually promiscuous Hollywood lib who hops from bed to bed and cause to cause like a whore on springs.

Palin is feared because she is a real woman, not a Democrat Zombie Stepford Wife.
Uncomfortable toilet paper:
I use the Washington Post as toilet paper. Paybacks a bitch!
Why Conservatives fail at jokes:
“White Hut”. Love it! Do they sell “White Pizza” at the “White Hut?”

When Al Gore was at the White House, he looked more like Jabba the Hut.

When Hillary was in it, she was like the Queen, Her Thighness, in Alice in Wonderland.

Now we have the King with No Clothes and his Wookie. Something like Grimm Fairy Tales meets Star Wars.

George Lucas: I think I have an idea for your next movie - “THe White Hut versus the Evil Congress Empire”. Coming to an election near you, Nov. 6, 2012. Get your tickets early!
Hilarious racism about dirty smelly blacks!
If you want to keep the BLM protestors away, put a sign in front of the Mall advertising free showers and baths.
Black protesters are actually white people who would fear blacks if they only knew:
These protests are “whiter than Ivory Snow”, like “white on rice”, and a leftist liberal’s wet dream. Fools talking to fools but ask them to walk down the streets in the worst part of Minneapolis. Then you’ll see what “White Flight” really looks like.
Obama dares to travel to Hawaii, where PEARL HARBOR HAPPENED!
The only time I was in Hawaii (Honolulu Airport) was on my way to Vietnam. Looks like Obie has forgotten those who couldn’t vacation there, say like my father-in-law on Dec. 7, 1941 (bombed at Schofield Barracks).

What a POS we have in Obama.
He amusingly thinks George Mason University has turned Communist:
George Mason used to be a fairly conservative campus. Now it has a bunch of hardcore leftist professors and stupid rich kids wrecking it.

The noise you hear is George Mason barfing in his grave.
He has a pretty odd take on Obama's science adviser:
Holdren is the Rasputin of American science.

He also sells Girl Scout cookies on weekends.
Another odd take on England's labor leader:
Just look at Corbyn as the political version of Charlie Manson, and you’ll understand everything.
Will his fellow Jews vote against Obama, or force him to hate them forever?
Barack Hussein Obama, recently of Kenya, Indonesia, Pakistan, Hawaii and Cairo.

I’m Jewish and I am hoping that this final insult by way of stupidity and historical ignorance, is going to bring some of my religious brethren back into the fold. They have been sleeping with the wolf too long, acting like mindless sheep, and being used like a sheep at at Barney Frank party.

As the lovely and talented singer Shania Twain would say, “Come on over, come on in”, back where you belong, my fellow landsmen.

The time for the 1930’s German mentality is over. It’s either sink or swim now and until Nov. 6th. Depending on you who support, I’ll either throw you a lifeline or an anvil. Mentaliy sleeping with the fishes ain’t no way to go thru life.
More Jewish outreach - be conservatives or the negroes will get you!
Jewish Dems who support Obama are no longer true Jews despite what they say. They have sold their souls to the devil for some power and prestige, and have turned a blind eye to the real world, real evil, and a potential future Holocaust.

Unfortunately the older black generation which was helped by Jews in the civil rights movement, in education (many Jewish refugees from Europe taught at the all black southern universities in the 30’s - 60’s), and on a personal level, are gone. The next few generations have been raised on hate of white, Jews, conservatives, Republicans, and the hard-working Black middle class who are law abiding, decent people.

THe anti-Semitism of the Marxist Left and the Black Left is overwhelming, esp. on campuses, but Christians on campuses are now getting their fair share of commie/black extremist/Islamic hate.

We’re all in the same boat so let us row together, in unison, and take our country back!
Conservative Jews in action!
Lots of conservative Jews are coming out of the closet and into action. Those who understand history, including my Holocaust survivor friends, know that the Democrats and the Iran agreement are a death sentence for Israel and they are scared shitless.

I was just asked if I wanted to join such a group ( by a son of a WW2 veteran who is still alive; nephew of the other two brothers who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, one hundred miles apart).

If I get involved, my position will be “take no prisoners” Jewish liberals or Marxist Democrats. Tell the truth and put the Obamites on the defensive, all the time.

If this happens, where I live, it could perhaps have a significant impact on the other conservative Jewish congregations and organizations in the “heart of the beast”.

I’ve been in this fight for Israel since the 50’s (a distant relative helped out with the Exodus in Baltimore), and I know what is at stake.

I also know the Jewish establishment, including one of Obama’s top Jewish supporters, and it will be a pleasure to kick his ass.

Hopefully, you will see this change coming in late Fall or early Winter because time is growing short to destroy Obama and his Munich Marxists/surrender monkeys.
His struggles as a conservative Jew who hates his fellows:
I won’t even begin to tell you how my rabbi sold his soul to Obama, as did fellow Chicagoan Rahm Emanuel. It will make any sane Jew cry in shame.

Out of 4 people who held a press conference sponsored by on May 22, 2008 (or May 21st for the conference and Wash. Post smear on May 22nd by Dana Milbank), one of the three speakers was Jewish, and as an audience participant, I was the second Jew to say that Obama was a communist and the enemy of America.

We were smeared but sane Jewish writers have been in the forefront on exposing Obama and his communist connections, friends and policies. And we will continue to do so.

There are a lot of red skeletons in Obama’s closet, so we are getting bigger shovels and digging, digging, digging.

Any Jew who supports Obama is a KAPO traitor to the Jewish religion, and a genocide promoter re the state of Israel.

We lost too many people in the Holocaust because Jewish liberals did nothing. NEVER AGAIN!
His Utopian future, where liberals are afraid, taxes are low, and America goes full empire:
Democrats should fear the political and economic retaliation that the Silent Majority is going to wage on their red asses.

A lot of firings will take place esp. at the highest levels of the US Government, esp. the EPA and DOJ, DHS, etc.

Lots of student loans “forgiveness” won’t be.

Major legislation will pass increasing criminal penalties for marijuana users who are involved in serious traffic accidents, esp. if someone is injured or killed.

Lots of taxes will be lowered or abolished. Welfare will have “Workfare” reinstated across the county.

Immigration - stopped cold for illegals. Complete overhaul of the visa system.

No release of major drug gang leaders on the grounds that they were “non-violent” (Tell that to their victims in the procuring/trafficking path).

Anti-America teachers in federally financed (and maybe even state-financed) schools, esp. colleges, will finally get to know what an “unemployment line” is. Others will go to jail for treason.

Green power items that kill birds and other wildlife by the tens of thousands or even millions, will be either moved or shut down.

Nuclear power will be back. So will coal plants with good scrubbers. JOBS WILL BE BACK FOR LOYAL AMERICANS.

Leftist unions will be investigated for payoffs, bribes, violence, etc. and they will be broken.

ISIS IS TOAST, nuclear or standard (I like napalm, myself).

PUTIN - Hey Kremlin, you have a problem. The Ukraine will stay free.

Restrictions placed on relations with Cuba until all political prisoners are free and gulags destroyed.


RED CHINA: shoot down one of our planes and you will be missing your whole air force, as well as those “islands” you’ve created in the Pacific.

Islamic jihadists - you’re dead. We’ll hunt you down all around the world and “collateral damage” has been banned from our military policies.

If you like this, write me in as President. I’d make Trump look like a contestant on the “Ted Mack Amateur Hour”.

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