Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fun debate exchange

I'm not listening to it, but I thought I'd preserve this little exchange for posterity:
only if ya fall for the over dramatized stuff about the smell of death on 911

that was so transparently emotioanllyTARGETED its was actually rather suffer through

FUCK you. Seriously, FUCK you. I had to smell that shit for THREE MONTHS,and I lived six miles away from Ground Zero. I still remember the day in DECEMBER 2001 that I stepped outside and noticed that I only smelled fucking AIR for the first time in forever. When did you go through that?


I don’t care if I get banned tonight. Fuck you. Go to hell. Kiss my entire New York ass. You don’t have a fucking clue.
Cruz is attacking Trump for New York values. Thus the Cruz-Trump war spreads...hehehe.


  1. Looks like the reply got deleted. Which Freeper made that reply, and did they get zotted?

  2. It was a Creeper I had not seen before, named some variation of hell in a handbasket

  3. Romney guy here...

    I wouldn't be quick to insult a city with millions of people. I'm not surprised though. Ted Cruz really isn't any kind of 'uniter'.

    Just another reason why the guy won't win in 2016, people really don't like that kind of shit.

  4. New York City?!