Friday, January 15, 2016

Post-debate fight club

The last debate was really dull, but this one was fueled by the Trump-Cruz fight club that is rapidly encompassing all of Freep.

The blind cheerleading and sniping is super entertaining alone, but then you add some amazing side shows like Cruz birtherism and whether New York City should die, and you have some good times.

I wonder what college Politicalkiddo is going to?
I was at a debate watching “party” in my dorm building and Cruz’s answers convinced a few people. This one guy who was sitting near me was incredibly impressed with his tax plan and said as much to me. Nobody liked Trump, however. A few were impressed with Carson for some reason..
WENDLE may not have even seen the debate:
Trump won this — go look at the instant polls. HUGE!! HE IS OUR NEW PRESIDENT! Thank you America!!!!
Sasparilla points to Drudge's super authoritative "vote as many times as you want" poll:
Drudge poll shows Trump won 2 to one over Cruz.
altura has a different, no less inaccurate, poll to site:
I know everyone hates Luntz but his focus group had Cruz as the overwhelming winner.

During a live, post-debate “Kelly File,” a focus group of 26 South Carolina Republican voters overwhelmingly said that Ted Cruz was the big winner of the Fox Business Network GOP debate.

Cruz was particularly praised by the participants for his back-and-forth with Donald Trump over his natural-born citizenship.
shankbear thinks Trump got angry:
Cruz won. Trump is a petulant child who has to have his way or he will take his toys and go home. He is angry.
MeshugeMikey posts these incoherent rants all over the thread. Authorities suspect alcohol may have been involved:
the rattledness....has turned to RED ANGER

Donnies all hunted and couldn’t help but blurt out emotionally based irrelevancies.

Donny showed HIS particular LIBERAL new york values PERFECTLY
CatherineofAragon is amused that some Freepers are now saying they don't hate everyone in New York City:
After all the posts I’ve seen wishing NYC would fall off the face of the earth into the ocean, suddenly we’re supposed to pretend we support pro-queer, pro-abortion, anti-gun values.

Well, the Trumpsters can run with their groupthink and keen and wail in fake outrage, but I’m not about to buy into that crap.

“Liberal Values Matter!”

altura knows what this pic means!
Look at the two expression is the picture you posted.

Kinda says it all. Cruz looks calm and confident.

Trump looks pouty and cranky. Look at his little mouth.
MeshugeMikey knows what that pic means!
that particular set of images about sums it up in TOTO!!

on the LEFT// far less than forthright...etc....VERSIS on the right....Forthright Morally SOUND...Bright and Unafraid!!

go Ted
Ha-ha they agree. Not that the pic has anything to do with it.

JLAGRAYFOX also sites all the online polls:
It was lights out for Ted Cruz!!! Trump slaughtered him easily tonight!!! Cruz could have had the VP slot. Now he joins Nikki Haley on the garbage heap, begging Trump to forgive him!!! All the online polls are showing Trump won the debate in a landslide victory!!! Finished..........Kasich, Bush, Fiorina, Huckabee, Paul, Christie, Curz & Rubio!!!
SubMareener wonders who Trump's veep sill be:
Tonight we started thinking that a Trump/Carson ticket would be better. Two people who are clearly in it for the country and not for themselves. Also neither has margin loans at Goldman Sacks.
jmaroneps37 suspects the pro-Cruz folks...
Why do these “Cruz won” stories all look like they were written last week and have been sitting in a docs file ready for posting since then? This is the same old thing: Trump wins every on line one vote per person survey and the GOPE flavor of the month “wins” in almost every media story.
altura thinks Trump's face proves he's crazy:
Trump has a personality disorder ... couldn’t control his expression when Cruz was talking. In contrast, Cruz always maintains a calm, pleasant demeanor.

I was a Cruz first...Trump second person at first.

I don’t think Trump has the temperament to be President, but lots of egomaniacs have held the office. So...
RC one is also not a fan of the pro-Cruz forces:
You must be smoking crack. Trump dominated that debate.
altura's heating up:
I only saw clips posted on Facebook but Cruz totally won on those.

Sorry to say, I am really starting to dislike Trump.

I may even despise him now.

And I may even have to vote for him.
For Cruz, patlin is already at the 'putting insults into their head' phase of Freeper hatred:
Natural born Canadian at birth Ted Cruz thinking to himself, “can you believe they are eating up this bull$hit I am feeding them?”


  1. Ah, 8 years ago, when all the freeper fat ladies were swooning over another suave smooth talking New Yorker ...
    How did that work out?

    Onyx and the harpy crew and 100s of others zotted, and the first time ever a 'thon went over one month in length.

    Look how things have deteriorated even further since then.

    1. Remind me, who was the suave smooth talking New Yorker? The only candidate I can think of from NY was Giuliani. And I don't think anyone was swooning over him.

    2. Really? You don't remember the great Guliani bloodbath of May-June 2008?

    3. I thought I remembered a bunch of Freepers getting zotted for supporting Giuliani, but maybe I didn't follow that close enough.

  2. Nuclear winter cures global warming and sanitizes away all those on rent control who voted for Obama. We need to apply the same rules from banking and finance to university research grants, trial lawyers, and union funds. Professulas, trial lawyers and union organizers are Obama's core constituencies. Professulas molest more youth than clergy do. Privatize the university-grants complex so corporations may own university patents. "UPI June 6, 1992 Columbia will be looking for a new president in a period troubled by criticism for destroying records that were being reviewed for improprieties." In his 2010 book on universities (p35) Columbia provost Jonathan Cole brags that undergraduates and their parents are suckers who fund the platform from which professulas can then rape taxpayers with grants. Deport foreign born Obama voters for sedition .Any immigrant who visits his birth country should be expatriated. Islamosympathic gutterswabbing clothing and pierced privates spread disease. Passive aggressive labor unions grab our guns, cars (congestion pricing), balls (SONDA), wallets, and homes. Aqua volte! This land wasn't build by bullocraps.

  3. ^^^^

    what the hell just happened there?

    1. I'm guessing "Freeping Radiation". Usually the extreme density of bozon matter at the core of FR prevents anything escaping the Jimgularity; however, it is theorized that sometimes a virtual cluon and anti-cluon pair will blink into existence. One inside the Grift Horizon and the other without.

      This allows one of them (in this case the anti-clue) to escape into our universe as the Jimgularity to slowly evaporates.

    2. That was really good. Applause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. JR is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    If he purges, the 'thons Will likely become full time. Not enough True Believers left to fund things.

    If he doesn't purge, the base isn't excited, and a bored base doesn't rally to the cause and open their wallets. 'Thons will go to full time.

    Can't win for losing.

  5. Oh, and former fundraising bully DJ MacWow freely admits that she's been avoiding FR because of the crazy and is ready to leave again:

    1. Please. messing with her screen name is juvenile.

      It is "DJMadCow" and everyone knows it. Changing the name to some sort of limited edition McDonalds' burger achieves nothing.