Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Trump vs. England

It seems the citizens of England do not much like the bluster of this American Presidential candidate, and enough of them signed a petition to ban him from England that the parliament must take up the matter, just as Americans got the Obama Administration to issue a memorandum on the feasibility of constructing a Death Star, and with about as much effect.

Except to Freepers, of course, who do not take kindly to such a slight, especially since they long ago decided Britain had been taken over by Muslims.

Trumpinator lays out the current Freeper line on England:
The parties in the UK are under occupation by Islam. It really has become "England-stan" in many places. And the fundie Muslims from the UK make the French ones look enlightened.
knarf knows Freepers love bumper stickers!
WHAT United Kingdom ?
reg45 has an even better one:
UK is now United Kaliphate.
jmaroneps37 loves the idea of humbling England once Trump becomes President:
Please do it. They would HAVE to come crawling back when Trump is elected and we could save some foreign aid money. Plus it will generate even more support for Trump.
Qiviut also thinks sanctions on England would get them to kiss our ass they way they should be:
It is so very interesting to have a presidential candidate who can enact significant economic ‘sanctions’ via his own personal business to those like the UK who are toying with the idea of being “politically correct”.
HomerBohn thinks post-war England has become weak, and then blames Obama for it:
England’s decline began under the socialist government at the end of WWII. It has become more rapid now as the Muslims are taking over the nation which is now almost as pitiful as America. There was a decline in the evils of socialism during the term of Margaret Thatcher. There will never be another like her.

We can count America’s allies on one finger now, thanks in a large part to the parasite currently occupying the White Hut.
Sgt_Schultze thinks anti-Communist alliance NATO forced Europe to become socialist:
It was the creation of NATO that encouraged the collapse to socialism in Europe. As the whole of the continent realized their security was guaranteed on the backs of the American taxpayer, their governments turned to growing social spending while sacrificing necessary defense investments.

Of course, such elevated socialist safety-net spending made our American socialists jealous - not realizing there wasn't a rich protector out there promising to impoverish its citizens for our security.
GrandJediMasterYoda adds some scary pics to his rant about scary Muslims:
This is the first time I heard of this. Is the UK gone absolutely freaking insane?

They will allow Islamo-Nazis to infect their country to kill and behead vets in the street......

They will allow Islamo Nazis to threaten the populace.....

They will allow Islamo-Nazis to use the UK as an ISIS recruitment center....

But the one guy who says "Hey a wait a minute, maybe we should hold off on importing Islamo Nazis into the country" is evil? Is racist? Is Hitler?

The UK is GONE. Sane people do not run that country
Trumpinator thinks foreign policy these days is about as simple as it was in the 1800s
You know....It is about time the rest of the world feared the USA like they did since the Marines invaded Libya to put an end to Barbary pirate Muslim terrorism. That lasted 2 centuries.

Familiarity breeds contempt and fear keeps the barbarians at bay the Romans used to say. American citizenship used to mean something.
Trumpinator has an interesting argument that England is Islamic.
To me if ghettos of your cities are filled with these savages - it has. And I have been there.
Well I guess America is ruled by Blacks, then!


  1. "It is about time the rest of the world feared the USA like they did since the Marines invaded Libya to put an end to Barbary pirate Muslim terrorism. That lasted 2 centuries."

    This guy is unbelievably retarded.

    The rest of the world really didn't start "fearing us" until, I guess you could say, the end of the Second World War. And then it wasn't fear of the Marines so much as it was the fear of being hit with an atom bomb.

    Even goat herding farmers in Vietnam weren't afraid of Marines, for Christsakes!

  2. Exactly. From the War of 1812 to the Taliban (stalemate/attrition), no-one has lost bowel control because of Marines, Rangers or any other form of American infantry.

    Freepers fetishize bulky men with M16s so much they can't grasp that what really intimidates the rest of the world is technology and the men in planes, ships and computer rooms directing it.

    The scariest fighting force in the Western Hemisphere is probably Lockheed Martin and Rayethon.

    1. Though I would note that even given the fear strategic bombing engenders, it has won only one war, and no battles.

    2. Trumpinator's context was not winning wars though, it was getting your own way by intimidation and from 1812 to the Waffen SS, PLA (Korea), VC (Vietnam) and the Taliban US ground troops have not intimidated anyone into anything. They have defeated some militarily, but never intimidated anyone into giving up.

      USAF and USN (ships) deter but they don't win wars. The Army/Marines win wars but they don't deter. The only branch less strategically intimidating than the Marines is probably the Coast Guard. The USSR was worried about thermonuclear devices over Moscow, not landing craft on the beaches of Sochi.

  3. Japan was already well on the way to losing the war before the nuclear bombs fell, a lot of their problems fell to lack of resources, and a major lack of food for the soldiers.

    One of the notable things about the battle of battle of britain was just how little effect it had on the fighting strength of the UK. They suffered, but it only seemed to resolve the fight against Germany. The bombing campaign leveled parts of Germany, but the war was lost with millions dead in Russia.

  4. "Bend over America. The Pope and Obama want you to be raped to appease muslims and deflect these retards’ wrath away from themselves and their church"

    1. I find it amazing that these same people (Freepers) who always bemoan the lack of decency in today's culture are the very same people who use the most vulgar language imaginable to vent their spleens.