Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Utilitarian romantic avenir wants arraigned marriages:
This is impossible for us now, but arranged marriages in a tight knit community have an advantage in that they allow for sexual union at an earlier age, when the young husband and wife’s sexuality is awakening and powerful. “Be fruitful and multiply”!
Blue Collar Christian has learned a lot about progressives:
ALL, without exception, progressives I know are for the destruction of liberty and the responsibilities that come with it that America stands for. So anyone who works toward that agenda has a total pass on all crime; rape, murder, extortion, theft, insider trading, selling state secrets to the enemy and other treasonous acts, gross security violations, etcetera, etcetera, and of course, etcetera, no matter how gruesome.
A sheriff asking the usual background questions tripped OftheOhio's paranoia:
Just had my shed broken into last night and my 100 plus lb. generator stolen, about 10 feet from my bedroom no less.

I called the sheriff’s office against my first thought and a deputy showed up, took down the particulars, and promptly asked me if that vehicle in the driveway was mine. Obviously the tool was going to run my plates to make sure I wasn’t a criminal. WTF? I’ll take care of my own problems from now on, count on it.
kiryandil tells of how he went from liberal to wanting to kill all reporters:
I was a mild Progressive in college, and for a short time after I graduated.

Then, in late 1996 and early 1997, I became aware that the "Holy Media" was lying like a rug to protect Big Bill Clinton.

Me? I'm still at war with The Media. I hate them with a hate that's white hot, after all these years.

I'm going to see them rubbed out. And I'll be in on the rub-out.
WTFOVR seems to think victory is a strategy:
Trump has but one rule ... It’s called “I win, you lose.”

I really like that rule. Too bad most of our “electable” guys never learn how to play it!
jmaroneps37 explains how Trump is gonna win New York State:
With the Democrat Party in total disarray Trump’s high profile in New York his 25% of Black support and 45% of Hispanic support his winning New York is almost inevitable.
cowboyusa smugly points out how the US government doesn't like to shoot it's citizens but also is at war with Freepers:
We are in a Cold Civil War and it's time to stop listening or caring what the Left or the Antichrist Media says. Make the Government respond with force. They have backed down every time.
American Constitutionalist is not a very smart investor:
Sell all you can afford and buy cash. Keep it in the bank, under you mattress and in your pocket.

Bury some in the back yard.

But, by all means, buy and hold cash.

Already doing that, the first bank of Pillow and Matteress
LeoWindhorse fond England made it very hard to be a racist shithead:
Last time I was in London I could not find any small affordable hotels that were Anglo owned. Not a one
Truth29 wonders who will take down the Iran/Obama axis:
Saudi Arabia could make a quick deal with Israel that would seriously dent the Iran/Obama axis, but I wounder if they could suck it up enough to mount a joint operation against the hated Persians.
Today's Freeper completely missing the point of a book is FreedomStar3028:
It’s like: Ender’s game. The buggers gave us no choice. So we genocided them. Or Independence Day: We had no where to go, we were screwed, so we genocided them.
bryan999 thinks Trump using footage of the wrong border in his ad was a well thought out plan:
They picked that footage to be dramatic to an extent (and it never states “ACTUAL FOOTAGE OF the MEXICAN BORDER”), but I think more importantly, they picked that footage to get people - especially the liberals and the morons in the media - talking about the ad.

Once again, all the libs are nitpicking - but honestly, you think any dumb liberal or Trump-hater out there would have known that hadn’t polifact done a check on the imagery? No, of course not... but nobody would be talking about the ad either.

It’s deliberate !
tallyhoe thinks anyone who lives in Texas is smart:
Beck is Stupid? He moved to Texas..

where do you live??
Maverick68 is sure being crazy and aggressive is the way to beat the left:
The Left’s reaction to Trump SICKENS me because it shows BEYOND A DOUBT, they will fold when you punch them in the mouth....We could have avoided 8 years of Obama if only we had someone on our side who would have fought.
TigersEye buys guns more as a talisman than anything else:
OK guys, I know it was said about 2008 and 2012, but Ancesthntr wants you to know the NEXT election is the one where America lives or dies:
What is at stake in the 2016 elections?


Nothing less.

Let a Dem, ANY Dem, win the Presidency and you LOSE EVERYTHING. Obama’s entire legacy will be cemented into place FOREVER.
cradle of freedom wonders if Muslims aren't a tool to genocide Christians:
It appears to me that the leaders of the European Union are far leftists that hate Western civilization. Are they using the Muslims to do their ethnic cleansing of European Christians?

Look at how the far left in the United States is aligned with the Muslims. Something strange is happening.
Hulka so so eager to dis Muslims she randomly compares them to paranoid schizophrenics:
“been acting kind of strangely lately, talking to himself ... laughing and mumbling.”

In other words, acting exactly like a muslime.
The Obama fake tears story was completely unsurprising to anyone who reads this blog. elcid1970 adds a twist by dredging up when Freepers pulled this crap 20 years ago:
Remember how Bill Clinton went from grins to tears in a nanosecond at the Ron Brown funeral, when he spotted the cameras on him?

Didn’t he rub his eyes like Obama did yesterday?
LukeL trades old Clinton era BS rumors:
Clinton got kicked out of Oxford because he raped a girl.

And Al Gore flunked out of divinity school and got a D in the only science course he took in college.


  1. rub one out? kiryandil is gonna rub em ALL out

  2. David Bowie dies and- without fail- some Freepers show up to shit on the guy:;page=251

    1. That's their problem. David Bowie is a man who made millions of fans happy and inspired many, many other musicians. Freepers have probably never made anyone happy in their lives, least of all themselves.

  3. Wonderful Days Of The Past

    This is a nothing little thread but the source material is...

  4. Jeez Louise these Freepers are so absurd. You've got DiogenesLamp basically saying that discrimination against women, minorities, and homosexuals is necessary for survival and that living under the Obama Administration is worse than Pearl Harbor and the bombing of Hiroshima and that everything is going to be so devastating that all hope of recovery is lost forever.

    Seriously how are any of them even still alive and functioning? The way they act you'd think they've all had a collective stroke so severe that their brains exploded.

    1. discrimination against women, minorities, and homosexuals is necessary for survival

      And yet they vigorously deny that sexism, racism, and white privilege exist.