Thursday, January 28, 2016

The coming purge

Jim Robinson keeps posting that he's okay with Trump or Cruz, but any longtime Freeper (or Freep-watcher) knows that the future likely holds a mass-zotting. If not in the primaries (a la the Giuliani purge of 2007), then in the general (like when he zotted everyone who wasn't voting for Romney in 2012).

A lot of the old guard are Cruz folks, so they've started a little forum to hang out in while they keep their heads down at Free Republic. They call it "Consistent Conservatives" in a pretty sick burn at the Trump folks.

Well, someone talked. And Jim made a thread about it, which started as a praise-Jim festival, evolved into paranoia, and soon became passive aggressive sniping.

Jim Robinson just repeats his current line:

This is an emergency means for us to keep in touch with our FRiends, who are real Conservatives, in case of purging. Or, if there is no purging, do we really want to continue our discussions in the forum where the owner despises us for not supporting his non-Conservative candidate?

My purpose is to figure out what to do to continue our discussions to advance Conservatism.

Received word that disgruntled FReepers are passing the above message around underground. Let's get it aboveboard. For those who are leaving us, thank you all vbery much for your past participation and support.

Go, Cruz, GO!!

Go, Trump, GO!!

Either way, we win, they lose.

The Rebellion is on!

God bless.
central_va shows up to rant about Free Trade:
There is a new game in town and they are slow to see it and I can’t blame them. They have been brainwashed by decades of being told that the destruction of the American industrial base to foreign interests and constant trade deficits where signs of “economic freedom”.

Free Trade is their religion and certain talk show hosts have been egging them on.
Extremely Extreme Extremist explains that Trump saved conservativism, as defined by Extremely Extreme Extremist:
I don't understand the premise.

If Trump hadn't run, what would these "consistent conservatives" have done?

They would have bickered and circular-argumented themselves to death about who was more conservative, Christie/Huckabee/Bush/Rubio/Fiorina. Cruz would have been completely destroyed by the media/Dems and Paul is a non-factor.

They would have continued to make excuses for the same failed Congressional Republicans who have given away their Constitutional powers to Obama. And urging us to support them because, you know SCOTUS justices or whatever.

We KNOW Trump is not a conservative. But he cares about the four biggest issues out there: Immigration, Jobs, Trade, and Islam.
Lurker still has hope:

Mark my words. They’ll be unstoppable.

Theo explains how all his insults are in self-defense:
I insult those who attack Cruz. Robinson doesn’t attack Cruz with trumped up lies.
exit82 holds forth on how awesome Free Republic is to test ideas:
I am staying.

Free Republic has always been a crucible, where ideas are tested.

If we succumb to acrimony, then we defeat our purpose.

Then, we become a crucible for people and not for ideas.

Loose lips sink ships—and friendships.

We are better than that.
DoughtyOne wants Freepers to respect those who disagree:
Neither Cruz or Trump’s supporters are flawed Conservatives. We are looking to turn this nation around, and some aspects of both men offer hope.

Argue your case and leave it at that. No need to reference the other candidate’s supporters as Nazis, victims of male on male rape, or Godless idiots. We all have reasons for our support. Some of the reasons we support either candidate are sound. It may not seem like it to others, but it’s true.

We need to back off a bit, calm down, and give reasoned support to the person we think can do the best job. Respect those who disagree.

If we all agreed, there would be no need for elections.
Asked if she would vote for Cruz in the general, Trump cultist HarleyLady27 is coy:
I am voting for the Good of vote is personal, thank you...
Kit cat has an accusation for the Cruz supporters:
I can answer that question if Cruz is the nominee will most certainly vote for him, Cruz supporters would NEVER do the same for Trump!!
PA Engineer thinks there's a conspiracy for Cruz:
When I see Zombie accounts reanimating, I know something is very wrong.

When I see sleeper accounts coming to life repeating the same memes, I know something is wrong.

When I know of at least two Cruz bundlers on this boarded promoting their candidate and spamming, I know something is wrong.

When I see posters posting non-stop for over 24 hours and taking holidays off, I know something is wrong.

When I see the same core of posters posting the same memes that have been proven wrong, over and over again, I know something is wrong.

You did the right thing and it immediately started bring back some sanity.

All it took was 14 very bad apples a couple of weeks ago to turn this place upside down.
RushIsMyTeddyBear says he won't be told how to vote. I guess she doesn't remember 2012...
Which is why I was so disgusted about the NR fiasco. I WON’T be intimidated and told how to vote. Thet’s straight-up Communist/union thug tactics to me. Screw that.
altura kind of protests too much:
I never called Cruz’s wife a crook.

Good and I never criticized Palin’s kids.

But lots of people have done both, probably more against Mrs. Cruz.
Boardwalk has an awesome quote:
I disagree with everything you have said, and likely, every thing you will ever say.
Duchess47 doesn't understand when conservatives started hating ideological diversity!
I went over and read the sight. What a shameful place. Since when did conservative mean my way only and I’ll destroy anyone who doesn’t do things my way.

To take advantage of FR to do that is really very underhanded. I hope any of the posters there that are still reading here will see this and know what sorry, disgraceful people you are.

FR has given you a place to meet and discuss for years and this is the way you repay? What small, mean people you are.
Wondering what they're saying over there? gg188 reveals that it's what you expect - purity hyperbole turned against Free Republic.
FR has gone left, and now rivals DU in sheer vile nastiness toward Cruz.
Jim posted the link to this place to milk maximum sympathy and dramatic effect
Trump proves he has absolutely no understanding of Christianity
Free Republic has turned into Soddom and Gomorrah There are a lot more people we need to take out and start ignoring or take out. Look to the Trump rally threads for clues: Hoosiermama--what is it with women controlling ALL OF FR all of a sudden? She is just another stupid hoosier for Trump.
It has become a PURE BREED anti-conservative forum.
As far as JimRob goes, I'm not sure what has happened to him, but he certainly has fallen a long way
what was once a site to promote and discuss conservatism has sunk to depths far below its founding. It's been given over to a Lord of the Flies mentality.
It is the same mad genius of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Fidel Castro, and Vladimir Lenin.


  1. Well, finally freepers are beginning to see what the rest of the political blog-o-sphere has seen happening to FR for a decade or more.

    I noticed today that PAEngineer made a $500 donation to Jim's grift-a-thon, and challenged others (yeah, other Trumpies) to do the same.
    He knows that money speaks the loudest when JimRob is deciding who to zot.

  2. I continue to be baffled as to how this community calls itself "free republic" yet happily sit under a dictator who can axe them at any moment for completely subjective judgements of what makes a "true" conservative. But then, I was never good at living with cognitive dissonance.

    1. It's interesting that they talk about how important the democratic process is, yet they post on a forum run by an absolute tyrant with no democratic process.

      Which is why I believe that they really don't appreciate the Democracy they live in. They would rather live in a theocratic government so long as the leader is someone who agrees with everything they think.

      Talk about pathetic! It's actually pretty sad that they're willing to forego their own value so as to have a place to go and rant like other like-minded morons who hate dark skinned people.

    2. That's why the "You're Fired!" and "Zot!" memes resonate so well for them.

      Freepers loathe both Democrats and Republicans. That projects to loathing Democracy and Republicanism which makes them supporters of Autocracy and Dictatorship. A CEO/primary shareholder is precisely this - ergo GO TRUMP.

  3. The alternative is to just not purge people and welcome others with a different opinion. Just an idea.

    Crazy, I know.

    1. A circle jerk doesn't work if you break the circle.

  4. I continue to be baffled as to how this community calls itself "free republic" yet happily sit under a dictator who can axe them at any moment for completely subjective judgements of what makes a "true" conservative. But then, I was never good at living with cognitive dissonance.

  5. Hopefully the infighting combined with whatever purges may come will finally wreck the place.

  6. SampleMan here. I've now been banned forever from FR for insufficient fervor. It is a full blown Terror over there. Since April 23rd they JR and his FRumpsters have been excoriating Cruz with the passion of Ivan the Terrible throwing puppies from the Kremlin towers.

    I went out fighting the good fight and shaming the hell out of them.