Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday Pix

When you roll up the Constitution, it makes a lightsaber?!
Everyone knows Andrew Jackson was the original Rock Star President. How'd that work out?
What. The. Crap.
Shockingly, I can't find a source for these 'facts' beyond the sited website.
To non-Freepers, the bully isn't the hero of the story...
And then there's this random bit of...thing.


  1. Conservativevision is back with another freeper gun thread, only no hand signs this time. Replies are predicable.

    1. The freeper's name is "".

      His posting history, beyond the gun threads, shows a pretty sad individual.

  2. I did a Google search for global warming solar system and got quite a few hits for websites debunking this years old urban myth.

  3. looks like jake and elwood caught trump in a rare contemplative moment.

  4. calling all freepers! patriot in need! bueller?

    bueller ... ???

    "Freerepublic Exclusive: FLorida Man getting busted by FBI, Secret Service, and local Sheriff"

    irony-drenched qotd: "A real son of liberty wouldn’t make threats."

  5. Religion is stupid in the workplace!

    Religion is paramount in the workplace!

    This country is too friggin' stupid to handle its First Amendment rights.