Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

WENDLE doesn't like living in an interconnected society:
What happens in FLINT STAYS IN FLINT. I dont want to pay a dime.
Busko is sure Flint got poisoned by it's own BLACK PEOPLE:
Why aren’t the BLACK MAYOR and BLACK CITY COUNCIL responsible for their own disastrous decision to change water supplies?

Because they are BLACK!! Also this didn’t happen overnight. Probably before the “White Devil” Republican got elected. Amazing how the Praetorian Media works!
Jim Robinson is pretty exclusive about who counts as conservative:
LOL! Rich Lowry, William Kristol and Erick Erickson are conservatives? That’s rich.
Lysandru is voting for Trump because of how electable he is:
I am no big Trump fan.

But I believe he is the most electable Republican candidate. And it is imperative that the Hildebeast or Sanders don't become President.
This "not conservative but electable" seems to also be Jim Robinson's latest position.

Smokin' Joe is not quite ready to go alynching:
it isn’t cold enough to hang ‘windchimes’ from lamp posts yet.
Jukeman thinks Trump is like all the bad guys at once:
Think Obama is a tyrant. If Trump is elected you will see an even more evil tyrant. Trump has the personality type of Hitler, Mussolini and Mao. There is no telling what he will do. Trump says building a wall along the U.S. borders would be like building the Wall of China. Did you know that millions of workers were killed while building the wall of China? Trump would stop at nothing to destroy his enemies while possibly going into a maniacal rage against foreign powers or the man down the street or next door to us. Trump is dangerous.
SC_Pete thinks Common Core is like all the bad guys at once, except Hitler.
Yes, it’s indoctrination. Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao approve of Common Core.
Mr Apple's cousin totally saw some arab-looking people get on buses in the Dallas airport, and made some assumptions:
My first cousin lives in Dallas and he called me Monday and told me that he observed a large group of approx 90 rapefugees arriving at DFW airport this past Saturday afternoon, 1/16! 
He was at the airport waiting for his two kids to arrive and told me he tried to count quickly but the group were being herded at a fairly fast walk. He said they were led straight to buses with their iPhones in hand! No telling which city they were taken to!! 
I guess folks, possible assaults and rapes might follow in some city here in Texas -possibly the Dallas area though. (I'll guess it's the Garland,Tx area or in Somervell county area because there are some camps out there -but who knows and no way to find out) 
All I can say is buy a gun ladies!! All of our cities throughout America could become a mini-Alamo with towel head islamic muslims at the walls!! Thank you so much scumbag Mullah Obama -one more year to go! 

Since no one can beat AMJ's rejoinder to montag813's paranoia: "Track Palin was programmed by a CIA operative named Jim Beam."
Track Palin spent a lot of time in Iraq. Plenty of time for operative to get to him, and program him. They would have immense motivation to do so. Either to destroy Sarah, or use him to undermine her political influence, as his actions did today. It sounds crazy, until you see the MK Ultra files that were declassified and realize just how often the CIA and others “Jason Bourne’d” hundreds of men.
CottonBall will totally come out of retirement and save America is Trump's elected!
I’ve gone Galt and am keeping my taxable income low to quit supporting the fascist government. When Trump does 1/4 of what he’s saying, I’ll join the active work force again plus quit sheltering most of what I work for!
Cold Heat explains how Republicans are always gracious and compromise with those inflexible Democrats:
The opposition will not compromise their positions. So the repubs compromise to Get Things done.

It's the democrats who are unable to compromise and it's the democrats who believe that nothing gets done.
Elsie is not one to wast time opining!
I will NOT listen to or read much of Anything the MSM has to say!

And DEFINITELY not waste my time OPINING!!
ChicagahAl knows what all Democratic women are like:
Female, Democrat wants bloodshed.

No surprise.
It waits to snow until now. encm(ss) finds this enough to be smug about global warming:
what! Worst snowstorm ever! I guess that’s what happens when you have global warming.
LostInBayport excoriates liberals for using the wrong stereotypes, when his are much better:
liberal idiots like those two only see the “migrants” the way Central Casting would for a period piece. Humble, poor, hard-working decent people who can’t wait to assimilate.

Well like most movies, that is pure FICTION! These are savages from a savage land and they see a civilized country as a playground. What a disaster.
hsmomx3 wonders if Obama and Mitch McConnell have had gay sex:
Makes you wonder if Mitch has visited those bathhouses in Chi-town when BO was there.
Qiviut once had a liberal tell him that opinions are not science:
From my observations, there is little true “science” and a lot of left-wing dogma these days. I had a liberal, who buys ‘climate change’ hook line & sinker, lecture me over an article on nutrition that he poo-poohed because it did not go through a “peer review”. I guess in this crazy world, if you’re a loony lib, then your peers are loony libs, too. Thus you get ‘consensus’ & ‘settled science’. He doesn’t like it when I point that out.
Letting his creationism run rampant, bray is pretty sure all our technology was discovered in SPITE of science:
According to my computer, which functions based on scientific discoveries. According to my firearms, which function based on scientific discoveries. According to my cell phone, which functions based on scientific discoveries. According to my car, which functions based on scientific discoveries.

What if all of your examples would be multiplied exponentially if we would focus on real science rather than corrupted agenda driven science? You are accepting this is all we can do while I am saying this is in spite of science.
And not a mini-spotlight on military coup enthusiast LeoWindhorse:
In the event that America should be bamboozled, or the popular/electoral vote somehow captured and corrupted to produce a Dem. win, to either individual; I would staunchly advocate and support a military intervention into the affairs of government of the USA. It’s that serious.
LeoWindhorse would totally help the military take over too!
Sir, if Clinton or Sanders are elected, men in uniform should and can fix that. Folks like me will join them. Enough is enough and I think a lot of folks have had enough. I know I have
LeoWindhorse thinks what America needs is Putin to rule us with an iron fist for a few years:
Personally I believe America should set aside ineffective and corrupt civilian government for 4 to 5 years.

Our system of governance has become so incredibly corrupted, to include the election process itself.
We need a Putin type, or a group of Putin types. Is that Donald Trump ? I wonder


  1. Just leaving a note to say thanks, Ozy. Free Republic has been so entertaining lately. You are the best.

  2. Jim Robinson is pretty exclusive about who counts as conservative:
    LOL! Rich Lowry, William Kristol and Erick Erickson are conservatives? That’s rich.

    Rich Lowry, William Kristol and Erick Erickson haven't sent JimRob any payola for his grift-a-thon lately.

    1. And/or they don't worship Trump/Palin

    2. Free Republic is the forgotten, run down trailer park of the conservative movement.

    3. And there's a tornado warning in the neighborhood until November

  3. These idiots ignore the fact that Flint's contract to buy water from Detroit (which is one of tge best civic water systems in America) was cancelled, and changed to pumping from the Flint River by the administrator placed in power by Republican Governor Rick Snyder (replacing the elected mayor)

  4. (the only real) constitutional legal scholar DiogenesLamp on planned parenthood indictments:

    "This is where Governor Abbot needs to issue a preemptive pardon and then say "Now whacha ya gonna do you F***ing Bitches!?" "

    1. A writ of "Now whacha ya gonna do you F***ing Bitches!?" Is a legal process that goes back to the days of Caesar.

    2. "... days of Caesar."
      Which is when DiogenesLamp got his law degree

  5. I had a liberal, who buys ‘climate change’ hook line & sinker, lecture me over an article on nutrition that he poo-poohed because it did not go through a “peer review”.

    Do they even know what "peer review" means? It doesn't mean your idiot buddies on FR read it and weighed in with their political opinions.

  6. Peer review constitutes asking Pastor Cletus B. Hogdangler whether it conforms to the original text of the Bible, as written personally by Jesus (in English).

    1. Written by white Jesus, not that swarthy looking one those Liberal "scientists" keep pushing