Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Flint's Democratic water

Flint's lead and disease-filled water were due to cost-saving measures implemented by a Republican governor-appointed city manager, and then ignored by said governor and city manager and a since-fired Democratic EPA manager.

So now that the story is big enough Freepers are actually talking about it, guess who Freepers blame? The answer is the EPA, Flint, Unions, and Obama.

cripplecreek allows some blame, but mostly it's that big government wasn't being hands on enough:
There's some blame there but its minimal. He appointed an idiot but it seems that the EPA was quite happy to let things go to hell before deciding to do something about it.
refermech wonders if this is really a problem:
What is dangerously high? a few parts per billion? Throw a ton of money at it right away.
John W blames Flint itself:
Water systems, although state and/or federally permitted, are self-managed and self-reporting.
Hot Tabasco also seems to have missed the whole city manager thing:
This is a Flint and democrat controlled city’s problem, not a state problem........Snyder’s offer of an apology does nothing but admit blame where no blame exists and gives democrats more fuel to blame Republicans for everything in the next election...
Not looking at facts, exactly, MarMema focuses on her love for Gov. Snyder:
He is a sweetie. I will be sorry to lose him. God only knows what we could get next.
montag813 not only ignores the city manager, but would like to bring race into it:
Didn’t the BLACK MAYOR of Flint “let them down”? It was she and her majority-minority council which switched water supplies to save money.
Domangart blames...unions?
I have to pay for my water. Let the UAW pay for this mess. Every place that has been run by rats for a long time has been ran into the ground. None of these a holes have ever looked at a block and asked when and at what cost will the current method of city planning cost. Their idea is to build malls for taxes.
AnotherUnixGeek blames Unions for the debt that encouraged the cost-cutting, and thus for everything:
As I understand it, the city of Flint started using water from the Flint river as a cost-saving measure for several years - the city has huge pension obligations to former city employees. The river water caused corrosion in Flint's lead pipes, and we have the current situation.

So why doesn't this governor point out the fact that this entire situation was caused by unionized city employees and their Democratic Party enablers? Why is he apologizing instead of condemning the Democrats who caused this situation? Can anyone imagine Donald Trump not calling out the source of the problem here?

This is exactly why Trump is succeeding and why the GOP needs to stop running away from him and start emulating him.
dowcaet also blames Snyder for apologizing, not for anything he did:
The stupid party lives up to its label. This is one of the reasons why I think Trump resonates with so many on our side. Imagine if it had been a Trump factory that was accused of poisoning a river and polluting the water making people sick? Instead of a Rick Snyder type capitulation Trump would of fired back and told them to go stick it, and then file his own countersuit.
PGalt digs deep to blame Obama via the EPA:
sergeantdave calls Governor Snyder a leftist, and then blames all of Michigan:
Damn idiot ought to apologize for not arresting the commie slut Granholm for stealing $10 billion from property owners and giving it to “Cool Cities” liberal savages.

Rick is nothing more than another lying, thieving leftist. Michigan is a shithole run by shitheads, elected by assholes.


  1. Butterdezillion is off on a new, elaborate (and pretty awesome) conspiracy theory involving Obama's secret contract with Islamo-communists to remain president for 2 extra years. In exchange for the 2 extra years, we should expect an EMP attack from the Iranians next November through the HOLE IN OUR SOUTHERN RADAR, when Obama will be visiting with Hugo Chavez (?), followed by sleeper cell attacks. We've been warned, y'all!

  2. The idiots continue to (conveniently) ignore the fact that no Democratic Mayor was inovolved in this clusterf*ck. The mayor was removed by Snyder and replaced with an emergency manager, due to near bankruptcy due to Flint having no freaking tax base any longer. The council was left in place and told to approve the plan to change water supply, and did so or face removal. This is all Snyder and the manager's fault.

    1. No, the problem is that the BLACK people are sitting around on welfare instead of being drafted into chain gangs digging wells!! It's all the fault of that flaming RINO Lincoln !!!

    2. I'm really surprised I haven't heard any white racists from the Flint area, and there are many, complaining about the fact that they're having to drink the same damned polluted water and face losing their houses because you can't sell a house with a polluted water supply and corroded appliances. Those who bear the consequences of collective punishment usually object.

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  4. some rare birther clarity ...

    Cboldt: "GOPe or RNC don't need a court order to disqualify Cruz. They can do that on their own. If Cruz doesn't like it, he can sue them. Just saying, the party is its own competent "judge" of eligibility."

    Right-wing Librarian: "So, if the GOPe just wanted to appoint their own choice, they have the authority to just disqualify anybody at any point in time without being accountable to anybody?"

    Cboldt: "They are accountable, that comes with having the power. But they don't have to run a person who is not qualified. They wouldn't run with a 30 year old, for example. The person who is denied the opportunity can seek relief in court on some civil law claim, breach of promise or something like that."

    ... pointing out the folks bearing the real burden. still not gonna happen.

  5. So, according to dowcaet, the appropriate response of the guilty party is to Trump It Up and sue a bankrupt city when you get caught? Nevermind that any corporation would pay out the ass even if not legally required to, because of the PR nightmare that is giving kids cancer. Even a Trump Corp.

  6. So, according to dowcaet, the appropriate response of the guilty party is to Trump It Up and sue a bankrupt city when you get caught? Nevermind that any corporation would pay out the ass even if not legally required to, because of the PR nightmare that is giving kids cancer. Even a Trump Corp.