Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Ouderkirk knows what types are inferior:
Never....ever vote for a black, woman, democRAT. They are just not up for the task of public office.
governsleastgovernsbest wonders - have you ever seen rage-goblin Mark Levin and the Constitution at the same place at the same time?!
You attack Mark Levin, Matthews, you attack the American Constitution.
Hillarys Gate Cult makes up some history:
The only world leader who read Mein Kampf before WWII was Winston Churchill. That’s how he knew he was dealing with an unstable person.
Bryanw92 defends Hitler, up until Poland:
Hitler was a disaster for the German people

Yes, he was. But his early message resonated in the hearts of a defeated and betrayed people. If he had stopped after Austria and Czechoslovakia, the second half of the 20th century would have been a different place.

Today’s Germany has been betrayed by its government in ways that a 1930 German would never imagine. They need to get their fire back or just give up and say the little muzlum prayer of submission.
Gritty knows Germany needs another Holocaust:
All kidding aside, the Germans had better get their boxcars out of mothballs, quick, and start doing something about this invading horde of savages. They don't have much of a window of time to do it. Already they are looking at a lot of bloodshed. But in a few brief years it will be massive amounts of bloodshed - most of it being theirs.
Fresh Wind on the latest Obama rumor:
There is a rumor going around that Mohammed Hussein Obama is buying a house in Dubai.
GraceG wants to make a Bioshock-Fallout hybrid, but for real:
Crap like what happened to the Hammonds makes me want to found a “Deep underground sovereign country” A literal underground colony built actually underground in some old used up salt mine, using a deep geothermal well for energy and greenhouses for food and small animals for protein.

And then seal the damned thing up and expand underground by digging new tunnels and hope the people above ground forget the hell we even exist.
libstripper is one of many Freepers who smells conspiracy behind the minor Iran fracas:
Looks like this was a pre-arranged setup. The Iranians wanted one extra drop of humiliation and especially wanted to humiliate the U.S. Navy, that they’re never been able to touch until now. Obola wanted the civilian hostages back. Hence, a corrupt deal: Obola would send the boats on a sitting duck mission where they’d be captured, their crews publicly humiliated and then returned; in return, the civilian hostages would be returned. The boats’ OIC gave it away by putting such a happy face, sort like the day the hogs et his sister.
Oatka knows no one is ever convicted wrongly. Also, needless psychological torture!
The main thing that troubles me about the death penalty: What if an innocent person is put to death?

Not likely with today's DNA and other lab wizardry, plus 20-30 years on appeals. Many murderers are on death row longer than their victims have lived.

If I were king, not only would we have the death penalty implemented within 90 days with DNA proof, we would have multiple executions for serial/multiple murderers.

1) pulled out of the cell at dawn, strapped to a gurney, have some guy in a black suit carring a book chant some mumbo-jumbo as the perp heads to The Room, where he feels the prick of the needle and sees darkness descend . . .
2) . . . perp wakes up in his cell wondering WTH? Step one is repeated each time for however many people he killed . . .
3) . . . or not . . .
4) . . . the sentence is multiple executions somewhere between 1 and the max, so the perp can't look forward to the last one. . .
5) . . . or not . . .
6) Depending upon the age of the victims or brutality of the murders, an extra trip or two or etc. to extract maximum disgust felt by the public.
7) The trips are all on TV - every one.

I particularly like 6). Can you imagine the perp thinking "Thank God, this is the last one." - and waking up in his cell again.
justa-hairyape remembers when Europe existed:
The US will also follow Europe and break apart soon.
Recalling some false stories, aMorePerfectUnion is pretty sure Trump will become Christian once he's President:
Many a President has been brought to his knees in prayer and ultimately faith in God during his time in office. May the same happen to Trump.
Theophilus knows you should only orgasm when Jesus returns:
This is a great moment for America. The faggot loving communists have an indicted candidate. She is pathetic. We have the greatest American since George Washington. The JOY of election night will be orgasmic. God Bless Donald Trump— and Sarah Palin!!

God bless you but that is just wrong in too many ways. Please save your ecstasy for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
Arthur McGowan is working hard to explain why Obama's not a Natural Born Citizen while Cruz is:
The reason for the forged birth certificate is that without it, there isn’t a shred of evidence that Barry is a citizen AT ALL.

There are only two possibilities:

The crudely-forged birth certificate is truthful in stating that Barry was born in Hawaii, in which case he is an ANCHOR BABY.

Barry was not born on U.S. soil, and is therefore an ILLEGAL ALIEN.
Making it easier, faithhopecharity remembers the "No Obama's" clause in the Constitution:
our Founding Fathers were aware that the enemy would try to seize control of the new American government again...
that’s why they very carefully provided that persons like Obama are not eligible for the Presidency

but we’ve forgotten
Maceman thought the flaw in Mr. Smith goes to Washington was Mr. Smith's noble cause:
When I have watched it, I always wished that his cause wasn't a federally funded boys' camp.


  1. "Can you imagine the perp thinking "Thank God, this is the last one." - and waking up in his cell again."

    i'm pretty sure this was the plot to an ec horror comic.

    1. Maybe Oatka is getting inspiration from Black Mirror.

  2. shall we mark down wendle (to whom theophilus is replying) as someone in particular to watch on election night?

    1. I wonder if when the polls say the Dem candidate is winning, they'll believe them this time?

    2. They'll "unskew" them again

  3. Oh, so the Germans followed Hitler because they were a "betrayed" people, huh?

    Gee, I wonder who Bryanw92 thinks betrayed them?

  4. Actually Ozy I'd argue GraceG's ideal world sounds like the underground dystopia from "a boy and his dog" more than anything.

    1. Decent point - especially since Ellison is my favorite SF author!

  5. Not true. I like orgasms like Dems vote: "early and often". I do confess that, in the long run, offspring are more important than orgasms and that Jesus return is the ultimate ecstasy for some and agony for others.

    1. Hehe, I'm no atheist; I get the pleasure and comfort of faith.

      Just seems an odd way to put things.

  6. It's apparent that Trump is some kind of messiah to Wendle and FR.

    1. Dunno if Wendle is for real, but nopardons and Harleylady are in deep.

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