Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

HiTech RedNeck remembers how Republicans were super nice about that whole birther thing with Obama:
Democrats are not so collegial minded that they will not treat this with the kid gloves that Republicans proffered to Barack Obama on this issue.
mad_as_he$$ can sense welfare
I went to a friends kid’s “home” yesterday to help pull some new wire for the kitchen.

5 people 25-30yo’s all unemployed including my friend’s daughter living in a three bedroom house. Every one of them on government assistance. Not a job among them. Shocking.
publius911 hates his hypothetical kids:
Now, I am seriously considering a reverse mortgage. If I had "retired kids" (which I don't) I would get a reverse mortgage tomorrow. And the losers and their string of bastards on welfare can figure out how to find a job and survive at age 40, with no work experience.
Iron Munro has an odd definition of a Neocon:
A neocon is someone who believes and wants many of the same things liberals want but is embarrassed to register as a democrat.
Vic S, on the other hand, thinks everyone is some flavor of Communist:
Democrats and Conservatives are neocons. Think of it as “International Communism”, or the Globalists and NWO crowd.

The origins are from the split between Lenin and Trotsky. Lenin was a National Communist and the International Communists sided with Trotsky because his backers were the International Communists. The Communists here sided with Trotsky while the Democrats sided with Russia, which at the time was Lenin. So the Communists in the US sided with the Republicans because they were against Russian Communism.

So yes, neocon has little meaning anymore. The better term is International Communist, imo.
justa-hairyape has the lamest attempt to equate gun control and nuclear arms:
Obama must have the worse timing in the world. Right on his big gun control day, the norks dentonate a nuclear weapon. Perhaps he should have been worried about the millions the North Koreans will kill, instead of crying over a few kids.
sten adds another country to the list of Obama's secret allies:
i bet 0bama is thrilled to see yet another of his allies doing so well under his administrations watch
MeganC thinks Trump going Cruz birther is actually the wily Trump doing a favor to Cruz:
Glad Trump is helping Cruz get this matter settled before the final game is decided.

Good point. If the notion gets trashed as a ‘Trumpism’ then the Democrats can’t use it in the general election!
LeonardFMason is pretty excited about might making right:
History is replete with the “Chicago Way” that Hindus deal with Muslims in India. Why do you think you hear so little about Muslim violence and unrest against Hindus? If 10 Hindu’s are killed by Indian Muslims the Indian Hindus respond by killing 1000 Muslims.
Darteaus94025 is pretty sure Russia leads the world now:
Second reach out to the Russkies today!

Looks like nobody thinks they can count on the US for something they see right over the horizon.
PGR88 thinks black pudding wards of Muslims:
Garlic keeps Vampires away, and black pudding keeps Muslims away
econjack thinks black pudding attracts Muslims:
Betcha [black pudding is] a best seller in Muslim neighborhoods.
MarvinStinson seems to think a lot of people are big fans of Sharia Law:
Shariah must be imposed.

Ask Loretta Lynch.


Valerie Jarrett.

John Kerry.

George Soros.


The Washington Post.


US Academia.
anton keeps it classy:
Too bad Merkel cannot be gang raped by the mooselimbs.
chuckles comes out and explains that Natural Born Citizen should really mean 'Freeper approved.'
Truth be known, we are already finished and it was done with so called Natural Born Citizens. Jesus said, "You will know them by their fruit." Every jot and tittle of the law doen't make you a citizen in my mind. Would you rather have Cruz, born to an American mother, or John Kerry who thinks of himself as French?
LibsRJerks sees how soft and pagan Germans have become:
Lived there for six years. Watched as anyone under 60 usually mocked and scoffed at religion. They were ALL secular, families less than two children, constantly re-using grocery bags, keeping lights turned down, living the low-quality socialistic lifestyle that we’ve all come to know.

They stuck their heads in the sand with Hitler. No surprise that they’re doing it all over again. They’re major Group Thinkers.
Hulka thinks the passage of the Obamacare repeal makes the case that the GOP isn't the party of no anymore:
It is time we passed stuff and got him on record and that way the argument is shut-down that the republican-controlled congress isn’t doing anything, that the repubs are the party of no.
Norm Lenhart finds talk radio far too liberal for him:
Every talking head is on board with the GOP. If they arent, they get no guests or inside info. They may throw a bone but every time the chips are down, they defend/cover for them.

When Pelosi took power years ago, Rush even admitted on air to carrying GOP water and Levin refuses to leave the party despite several comments of being an ‘inch’ away. I call it his galactic inch because it keeps getting bigger with every GOP capitulation to Barry.

Hannity is a waterboy of the first ‘water’.
Norm Lenhart a analogizes simply being Muslim to actively raping your wife in front of you:
This stuff is binary. Muslims are taking your land, raping your women and putting your kids into servitude thanks yto Merkel’s edict on kids serving muslims as maids.

If I came into your house and did that you’d likely shoot me. You would not watch me rape your wife. you would not watch me take your stuff and make your kids carry my load.

Would you stand silent watching if I brought a friend? And we raped together? No. Three? No. Four? No. 30? No.

You’d fight. Or you would be a cut and dried coward. So why expect less of any ‘man’?
AlaskaErik knows the real, secret, goal of liberals:
If Obama and other Democrats were honest, they would admit that their ultimate goal is the disarming of every American. Senator Diane Feinstein is the only prominent Democrat to publicly admit it. But as Democrats, they will lie to the American people while continuing to tighten the noose around our necks.
stephenjohnbanker seems to kind of yearn for something to justify a revenge rampage:
If a Muslim jihadist raped and/or killed my daughter, I would devote the rest of my life to killing as many of them as humanly possible.

The number! problem in the free world is COWARDICE.
TigerClaws thinks it's liberals who are raping our young:
All the libs say this, but never deliver.

THEY are the real enemy of our country. They spit out vile anti-American sentiment, rape the young physically and mentally, allow invaders to come in, spend us into oblivion, and need to be pushed aside.

TigerClaws also proudly posts about his irrational hatred of Obama:
I’ve reached the point with Obama I hit MUTE when I see him speaking.
NormsRevenge goes into a very folksy rage:
HellFire and tarnation!!!

How the heck is a citizen to proceed these days?

Varmints are actively eating away at our very foundations.

And that’s just in the WH.


  1. HellFire and tarnation!!!

    Varmints are actively eating away at our very foundations.

    [Should be read in Yosemite Sam's voice for maximum impact.]

  2. "instead of crying over a few kids"

    because we need to save our fauxtrage for fetuses only!

    (besides, no one really died -- it was all a false flag anyway)