Tuesday, January 12, 2016

State of the Union preemptive rage

I'm pretty political, but even I don't care very much about the State of the Union. Freepers, as a collective, get to be more everything than one person can be, and they care very much about the State of the Union.

Here, a discussion of Michelle Obama's guest being a Syrian refugee with a PhD devolves into demanding Obama confess about Benghazi and that the refugee go on the jihad they know he's contemplating.

The Sons of Liberty makes with the sick burns:
Michelle Obama to Sit With Syrian Refugee at State of the Union

And these syrian mozlems allow it? I thought they hated dogs.
hal ogen smugly generalizes about Syrian refugees:
I wonder if the syrian refugee has a tendency to rape women (like many of his cohorts)?
Night Hides Not also, too:
Think he’ll attempt to grope the First Daughters?
ImJustAnotherOkie as well, and I fear he's no joking:
She wouldn’t dare let her daughters sit by him.
He really thinks this PhD is inevitably a rapist because he lived in Syria.

StormEye explains that Muslims only rape whites:
She wouldn't dare let her daughters sit by him.

No problem there.

It appears that the Arab/Muslim invaders only want the white women (as ordered by their leaders.) Remember, they're trying to eliminate the white race.
PGR88 also with the rape BS. Jeez.
She had better cover herself, because if she shows any skin, she will excite the sexual passions of the Syrian, and then whatever happens next is of course her fault.
Cowboy Bob wonders is the PhD is real:
I wonder how much of his “life history” will turn out to be a hoax?
DJ Taylor thinks this guy might be a secret suicide bomber:
One can only hope it will be considered politically incorrect and Islamophobic for security to check the Syrian for explosives.
Gaffer never lets old BS scandals about Michelle die!
So what else is new. “All this for a damned flag.....”
Chauncey Gardiner is personally offended:
Yet another slap in the face
Let's Roll thinks Freepers are average Americans:
I thought she was sitting with the black lives matter guy ...

Either one reminds the average American of why we hate these people.
xander wonders why right-wing militia aren't being honored:
Our local news here in Oregon reports a Native American woman will be attending as well. It will be a full house with every minority cause out there. Well, except extreme right-wing militia farm owners. Apparently too small of a demographic for the Dems to take up their cause, especially when they are too busy stealing their land and making the rules up as they go on their punishment.
Autonomous User reminds us - Obama Muslim!
Ah, the Obama’s invited some of their Mosquemates over for a SOTU party. How nice.
RummyChick wonders if this could actually matter:
Could this backfire in some kind of way.

There are a lot of people out there that understand what these refugees are doing to the safety of those around them.

Could the average voter begin to think Obama doesn’t care or condones it?
Thank You Rush would like to rant about Michelle Obama dressing like a skank:
The woman doesn’t know how to dress for the occasion.

I ran across pictures yesterday of celebrities on their prom dates.. There was one of her - WOW! She didn’t just start dressing this way after they got to the WH. She’s apparently always been a skank. She was seated in a chair that looked like a chair for perhaps the Homecoming Queen - with a long skirt that was slit all the way up to the wazoo...... HIGH SCHOOL!!!
Twinkie explains that the Syrian Refugees will work with the Black Panthers:
Hussein, Moochelle & Hitler-y NEED all those Muslim voters!
Not to mention, the recent “refugees” from Syria who can
lounge around the polls later this year & engage in voter
intimidation along with the Black Muslims.
Like all Freepers, Forward the Light Brigade wants Muslim-created death an mayhem:
Fantasy—In the middle of the speach the Syrian sitting next to Michelle starts yelling “Allah Ackbar” and stabes her in the neck with a plastic knife he smuggled in!
I hope Michael farts a lot.
MinuteGal knows only millions of Americans will be watching:
At this point, what difference does it make?

No one's going to watch this clown show anyhow.

Obamadork's last SOU speech was an all-time low, one out of nine Americans with TVs watching...this year projected less than one in 20.

I'm going to watch "true crime" on Channel ID instead...although there won't be much difference between the two shows.


  1. He has a PhD . . . in _nonconsensual sex_!

    The Muslims have allied with the blacks to destroy the white race. Position of Asians and latinos, and other major world religions, unknown

  2. I'm waiting for the avalanche of "Drink!" posts myself

  3. Someone should remind Xander that Native Americans are a minority because of those damned immigrants....white immigrants.

  4. if DiogenesLamp doesn't pace himself, he'll have nothing left for the speech, provided his withered heart lasts that long:

    "Obama dismisses Trump phenomenon as a flash in the pan: 'Talk to me if he wins'"

    As if this ignorant fool knows a D@mn thing about winning by any other method than being the right "color."

    Listen you ignorant twat. *YOU* didn't win. Your COLOR won. If you had been white, you would be a nothing and a nobody as you so richly deserve to be. You have no skill. No Talent. No Education. No Knowledge. No real capability which is of any use to anyone.

    Your sole purpose in existing is as a "Token" to induce Liberal Orgasms. You are simply a masturbatory tool for Liberal Virtue Signaling. (White Liberals are better than other people because they voted for a "black" man.)

    You are a F***ing idiot who is so far in over his head that you make Chauncey Gardner look like an Einstein.

    I will be glad when I don't have to listen to your stupid flapping mouth with it's endless stream of ignorant crap coming out of it. Someone should have bitch-slapped you years ago.

    one thing we can be sure about diogenesRump: he is most definitely white and, according to his own logic, therefore a nothing and a nobody as he so richly deserves to be.

    1. whence comes humble poetaster combat_boots, who simply refuses to be upstaged ...

    2. Don't forget, he also views political candidates as masturbation material. Like the old saying goes, he knows pornography when he sees it.

  5. Someone should remind Xander that Native Americans are a minority because of those damned immigrants....white immigrants.

  6. “All this for a damned flag.....”

    I must admit, I had to look this one up.

    Snopes and their leftist agenda seems to think she was saying "I wonder if they flew that flag."

    We really know she's trying to bring about the Muslim apocalypse.