Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Spotlight: Black Agnes

An overweight mother of at least 1 pre-teen daughter, Ms. Agnes is named after a Scottish noblewoman who took command and drove of the British in the siege of her castle. Her profile goes into mythic detail of Lady Agnes, and ends with
"Wonder why the UN under the guise of 'World Peace' and 'Environmental Biodiversity' wants to disarm us? Because they want our land for their elitist ends. The Scottish Highlands were cleared for PEOPLE CONTROL. This is the REAL UN agenda."

Her posting habits are sporadic. She posted a bit in 2001 and 2002, then not until 2012 when she found her current passion: hating Muslims.

She claims to have spent some time in a Muslim country, though she doesn't discuss meeting any Muslims, but rather what she heard from the Christians there. Agenda 21 and population control is largely off the menu, and it's nothing but discussing how evil Muslim are, and how this or that world leader is probably a secret Muslim. She knows all the Muslim words, and the paranoid right-wing interpretation of what they really mean!

All Islam is evil:
All islam is radical islam.

There are just ‘backslid’ muslims who aren’t killing the infidel right NOW.

You have no idea if they will hear the one phrase at next weeks prayers that will radicalize them.

Or they get afraid of ‘hell’ and the ‘sins’ they’ve committed and decide to guarantee their entry into heaven by blowing themselves up in a crowd of infidels.

But moreover, you can’t guarantee any of their descendants won’t do such a thing. ‘Because Islam’.

It’s a bad bet to invite ANY muslims, even the ‘non practicing moderates’ who drink, go to strip joints and eat pig. Because taqiyya, kitman and other practices of deceit they’re allowed to use to trick the infidel long enough to gain numerical/political superiority.

I grew up in a country that’s 50% muslim. Friends of ours there think the US is absolutely nuts for letting in ANY ‘refugees’. Ie, Islamic migrants.
Always take what Muslims say and replace it with what you want them to say:

Everything they say has to be run through the taqiyya filter.
He says hating Muslims only encourages ISIS? That's a threat!
AHMED YOUSRI, a 23-year-old banker in Cairo, says Trump’s proposal may play into the hands of the Islamic State and help the extremist group find more recruits.

That sounds like a threat.

Sounds like ‘let us in indiscriminantly or we’ll kill you’.
Don't bother evangelizing Islamic immigrants.
I guarantee you there’s more taqiyya in 1B muslims than the Catholic church has priests to sacrifice evangelizing them.

lather, rinse, repeat.
The Muslim world lives off of non-Muslims.
The non islamic portions of islamic countries are how they ‘earn’ their tax base. And their janissaries.

That the Christian portion of a Sharia enforcing society would eventually approach zero is guaranteed. The only question is ‘how long until’.

And most of that asymptotic approach to zero over the past 100 years has been either slaughter or conversion to Islam.

Most muslims throughout the levant, mahgreb and anatolia have Christian ancestors. Some quite recent in fact.
The Muslims have been genociding forever:

The genocide began long before WWI.

It began as soon as Sharia was implemented.
Of course, she loves mass murder if it's the good guys doing it:
The ends do not justify the means. And fighting in war is different from using terrorism and mass murder. Terrorism and mass murder is never allowed.

I cannot believe conservatives are arguing for mass murder.

You’ve never been in a war have you...
But a draft that includes women means we're serving Saudi Arabia:
Not going to let my daughters be janissaries for the saudis.


Not going to happen.
Homeschool, or else it's Caligula's barge!
When my kids were babies, one of my cousins asked where we’d be sending them to school. I replied ‘we’ll homeschool’. Her retort was along the lines of ‘well, we thought about that but decided we’d rather OUR children be POPULAR’.

Well now. The ‘popular’ oldest girl is due any day now. She’s not 18 yet and no one is sure who the baby’s father is. This is an intact home and the kids are front and center at church every single sunday. Mom is a housewife who could have easily homeschooled. But as it turns out, these days the ‘popular’ kids are the one most ‘Kardashian’ like. And if you’re ‘proud’ that your kid runs with the popular crowd you’d better start spying. Because I can guarantee they’re up to no good. It’s Caligula’s barge out there.
Women in the military is a plan to stop Christians from breeding, somehow:
Elimination of breeding age females in the ‘birth pool’ has long been a goal of the left. Inducting a large portion of them into the military in a ‘time of war’ and then using that as an excuse to sterilize them (temporarily is always an iffy business) would decimate the birth rate. As would getting large numbers of them killed. And the possibility of preferentially sending women from ‘undesirable’ groups (Christians) to hard front line assignments to get them killed off would be irresistible.
Immigration? Or population reduction?
They’ve been about population reduction for 100 years. It just took them a few tries to get it right with social behaviors.

It’s no coincidence that the immigration/invasion into Western nations began around the same time those same nations began disarming the citizenry.

This population replacement has been in the works since at least the 1920’s but began in full force in the 60’s.
With Muslims, they are always invaders.
As long as there is Islam, there is no assimilation.

Immigration is invasion.

Somalian refugees in 2001 were all Muslims seeking welfare:
Apparently the new ‘refugees’ from Somalia in 2001 used the internet to discover which cities and states had the best ‘jizya’ (aka welfare benefits) and moved there with great haste.
And Syrian refugees are all men and secretly also men!
Some of us have noted, on other threads, that the ‘headscarved’ ones appear VERY masculine with man hands, hairy arms and non realistic ‘boobies’ under their clothes.
Also we secretly have so many more Syrian refugees than you think!
BTW, I think the ‘official’ numbers of ‘refugees’ is a load of horse poop. We might well have 30M+ next year.

Who knows.
Secret Muslim converts in our government
The only questions to ask are ‘Which of our elected officials are converts already’, and ‘How much are they getting from the Saudis for this’.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Secret Muslim
Big odds that he’s a ‘revert’. He will be the first caliph once sharia is fully in place.
Catholics in Germany calling for calm? Secret Muslims.
I don’t think she’s in denial or a dhimmi.

I think she’s a closet convert.

I suspect a lot of the officials in support of this hijrah are converts.
Also Muslim? All the German leaders:
I think Merkel and other German ‘leaders’ are converts.

It’s the simplest explanation.
Welp, bye-bye Europe.
I’ll miss Europe I suspect though...I’m encouraging all relatives thinking of visiting Europe to do so in the next year or two and take lots of pictures of religious sites.


  1. how long before black agnes looks in the mirror and realizes she's been a secret muslim all along ... ?

    the taqiyya is strong in this one.

    1. She's secretly a Black Angus.

    2. more like a white fungus ...

  2. When I was a teenager I took a couple years of Spanish and was in the Spanish club. The Spanish club took a packaged trip to Spain one summer. Spain itself was amazing, but the packaged trip was pretty crappy. Our teacher had gotten fluent in Spanish at a morman mission.

    By our second day, we had gone out as a group to get lunch. I would learn later working kitchen jobs how horrible it is to throw 14 junior high kids at a restaurant with no warning is, but the absolute best part is our teacher and chaperones had not the slightest inkling of Spanish culture. Our entire group of about 17 people was wandering around Spain at noon wondering why nothing was open for lunch. One of the students had to explain to our teacher what siesta was.

    The teacher would spy on us when she wasn't directly watching us because she was so worried about us drinking or anything like that. We were only a year younger than the drinking age in Spain, and there was booze in vending machines but she watched us like a hawk. Unfortunatly for her there was nothing she could do about nudity on the beaches or on television. She had a minor meltdown about how debaucherous Spain was. That's how I learned of the American christian tradition of building enclaves in other countries so you don't actually get the sinful grime of the others on you.

    So it wouldn't surprise me if this freeper spent decades in a muslim country and barely met any actual muslims.

  3. I can't help wondering why your teacher even wanted to become fluent in Spanish for any reason.

    1. He said she learned at a Moron Mission. They are notorious for learning other languages so they can go and be sanctimonious cultural imperialists ("Missionaries") in any country too polite ban them on general principle.

      Essentially, they learn languages so they can boorishly explain why the whole planet should be Utah.

    2. "Moron Mission" seems pretty fitting for the type of people you describe.

    3. Moron is the fastest growing religion.

  4. You know, it occurred to me today -- Free Republic is awash with daily reports of "Muslim rapes." Can you imagine what the site would look like if instead they linked daily to the stories about all the other rapes in the US -- probably mostly white? But that's not going to happen. Frankly, I think there's a fair number of them that get aroused by reading those's the only porn they'll ever get.

    1. it's the only porn they'll ever get.

      Given that they spend a good chunk of their time on the internet, this sentence just seems especially sad.