Thursday, January 14, 2016

Good Muslims

In December, a story appeared of how Kenyan Muslims defended their Christian fellows when their bus was ambushed by radicals.

Faced with such a story, Free Republic had an anemic thread of 65 posts.

Within said thread, Freepers took a number of approaches to such a clear counterexample to their blanket generalizations about Islam. A few went false flag, and a many others decided these Muslims acted despite their faith. But I was most shocked by the Freepers who acknowledged that Muslims can be good people, compliment the heroes, and then continue to post on a website whose main cause is to deny what they just said.

TexasRepublic takes the high road:
Credit where credit is due.
30 posts later, TexasRepublic comes to his senses and adds in a bit of eugenics:
if true, then why are those muslims different when all muslims worship from the same book?

I think the arab sons of Ishmael are more murderous. It is in their genes.
dschapin is mystified at this anecdote that isn't like all the others he reads here:
Props to the muslims on that bus. Wonder why they behaved so differently?
SgtHooper knows Taqiyya means never having to deal with troubling anecdotes:
I have my doubts as to how this actually occurred. After all, muzzies are told to lie to the infidels. And what a good opportunity to garner sympathy, rather than hatred. Did any Christian verify this?
Eleutheria5 keeps thinks quick and dismissive:
Exception proves rule.
Joke's on you, PGR88, that's what Freepers think is happening in America right now!
I would hate to live in society where whether I lived or died depended on the good graces of Muslims.
Pietro totally thinks Freepers are gonna step up and honor these people:
I think it will be a popular thread.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. We should honor those people that stand up when everything is on the line.

Courage in the face of death is rare, God bless the people w/ the strength to stand up!
Defiant would like to tell these heroes they're Musliming wrong:
There are Muslims who are good, but they are not good Muslims.
Impy also Christplanes to Muslims what their faith really means:
They be Muslims in name only, like Kennedy Catholics, there are plenty of those. They obviously don’t hold to Muslim doctrine or they’d have helped butcher the Christians.
Hugin joins the No True Muslim club:
I’ve said many times here there are moderate Muslims, that is, Muslims who only moderately believe in Islam, and are not fundamentalists or fanatics. Many are born into Islam, and just want to live peaceful lives. But there is no moderate Islam. At it’s core it’s a totalitarian, religious and political ideology. The more “devout” they become, the more they inevitably are forced towards jihadism. And nobody ever converts to Islam for good reasons.
In a great twist Salvavida goes in for a "Secretly true Christians" fallacy:
The issue is clear: they have no doctrinal support for doing what they did. Which means they are ignorant of their religions teachings, and responded instead from the general revelation God gives to all. (Romans Ch 1)
drypowder thinks British Royal False Flag:
given the source, this sounds like more Windsor family pro-muslim propaganda.
bigdaddy45 explains that generalization is bad, except where it comes to all Muslim sects, then it's totally okay:
Lumping an entire group into one category and saying “they are bad” is very simplistic thinking. Their religion (and the resultant culture) is a backward relic of a barbaric age, but individual people still can step up and do the right thing. And they should be applauded for it. And then, hopefully, converted.
Cronos knows Muslims are just folks. Folks whose guiding faith is evil:
the thing is that Moslems are people at the end of the day - good and bad. What is EVIL is the philosophy of islam.
Roman_War_Criminal is sure Islam will one day become the pure evil villains Freepers want:
I suspect that some Freepers might disagree with me but I’ve never believed that *all* moslems are savages.In fact,my hunch is that not even a *majority* are

They aren’t a majority here YET...
kiryandil knows Obama is one of the evil kind of Muslims:
The Kenyan Muslim in the Spite House would have fingered all the Christians, and then told the fanatic Islamic terrorist gunthugs where their children lived...
Kenya's involved, so faithhopecharity also uses this as a random chance to bash Obama:
finally! after seven years of the most evil Kenyan Muslim imaginable ....... a few good ones! (why did the diabolical one have to be the one that left Kenya?)
Vision Thing as well:
This ain’t gonna make barack muzziebama happy.


  1. I like how Freepers are going to war with each other over Trump and Cruz while Jim just sits backs and collects the checks

    1. Even Jim isn't stupid enough to start the purge until after the next 'thon is over.
      But come June, expect the blood to flow.

    2. And of course, a nice big purge in the lead up to the general election. Maybe two or three.

    3. As the GOP frontrunners change, RimJob will purge as necessary. Trump finally melts down, Cruz moves into first, purge of Trmpettes. When people realise how good Cruz is, and he drops in the Polls, purge v 2.0. Finally when whomever is left gets the nomination and loses the election, the final purge.

    4. Rimjob will not purge this time..1/2 the freeps are for Trump and the other half for Cruz