Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bundy Ranch II: The Bundanining

Some brothers in Oregon got in trouble with the law for a reckless fire they set. The legalities are a bit arcane, though not unusual, and the 9th Circuit ended up enhancing their sentence on appeal. They asked for help from the local militia, which promptly took over some Federal Parks building in Oregon.

The brothers that started this mess want nothing to do with this clear shitshow, and are now going back to jail. But Clinven Bundy's sons are involved, and the struggle now continues.

It's amusing in it's pettiness, if it weren't for how heavily armed and kinda stoked to shoot Feds they are.

Freepers are having some trouble here. The thread starts out skeptical, this is clearly a ridiculous situation, so totally a false flag. But as the thread continues, more and more Freepers say this is just like the American Revolution, man!

MeneMeneTekelUpharsin is not optimistic. Why can't we just ambush and cane Federal officials?!
Foolish action. There is an infiltrator among the group who is going to betray all of them. It would have been FAR more effective to have dispersed across the nation and sought out corrupt Federal officials to, say, cane. You don't get killed, you don't stay in jail long (it's just assault). It would have stretched Federal resources to the limit.

Confiscating weapons can not stop organized caning of Federal officials. But, no one asked me how to intelligently show displeasure with the Federal Government. That is just ONE idea of hundreds of which I can provide.
JSDude1 hates how this falls into the narrative liberals have (you know, the one they've taken from Freeper-types)
this is just sort of “armed” rebellion story that the media has been waiting for. Bad tactic on the part of the ranchers.
BBell's against this, since it makes imaginary Obama happy:
I’m sure 0bama and Loretta Lynch are dancing over this. Finally getting their white boogeyman.
pleasenotcalifornia is one of many Freepers to draw this analogy:
Ammon Bundy=John Brown?
Wait, so the noble Confederate militia are the modern US government in this analogy?

CottonBall is pretty sure all anti-government violence is basically the American Revolution:
“As an American, a veteran, I say zero tolerance to inciting rebellion and taking up arms against the US”

Then our forefathers would’ve been in that same category.

We are under more tyranny than we were back then, by far. Our freedoms have been eroded and the Constitution trampled on.

I’m all for CWII. (But it has to be done smarter than this.)
Ghost of SVR4 agrees - there are no boundaries now!
If they have weapons in a federal building, they have screwed up.

Yeah, we should cower to the almighty fed gov..F every one of them. Keep sucking up to those safe zones and citizen dis-armament zones. They (the fed) have NOTHING to fear from a citizenship; unless?
montag813 seems to think the police don't come at BLM with tear gas and riot batons, unlike the kid gloves in this case:
If Black Lives Matter takes over a building, it’s cool, and just wait them out. But let a “WHITE MILITIA” do it...and it’s an ARMED REBELLION.
achilles2000 is aching for it:
We need an armed rebellion.
mykroar indulged his paranoia:
Martial law incoming.
Politicalkiddo initially thinks this was a bad case:
When the government becomes pernicious, it is our right, nay, our duty to oppose tyranny and abolish a government that fails to adequately serve and protect its people. Not in this stupid case, of course, but in legitimate cases of government abuse. This seems to me to be he work of a bunch of tinfoil hat nut jobs with the mentality of little boys who have no respect for the rule of law.
Many Freepers take him to task with their own facts, and Politicalkiddo spends the rest of the thread eating crow over and over again:
Yes, yes. I understand the gargantuan error I have made. The government is in the wrong, as usual. I don’t dispute the rights of landowners protecting their property. I probably should’ve gone on more than the excerpt, but I guess I will take this as a lesson to be less impetuous and more careful.
SoFloFreeper brings on the false flag:
Could be a false flag operation to justify Hussein’s attempt to thwart the 2nd Amendment.
RC one never lets a tragedy go to waste!
It’s a delicate situation. if it turns into a tragedy, we need to exploit it maximally.
kiryandil explains that out West, it's kinda like the Founding Fathers:
The government out West tends to be a group of zealous bullies - while ironically, the Westerners tend to be a lot like the Founding Fathers...
Nextrush agrees - no one understands how awesome these rural Western ranchers are:
The people in the East and urban areas in general don’t understand this.

The old expression for Nevada’s counties, even Clark County in its old days when Bundy’s ancestors living there had virtually no neighbors, was “cow counties”.

It was all about cows and cattlemen, ranchers if you will.

People living in retirement, casinos, hotels, etc. weren’t there.

Federal bureaucrats weren’t around, ‘managing’ the land.
Nextrush then puts out this incoherent bit of confusion, trying to take all sides:
This interrupts the political narrative, that’s for sure.....for all those who think politics will save us...violence will not....I believe God can deliver....any resistance to authority needs to be carefully thought out and non-violently executed.
TexasFreeper2009 has his eyes on the prize:

They are going to ruin the 2016 election for us with stunts like this!

These morons need to go the hell home.
GailA thinks these Ranchers are supersoldiers, and also this is the end time:
Feds may have a lot of arms training, but they don’t have the training a Farmer or Rancher does. My late husband was a Farm boy, when the Nam Draft hit, he could not find a job, threw hay for a $1 an hr. Until his notice came in. Then went and joined the USAF. Went on to Mace Missile School. He was the only Sharp Shooter from Boot Camp on. You didn’t hunt, you didn’t have meat. Their county was that poor and still is.

Pre-Revelations is happening before our eyes and people don’t see it. 1 world government, control of the people, and lack of morals are just precursors of the Book of Revelations. As are the man made droughts, plagues. These are not GOD made, yet.
TheTimeOfMan does not like the people who think this is a dumb move - knee-jerk support is what we need!
The federal government is lawless. While I may or may not support these ranchers, Thomas Jefferson and I have to firmly disagree with you.

War is coming Reno. Pick sides carefully.
Paladin2 is one of a few Freepers who focus on the big picture where national parks are Unconstitutional, so a little gunplay is fine:
The Feds have long needed to turn lands over to the States.
grumpygresh explains that this is a horrible idea for many reasons, but also Revolution against Obama, man!
True, we don’t have all the facts. And true, this could be ill timed, ill advised and backfire. And true again violence is never the first option.

But consider this. The U.S. Federal government under the 0bama regime is no better than any other nascent despotism of the 20th century. If we didn’t have our guns and the 2nd amendment we’d be way down the road to tyranny and death camps. Certainly, King George III’s regime was preferable to this one. And consider this. If 0bama realizes his goals, won’t we be in a worse position if there is no resistance?

Sometimes, you have to call a bully out.
Forward the Light Brigade is sure this is the beginning the Civil War 2:
And so it starts—the revolt will be put down—but the echos will be felt all over the west. It isn’t going to end here.


  1. in the gated retirement community known as freeper hollow, the revolution better be televised -- or there'll be hell to pay!

    1. Don't forget to donate to the thon!

  2. I like cases like this where freepers get all discombobulated ...

    For all their calls to "water the tree of liberty" at least a dozen times a day, when someone actually does something (albeit something stupid) like this, they loudly cry "false flag!".

    Same with the right-wing politicians ... if the Hammond Ranch thing was progressing like the Bundy Ranch thing did, Ted Cruz would be fanning the flames.

  3. It would have been FAR more effective to have dispersed across the nation and sought out corrupt Federal officials to, say, cane.

    Civil War II: That's a paddlin'.