Thursday, January 7, 2016

Donald Trump goes Cruz Birther!

Haha, Trump's riffing has started to get awkward even for Freepers. I'll discuss tearghazi next week, because the best is his saying Cruz has 'an eligibility problem.' It was already a bit subtle for Trump, and he's already walked it back to saying he hopes Cruz goes to court to get himself certified. His uncharacteristic tentativeness leads me to believe he dimply senses he can't go after Cruz like he does with everyone else - whoever appears to be the aggressor in such a fight loses a good number of conservatives.

Point is, it's thrown Freep into chaos as they try to keep consistent and loyal the whole time their knees are jerking to a dog whistle they know by heart... Hilarious chaos.

TheStickman is sure this is just another Trump masterstroke, somehow:
Trump throws grenade to watch people jump on it...again :)
Crucial parses really hard:
I don’t recall Trump saying he’s ineligible but that it might be problematic.
entropy12 explains that Obama bad, so shut up.
If Obama is eligible with a computer generated Hawaii birth certificate, Cruz is just as eligible with his Canadian birth certificate.
Later, entropy12 hears Trump walk it back, which he now believes is the only thing Trump said on the issue and all else is lies:
This is a straw-man article. I just listened to Trump interviewed on CNN, and what Trump said, paraphrasing, is that he does not doubt Cruz’s eligibility, but he is being asked by reporters a lot if Cruz is eligible so obviously the question is out there. Trump added, he certainly hopes Cruz is eligible.

To summarize, I never heard Trump say Cruz is ineligible as NBC to run for president.
datura worries Democrats would birther Cruz out of the race, as if nonfreepers care about that:
Let’s face it, Obama was not born in Hawaii. The media et al kept him safe.

Cruz was a dual citizen until quite recently. That is a fact, not conjecture. It would be used against him by the Rats. Would I vote for Cruz? Hell yes. Would he win the general? I doubt it.
datura then gets into it with a pro-Cruz Freeper:
I am happy you are enjoying that so much. Cause you aren’t going to be happy when Cruz wins the nomination. I already feel your pain.

Likewise to you when Trump is inaugurated.

Your opus should be fun to read.
This is going to get more hilarious before it gets less hilarious!

Las Vegas Ron laments these trolls disguised as longtime Freepers who pretend to be belligerent, uncompromising assholes every election!
Every election there is a contingent of trolls who come here to divide us and it seems a majority fall for it every time turning this into a battle ground instead of a discussion site.
tumblindice explains that the real purpose of the Natural Born Citizen Clause was to prevent bad-guy Obama, and not good-guy Cruz!
There was a reason the founding fathers made it plain that they qualifying eligibility for both offices to either natural born citizens.

This is important. Why should we scrupulously adhere to the letter of the Constitution?

Have you ever seen or heard of an American president (before Obama0 actually kow-towing to a foreign power—practically touch his forehead to the floor while obsequiously bowing?
Or seem to intentionally wish to bankrupt the treasury by profligate, nonsensical spending?
or taunt his fellow Americans/
Or lie about wanting “bring us together” and then fanning the fans of racial animosity?
Or intentionally corrupt and degrade our armed forces?
Or neglect his duties to secure the states from invasion, actually suing states that try to protect themselves and flooding us with more illegal immigrants?
Or refuse to carry out the oath he took to defend the Constitution?

We could do this all night, but I think you get the point: they didn’t want us saddled with someone like Barack Hussein Obama.
so_real tries to get Freepers to climb off the barricades:
The media is trying to pit these two against each other. Trump's statement was reasonable. Cruz's response was humorous. They are good with each other. Let's not fan the fires.
so_real then explains that Constitutional consistency no longer matters - Obama means the Cruz justify the means, man!!
To remain consistent, I’d have to reject Cruz for the same reason I don’t believe 0bama is legitimate.

Obama was a game changer for me. We are now in our second American revolution. None of the Founding Fathers were natural born citizens, as the nation did not yet exist for them to have soil for pure allegiance at birth applied. But, they were revolutionaries, and birthed such a nation. Cruz is such a revolutionary. And, through him I hope we can rebirth such a nation. So, I'll support him with my vote, regardless. But I can completely understand and respect your hesitation with the same. It is honorable.
HandyDandy goes the other rout, and just posts mindless paranoid Trump apocarambles:
Let’s stay out of the weeds. This is Trump or Bust. Let’s not kid ourselves. This is for all the marbles. The future of the USA is hanging by a thread. This is the final battle to preserve our identity, distinct from NWO. We haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait till this really heats up. This is going to get ugly. We are the underdogs in this struggle against the global factions that are inexorably wearing away at us. Make no mistake. Trump or Bust. Get behind him, stay behind him. The scale of this election is yuge. A turning point for the future direction of our identity. The ramifications will last for many many decades.


  1. Back in 2014 when I first started reading this blog I said 2016 was going to be amazing.

    Eight days in and it's only getting better

  2. Is Cruz a white guy? Have we ever had a President who had a Hispanic surname? Vote Trump and avoid these niggling little problems!

  3. I was just waiting for Trump to play this angle, I have not been disappointed

  4. Off topic, and maybe I missed it over the holidays, but does anyone know what GeronL did to get himself booted? Or was it just overall creepiness catching up with him?

    1. I can't figure it.;brevity=full;options=no-change

      I suppose whatever he was zotted for got damnatio memoriae'd.

  5. OF COURSE ...

    "We haven’t seen anything yet."

    BUT MAYBE ...

    there's nothing to see?


  6. I asked him on Twitter, and he says he keeps getting suspended for anti-Trump comments ;). He seems to think he'll be back.