Monday, January 11, 2016

RIP David Bowie

I knew him largely tangentially as the Goblin King and the guy who did Space Oddity. But I have been very impressed with the tributes I'm seeing from just about every stream of media I read, from the political to the geeky.

Even Freep is overwhelmingly positive, especially for a gender bender like Bowe. In their 300+ post thread, there's only like 4 turds in the punchbowl. Lets name and shame them, shall we?

First, a taste of the tributes: Albion Wilde is rather sweet:
RIP, dear crazy loony wonderful talent.
Noted sexist White Supremacist wardaddy saw him live:
I saw the Ziggy tour in 72/73 in Memphis at Ellis

Mick Ronson was perfect
From England, the scotsman has this touching tribute:
Utterly shocked and upset.

One of my heroes is dead. Yet it dosent seem real, maybe it never will. Ziggy dosent die, he just dosent.

I know many in America will mourn his passing, but in the UK, his death has almost stopped the country, such a British icon he was. The media is wall to wall Bowie, and rightly so. he wasn’t just a musician in Britain, but a huge cultural icon for so many groups, from teens and rock fans to fashionistas, gays.........

Nobody had seen anything like Bowie in 1972 when he speared as Ziggy. His appearances on British TV like Top of the Pops aren’t just great music clips, they are iconic pieces of British TV and culture. His influence on British music and culture is immense.

Thank you David for all the pleasure you gave to us. RIP.
Post 188, Jim 0216 starts:
I’ve gotta believe this was an HIV-related disease.
Celtic Conservative has this hilarious bon mot:
Might’ve been the homosexuality. Might’ve been cancer from cigarette smoking. Either way it’s the fags that killed him.
xzins is the only one to post multiple posts:
Bowie said in 1972 that he was gay.

Another gay with a couple decades cut off his life.
Always one to twist facts in her direction, birther Fantasywriter gets into it with xzins:
Like the Bible says, on the word of one witness, convict them.

Or was that two witnesses? On the Jagger incident, we have one. On bisexuality, we have Bowie’s statement, coupled with (1) no evidence he acted on it, and (2) his own admission that much of what he said was for publicity.
xzins is finally worn down to blaming Bowe's death on the "MSM lifestyle."
By the way, my point in bringing out his MSM status in my first post wasn’t to beat a morality drum — although I do consider homosexuality, like all immorality, harmful — I was commenting that he’s another victim of the MSM lifestyle who chopped a decade or two off of his life.

The shortening of life was my point. You didn’t say anything to make me think you were disputing my intention. I simply want to repeat it. MSM is dangerous and shortens life.


  1. There will always be a cadre of die-hard homo haters on FR, but I definitely see a general reduction of participation in the so-called "HomosexualAgenda" tagged threads.

    Especially when it comes to Freddie Mercury and David Bowie (who wasnt even gay) and other types like them.

  2. Chopped a "couple of decades" off his life? Geez, he was almost 70. How long was he supposed to live?

    But you're right -- most of the Freepers were surprisingly positive and respectful about his passing.

    1. This is a bit morbid, but if you check the Free Republic Memorial Wall,
      you will see quite a few freepers who have either died quite young, or in the 70 year old range ...
      so if xzins was being honest, he could also be saying that freeping also takes a few decades off your life.

      However, among those freepers who haven't died and are still posting their bile ...
      age 70 is probably below the median age for that group.

  3. The unmitigated bile of people who would hate David Bowie, a genius who never hurt them... who, to my knowledge never really did anything bad and who brought so much joy to the world... an indictment of all that is wrong with Free Republic.
    Its a place of hate. No light.
    Only boiling hate.

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  5. I thought it was short hand for Mainstream Media, now I am confused (and yes the clocks stopped in Britain after Bowie's death).

  6. On another thread I saw someone say "I hear Bowie was a staunch conservative". It's hilarious when they try to claim a celebrity as their own. It's kind of sad since there are basically zero iconic celebrities who were right wing.

  7. Whoever said that isn't 100% wrong, sorta. It's complicated.

    Bowie's "Thin White Duke" character made some nasty pronouncements about race and immigration, and was once "caught" with fascist literature. He (or rather the TWD) gave the Nazi salute a time or two in public, and insisted that Great Britain was ready for a fascist leader.

    There's more, but you get the idea. The Thin White Duke said a lot that would be appealing to Freepers, but he was a character/caricature that took a great toll on Bowie mentally and physically.

    The TWD was fueled by tons of drugs - ultimately impossible to sustain.

    All of that should clue you in to what being a horrible assh*le does to the mind, body, and soul of a person.