Friday, January 8, 2016

Spotlight Friday: Flintlock


Flintlock is a 1998 Freeper I have no doubt is a real character in real life. He keeps things short and pithy. None of that long winded rationalization of resentment that some Freepers go for. Nope, he loves guns and can't wait for the coming revolution (though notably he's not a Lost Cause defender).

And as his name implies the type of gun he's into is the flintlock. Never mind magazines, we'll take down the government one shot every 30 seconds!

But the best part, IMO, is how everyone who grows a beard these days is a secret Muslim.

Have a gun, or else you're a dog:
You must not SHOOT BACK!!

You MUST NOT be ABLE to shoot back!!!

Now get back into your kennels.
Solving the Suprime Court:
Screw the Suprimes.

Even back in the Bush Admin, he was ready to start shooting:
Anybody out there TRUST the SCOTUS?
Me neither.
Lock and load, boys and girls. It’s going to be time to fight.
As in “bang bang.”
Lets shoot some UN official:
“I REALLY mean this with no disrespect.................”


......and another one bites the dust.

It’s fine by me.
To the mattresses over Climate Change!
Not if we can help it, you (bleeping) Fascist, (redacted) Socialist idiots.
Hates Rubio. Posts this lame song whenever he can:

..........breings ‘em in from Mehhicccoooo!!

What’s all this ‘nativist’ crap? He’d FLOOD the place.
Not a fan of Loretta Lynch.
Precisely how in the HELL did this thing get CONFIRMED???
Get rid of minorities:
Minorities vote for free stuff.

ONLT ONE political party in the USA is the party of free stuff.

“Free stuff” BTW—DOES NOT WORK (long term).

So—get rid of minorities, OR free stuff, or the USA. Your choice.
No victory without the 2nd Amendment, and a bunch of lame nicknames!
No victory, just defeat...........Not without the 2nd Amendment, the will to FIGHT, and a PILE of ammunition.

Gun control is Obama's way of making whites defenseless against his peeps:
The REAL REASON for the ban on high-capacity handgun magazines lies here.
If some victim has a 19-shot 9mm and a coupla spares things would go badly for the mob.
Badly for Holder and O’s peeps—as it were.

Can’t have that, now. Can we??
Our schools are teaching the knockout game:
Ever wonder where the game “knockout” comes from??

Some kinda Muslim coverup?
Is is just me, or is all this Muzzie coverup crap starting to wear a bit thin?

Izz our sheeple STARTING to wake up?

Just asking.

As for our “leaders”, FAAGEDDABAATITT.
Paul Ryan has grown the ISIS beard:
Ryan is growing his Islamic beard.

Just whose side do you think he’s on??

Hint: it isn’t JUST the Democratic side.
Lest you wonder what side:
Check Drudge.

Our boy Ryan is now sporting an ISLAMIC BEARD.

It’s Bonior II—only lots worse.
Guy who shot American sniper, also bearded!
A Muslim convert.
Doin’ his own private Jihad.
(Check out his picture if you don’t agree!)
Are you not afraid?!
If today’s “working class” is not absolutely PETRIFIED with fear—they simply are not paying attention.

Retirement, anybody?
Good Muslims? They'll fall too, come the revolution:
Maybe they’s good ones.......

Maybe not.

Tough for them when the feces FINALLY hits the fan, though—and the shooting starts FOR REAL.
Soon, the Muslim pogroms will begin:
So many MOslems.

Where WILL we bury them all?

It’s really not my choice. It’s just the cards we have been dealt—now we must play the hand to the best of our ability.

Lock and load, boys and girls.
It sucks how the police will try to prevent the Muslim pogroms:
The main problem will be that we have to fight our way THRU OBambi’s armed thugs in order to get to the Islamic targets in the first place.
They will be protected by our idiotic Po-lice and we must get past THEM for a clear shot at the invaders.
Long-range marksmanship will be essential.
Spiteful anarchy:
Lie, cheat and steal.
When the ‘law’ is no longer your friend—why give a sh#t about the law?
Have some crude, DENIABLE weapon (dagger, club, etc.), Use it, chuck it, say you took it from your assailant.

There is no future in being the “honest citizen” anymore—so why be one? Say you were “stunned”, that you “don’t remember” and then STFU!!
Lynch everyone:


Tree Limb.

Some assembly required—and I’m NOT kidding. The time for trials and “prison cells” is LONG past.
I don not expect ANY legal or peaceful end to this crisis.

Lock and load, boys and girls—it’s coming.
Blackpowder, flint and lead ball—NOW THAT’S REAL SHOOTING!!
Flintlocks are the best:
The REASON for the ‘old style’ ignition systems for percussion guns is ACCESS to the firing system. Everything is right there at your fingertips if there is a problem. 90% of all misfire problems are a failure to clear the percussion/nipple passageways of grease and crud.
At least you cannot ‘modernize’ a flintlock, thankfully.
I roll my own. .54 cal. 42” Longhammock barrel, Siler flintlock, single trigger,’German’ silver front sight and iron furniture for a pre-revolutionary era look.
90 grains of FFg knocks ‘em FLAT at 100+ yards or so.
That’s a looong shot around here.
Unrifiled guns are the most practical:
That barrel is about a foot longer than practical—BUT—smoothbores like that one are about the most practical guns in existence. They will get all your game—four OR two-legged.

WHO CARES about these new-fangled brass “cartridge” thingies anyway—they’re just a passing fad.
Do not read the anti-Trump Freepers!!
Har har de har!

Do NOT LISTEN to this man, you sheeple!

Laugh some more—but DO NOT LISTEN!!


  1. "Laugh some more—but DO NOT LISTEN!!"

    freeperville's motto.

  2. You know who else grew their al Qaeda beards?
    Duck Dynasty!

  3. Always love it when Freepers advocate assassination. /s

    Can't someone report those fuckers to the FBI?