Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The return of Hillary-Obama cloak-and-dagger

In what seems a bit coordinated, a bunch of right wing legal experts have been speculating and leaking that the FBI is about to indict Hillary aaaany day now.

Even Bob Woodward, who runs with FOX News these days, compares Hillary's e-mail scandal to Watergate.

Freepers don't really like to talk about Watergate, as they simultaneously think it's a big scandal and that Nixon was railroaded.

Plus it's booooring. They have invented this whole Obama Chicago Way vs. Clinton Crime Family cloak-and-dagger drama that's much more exciting. It had been submerged for a while, as all the drama switched to the GOP primary. But now it's back, baby!

Forward the Light Brigade predicts Obama and Hillary will just start assassinating everyone.
Watch—Obama will fire the head of the FBI and many mid-level members of the organization. Next go after Low level leakers in D of Justice. Watch for assassinations to silence any who would dare to revolt—maybe even congressmen as well. Dead men (and women) tell no tales. Obama has so much on Hillary—she dare not turn on him. Its going to be an exciting six months.
samtheman thinks the assassinations won't start until Hillary takes office?
If she gets into the WH, heads will literally roll.
Gaffer doesn't trust the FBI:
If the FBI is EVER to regain any sense of credibility or respect by the Homeland Citizens of this country, they had damned well better force the DoJ and Loretta Lynch to indict this lawless bitch.
Buckeye McFrog has a great theory about that:
The X-Files could not have become a hit series unless the FBI were internally corrupt to begin with. That’s a precondition for the audience to believe the plot.
As she's been doing lately, HarleyLady27 demands justice!
If we are going to have a Country of Laws, then we need to enforce the Country of Laws, that means that nobody is above the law...if not then why waste the time and money?

She is not alone in this, obuma, ValJar, Lynch, Holder and many others are at the top of this, and I'm not by any means sticking up for Hillary or Bill, but they all go down, or we as a Country need to fold...

It's D Day time folks, either we are or we are not....
Pollster1 knows it's not that the voters don't believe the huge amount of BS Freepers have made up about Hillary - it's that liberals believe it and LOVE it!
The most serious problem with this is not that Hillary is a crook. We've all known that for decades. The worst part is that being dishonest and untrustworthy are positives with democrat voters. They want a crook because they expect to receive their share of whatever she steals.
alloysteel has this whole other conspiracy that Hillary killed her dog Buddy:
For someone who despised Richard Nixon so very much, Herself is trying very hard to emulate him in as many ways as possible, except that Herself has not brought up anything similar to Nixon’s speech in regards to a gift of a dog before his election to the Vice-Presidency in 1952. “And now they attack my little dog Checkers.”

Herself could not abide the presence of a dog. Buddy, the dog that was resident in the White House from 1997 to 2001, was found killed in the Clinton residence after their departure from the White House. Arkancide? Or a tacit bid for sympathy? For Slick, not for Herself.
Savage Beast knows Trump's massive commitment to truth Truth will put everyone Freepers hate into jail:
The bright light of Truth will be cast on many dark things when Trump becomes President.

This is the greatest horror of a great many people, and that's why they will fight like the gutter rats that they are to prevent his election, and this, in itself, is ample reason for honest people to assure his election.

Trump's honesty is perhaps his greatest single attraction to honest people sick-to-death of the mendacity and scorn of truth fundamental to the decadence of Western Civilization
nikos1121 thinks Obama will pardon Hillary:
I’ve predicted here, and will again. Obama will issue her a pardon for the email problem. Regarding her Foundation? Don’t know, as I think that’s where the real criminality lies. These people made tons of money while she was SOS.

No! I’m going all out and predict that he will give her a full an unconditional pardon for everything related to her time as SOS, because she serves with honor and distinction.
hoosiermama thinks the FBI is just holding off to avoid Obama's pardon:
It is all in timing. If she goes to court too soon BO will just pardon her. It has been stated that the statute of limitation is for six years or longer past the election. Election has more than the office of president on the line for HRC IT also has her freedom !
ctdonath2, on the other hand, thinks Obama is blackmailing Hillary even as we speak!
I'm going opposite and predict that the Democratic Party is realizing Hillary can't win POTUS, and will _need_ her indictment (if not prompt conviction) to drag her off the stage so somebody "sensible", if they can _find_ someone, can jump in and at least have a good showing against Trump. She _won't_ leave voluntarily, having devoted her life to becoming POTUS, coming so close, and this being her absolutely last chance. Given the favors she holds and closeted skeletons she knows, she can't be removed without much short of a sociopolitical nuclear weapon - something held by the intelligence agencies and delivered via the FBI.

A POTUS pardon would leave her completely intact, ready to devastate the Democrat Party via her unquenchable narcissism.
ctdonath2 also thinks not indicting Hillary will destroy America's Intelligence community:
If Hillary isn't indicted...that alone will bring the whole Intelligence community to its knees...no way to recover from that until someone very high is made a very big example of.

UCANSEE2 thinks Obama is blackmailing Hillary to get her to appoint Valerie Jarrett VALERIE JARRETT:
Somebody is about to fall on the sword. Probably with the promise of a pardon.

That will be Cheryl Mills.

The Obama DOJ will go after Mills and hold back on pursuing Hillary.

The reason is that Hillary already promised the SENIOR AIDE TO THE PRESIDENT position to Cheryl Mills.

By eliminating Mills, then Hillary will be forced to keep the current 'senior aide' VALERIE JARRETT. If she doesn't promise to do so, then VJ and the DOJ will go after Hillary to keep her out, and probably put in LIZ WARREN or JOE BIDEN.

The survival of VALERIE JARRETT as SENIOR AIDE TO THE PRESIDENT is what will determine who goes to jail, and who runs for President in the general election.
chajin lays out the whole exciting drama between MOM and CCS. You know it's true because of the super authentic acronyms!
Think of the Marxist Obama Machine (MOM) as the governmental equivalent of a crime family. Crime families have adversaries, and they have competitors.

To their adversaries, they try to buy them off, and if that doesn't work, they take them out. That is how MOM has worked with the GOPe and conservatives: they were able to buy off the GOPe, and then they used the IRS to take out conservatives. MOM would not allow its "button men" in the IRS to suffer, because they did what they were told to do.

The Clinton Crime Syndicate (CCS), however, is not an adversary to MOM; instead, it is a competitor. So MOM has dealt with CCS the way Corleone dealt with Barzini and the Five Families. When it was in their mutual best interest (cf. "Benghazi") MOM and CCS joined forces for their mutual protection from their adversaries, buying off some of the GOPe (cf. "Trey Gowdy") and taking out others.

When their interests are not mutual, however, they compete--and right now, MOM knows that if Hillary! gets the nomination, CCS will overtake MOM as the controlling force in the government. So MOM has to take out Hillary! just as Michael Corleone "settled all the family business," in a way that ensures two things: that everyone knows MOM did it (so no other syndicate, such as Bernie's True Socialists, will try to compete with MOM), and that no one can prove MOM did it (so that the adversaries won't have any leverage with MOM).

Hence the Kabuki dance. Lynch doesn't indict, FBI stages a revolt, Lynch says she didn't want to interfere with the "people's choice in the election" but had to because of the FBI, Hillary--no longer exclamated--is told she will be indicted, Hillary stages a stroke and leaves the race, Obama visits Hillary in the hospital and proclaims his undying respect for his former SOS, Biden is drafted to enter the race and chooses Warren for his running mate, Bernie screams bloody murder but can't do anything about it, Hillary speaks at the convention from her (unneeded) wheelchair in support of Biden, and the CCS takes its money and moves to the 2017 version of Lake Tahoe, where Chelsea is prepped to take over the syndicate for her aging parents.
As Freepers are doing more and more these days, GOPJ writes some fan fiction wherein Republicans win for 40 years.
This is what the 'revolt' looks like: The FBI comes forward with massive amounts of material that point to a situation that calls for action.

The AG turns it down for political reason - forever thereafter tarnishing her name and reputation.

Citizens read about the information through leaks to Drudge etc.

People turn away from Clintons in drove...

Democrat politicians realize Clinton (who's lost power by this point) is going to take them down with her...it IS an election year after all - and they bolt.

Republican are flooding the airwaves with the story - planning on taking over a bunch of new House and Senate seats... maybe some State Legislatures the sky's the limit..

Biden gets in - Kerry gets in - but it's too late... they make major gaffs... the New York Times gives up defending the mess...

Obama looks around - decides he's standing alone - throws the AG under the bus... his legacy falling apart over Hillary and he doesn't even like Hillary... At that point it's O-VAR for the Clintons... Obama pardons Hillary - and Bill ... the country's wounded for years... The MSM - - that part that stood with Hillary are ruined... Republicans take over for the next 40 years.

That's ‘the revolt’..
I can't tell if the increased fantasizing is due to Freepers losing hope or finding it again.


  1. There's not much yet to this discussion about the film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington but Maceman dropped in to let us know that:
    When I have watched it, I always wished that his cause wasn't a federally funded boys' camp.

  2. So I see they've fully turned on Trey Gowdry now

    1. Sooner or later they turn on everybody. They don't understand how simple diplomacy works. They think that if you (think you) have a better idea, people will naturally just flock to it and vote accordingly. Doesn't work that way. Politics don't work this way.

  3. Increasing amounts of fiction is rarely a good sign for the prospects of the party whose base is writing it.