Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hatred for Our Sarah

I never thought I'd see the day - I thought she was the one person Freepers would never turn on, that Freepers' cult of personality was too strong.

But after Sarah Palin endorsed Trump, the minority of Freepers who are Cruz supporters (not counting the few who get their jollies calling for civility) suddenly decided that Sarah was everything liberals said and more.

one Lord one faith one baptism has realized Palin is just another celebrity:
Palin has exposed herself as just another phony looking to extend her 15 minutes of fame and could not care less for conservative issues. McConnell looked principled compared to this incoherent mess.

Follow the money!!
Sounding like some of the meaner partisan liberals, FerociousRabbit attacks her as a quitter with a white trash family:
Palin was a failed governor who never finished her term in office, a failed vice presidential candidate and she raised failures for kids - the baby momma preaching abstinence that gets knocked up outside of marriage (again) and the domestic violence son arrested today.
moehoward finds the lack of ad hominem disturbing:
SE Cupp? Bwhahaha!

Exactly. She couldn’t buy a fan around here, until today. I wonder what changed...
kiryandil pulls rank to insist that the ad hominem fallacy is actually true, on Free Republic:
That is the very definition of an ad hominem attack.

I don’t like Cupp either, but if you’re going to respond to this article, then respond to the damn article. Because it happens to make some good points (points that are pretty obvious, and not terribly original) about Trump’s.....not-so-conservative track record.

I'm glad you joined Free Republic a couple of months ago to explain to your "inferiors" the intricate workings of The Media.

Or, I've forgotten more about The Media than you'll ever know.

One of those two. :)
Back to the main show. pollywog is done with Palin:
She died today to conservatism in my eyes.
I no longer admire her... period.
CRUZ was right....even though he is being a gentleman, she has sold her soul out to the devil.
Shery is pretty sure Palin did some Yoga and it made her atheist or something:
Yes, that Sara Palin is gone, for sure, but I sensed it coming when she commented about getting into Yoga. Scripture warns about other religions and God not liking the mixture...different religions, even working together, because what has Light to do with Dark? Yoga changes your mind about things. Now she apparently sees things differently. That is sad. I pray that it has not changed how she sees Christianity, because that would be a disastrous act, to adopt Yoga with Christianity.
Jukeman has some kind of Glenn Beck conspiracy going on:
Trump hates Glenn Beck. Palin hates Glenn Beck. A match made in hell.
caww never liked her much, but hates her downfall more:
Sarah Palin is gone

Yes she is...I was looking back today... to when she first entered the stage...even then I wasn't sure of her....Jim and others here were quite patient and understanding as I asked many questions along the way before I finally decided to support her. In the end I could not have voted for McCain were Palin not on the ticket.

But what she is today ...and surely not unexpected IMO....watching her downfall has not been pleasant to view and unfortunately she herself has much to do with that.


  1. Romney guy here...

    This is an interesting one:;page=1

    I actually know the guy who had his Lamborghini torched: David Mahler. He backed out on a construction job to remove confederate monuments from public spaces in New Orleans. He's not exactly a liberal...more of a Trump supporter. VERY honest guy who received death threats for daring to accept the contract, but decided it wasn't worth the trouble.

    Interesting that they have no respect for a man's private property. I'm sure they'd feel different if it was a bunch of black people who did this though. They'd probably ask why he didn't shoot them!

  2. If Shery thinks yoga will change your mind on things, she would be terrified about what the evils of scientific consensus and verifying facts could do.

    I get pretty worried that democratic turn out will end up like the election in 2000, but seeing as how the GOP is being fractured by knob heads like these makes me feel alright.

    1. yoga can change your mind ... but so does thinking.

    2. Romney guy here...twice in one post!

      Romney was FAR likable than the nicest parts of Trump and Cruz put together, and we lost solidly. Of course I've pointed out the institutional issues we had in our campaign in the past- Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, etc.- but a good reason we lost was simply because we had a guy who was marginally unlikable and thought he was more entitled than the other candidate. We did nothing to ingratiate voters of color and failed to achieve support from left-leaning independents (NPAs).

      If you think Romney got creamed, imagine what will happen with a Trump or Cruz when the non-conservative electorate get a chance to vote!

      Put your fears at ease. I'd be willing to bet my testicles on this race. I haven't been this sure since the 1996 Clinton campaign when he went up against Bob Dole!

    3. You also had a candidate who seriously believes that some gold tablets were dug up in New York around 1830.

      There's a significant section of the GOP base who just aren't going to swallow that sort of thing. Trumpesque ignorance isn't as offensive as intentionally blasphemous evangelizing of false prophets.

    4. Romney's Mormon beliefs had nothing to do with his loss. The right was willing to overlook that if it meant the hated Obama only got one term. No, what lost him the election was things like "corporations are people" and "47%". Not that he was winning before that, but those things didn't really do him any favors. That, and like RG said above, Romney couldn't attract minority voters. Reagan won in a landslide with 56% of the white vote. Romney lost in an electoral landslide with 59% of the white vote.

    5. Tell that to Elsie ;)

  3. If JimRob wasn't already coming down of the side of the Trumpies in the coming purge,
    the attacks on Saint Sarah (who once actually touched Jimmy with her noodly appendage) will cement his decision.

    Cruzers better watch out! The harpies are busy taking your names for future retribution.

    Regardless, I believe his support of Cruz and Trump has already given them the "kiss of death".
    Come August, FR will once again be "Bush country" or "Rubio country".

    1. I can already see the "hold your nose and vote" post because we gotta beat them godless lib ect ect ect

  4. there's potential in this new thread; how long until freepers start nominating each other for the chopping block?

    "A Free Republic Accountability Project: Let's Name Names"

    1. It's so awesome how they totally skipped over 8 years of Bush and Cheney. It's almost as if it never happened, just a dream.

    2. Allow me to retitle the thread ...
      "A Free Republic Accountability Project: Let's Name Democrat-only Names"

      The one thing the Trumpies and the Cruzers have in common is they both think they're supporting some sort of Avenging Angel Absolute Monarch who is going to fulfill their "all liberals to the extermination camps" fantasies.

    3. In accordance with The Constitution (TM).
      Republican war crimes don't count.

    4. Since The Constitution is actually a lost book from The Bible, one must remember that sin itself depends on political party.
      From the Book of RimJob, chapter 1, Verse 2:
      "Let he who is without sin, a Republican, cast the first stone, bit only when that stone will take the life of a heathen, or Liberal"

  5. I'm fairly certain after this thon grinds across the finish line freeper land will be declared Trump country and the mass exodus of Cruz supporters will begin.

    1. Problem is, nowadays the freepathon ends after 60 or 70 days, and the next griftathon is only 2 weeks away. No time to purge when the next one is right around the corner. Smer and fall will be epic when they realise Trump is unelectable

    2. Problem is, they'll only realize that when he doesn't get the party nomination. I don't claim to know who will, but the way that Fox and other rightwing media demagogues are are trying to herd the cats that are the extreme right votes in the GOP it's pretty clear Trump won't be on the official 2016 ticket.

  6. Obama plans to emp the USA in Nov!