Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Gettin' nasty

aarrgghh found this, what I declare as the best thread in the infinite series of the Freeper Cruz-Trump wars 216 has brought us.

This is the best. That is all.

UPDATE: This WAS the best, until the Palin thing. Working on that tonight!

Proud2BeRight is getting a bit turned off by politics:
Is there anyone besides me that is starting to think this All Star Professional Wrestling Presidential Cage Match is getting really boring?

Eventually the monkey throwing poop at the cage window stops being amusing.
Fundamentally Fair explains what the Trump supporters are doing:
Liberals, like Trump and his minions, ALWAYS accuse YOU of what THEY are doing.
Leto may want to check Free Republic for bullies who whine:
Bullies don’t like it when someone fights back especially narcissist with thin skin like Trump. He throws bombs at others for months then whines like a pussy that someone is being mean.

What a joke.
TangoLimaSierra has suddenly discovered how nasty Freepers are, now that he's been on the receiving end:
They certainly haven't helped Cruz's cause.

Neither have the Trump trolls. Yes, there are Cruz trolls as well. I'm sick of both. It's making it harder every day to go F.R.
2ndDivisionVet's schoolyard tactics are well honed:
Coming from you that’s a compliment.
erod tries to stay amused:
You're one of the nastiest, low down, dishonest people on this forum!

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.
Jan_Sobieski seems to think Trump supporters are the exact same thing as Christians:
Not as nasty as his followers.

Yea...those Christians are a nasty bunch! Only good for beheading, right?
skeeter takes exception to another Freeper, whose comment was removed:
Really looking forward to you being zotted.
Mac n Jac is telling!
I’ve reported him twice in this thread for abuse. Sounds like someone is off their meds.
Rusty0604 also with the comparisons to Freeper villains:
The attacks on Heidi Cruz began weeks ago.

Mostly by conservatives.

By conservatives that sound more like Occupy Wall Streeters.
Sidebar Moderator was very active on this thread:
No spamming, please.
spacejunkie2001 works the refs:
this is very disturbing that a moderator would go after you like this. I’ve become very disenchanted with FR turning on conservatives to support a fake con man.
Not that spacejunkie2001 is taking the high road:
I doubt your support for Cruz is real and heartfelt

Is this what upsets you?? LOLOL You come off as unhinged, just like your tweety bird candidate!
kjam22 finds a rich guy with a younger woman kinda nasty:
Donald Trump is 69 years old and his wife is 45. A lot of people I know think that’s kinda nasty. The dirty rich old man, cradle robber deal.
But the moderator left TontoKowalski's comment in!
How refreshing it will be to have a beautiful woman as First Lady after 8 years of that stinking gorilla.


  1. I do believe Skeeter is referring to Greetings Puny Humans.

  2. Circle Jerk meets Cage Fight ... wonderful stuff. 2016 is shaping up to be an epic year for FR watchers.

  3. and from an already lovely 2017 anticipation thread "Only one year left of President Obama" we get this dubious anecdote:

    Mr Apple: "My first cousin lives in Dallas and he called me Monday and told me that he observed a large group of approx 90 rapefugees arriving at DFW airport this past Saturday afternoon, 1/16! He was at the airport waiting for his two kids to arrive and told me he tried to count quickly but the group were being herded at a fairly fast walk. He said they were led straight to buses with their iPhones in hand! No telling which city they were taken to!! I guess folks, possible assaults and rapes might follow in some city here in Texas -possibly the Dallas area though. (I'll guess it's the Garland,Tx area or in Somervell county area because there are some camps out there -but who knows and no way to find out) All I can say is buy a gun ladies!! All of our cities throughout America could become a mini-Alamo with towel head islamic muslims at the walls!! Thank you so much scumbag Mullah Obama -one more year to go!"

  4. Ozy did you see this 460 post thread? freeper Christians fighting over 2 or 2nd Corinthians and Trump;page=1#1

  5. Track Palin drunkenly assaulted his girlfriend because CIA mind control needed to lessen Sarah's political influence. Or something.;page=201#213

    "To: gg188
    Track Palin spent a lot of time in Iraq. Plenty of time for operative to get to him, and program him. They would have immense motivation to do so. Either to destroy Sarah, or use him to undermine her political influence, as his actions did today. It sounds crazy, until you see the MK Ultra files that were declassified and realize just how often the CIA and others “Jason Bourne’d” hundreds of men.

    213 posted on 1/19/2016, 10:50:32 PM by montag813"

    1. DAMN YOU!!! I was going to post the montag813 MK Ultra comments!!!

      File under "Now a word from outer space..."

    2. Track Palin was programmed by a CIA operative named Jim Beam

    3. Fucking AMJ.

      I wish I could Zot you!

  6. Hopefully Trump and Cruz will be running against and taking shots at one another for a long time. Let their supporters be at each other's throats blaming each other for the failure of their candidate. Maybe this will be what finally bring FR to its grave.

  7. Don't forget Mr. Beam's partner Jack Daniels.