Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bill Clinton’s Hand Trembles!!!

Freepers have been hating on Bill Clinton for so long it's become mostly mindless. Thus, the many, many short but mean comments about why Bill's hand was seen shaking in some video.

TigerClaws starts us off as you knew he must:
WorkingClassFilth also, but he read wikipedia once!
Syphilitic spirochetes.
I suspect Intolerant in NJ means DT's, but a stutter in spelling that is pretty funny actually:
MV=PY tries to thinks about the upcoming election:
He looks horrible. Hard to believe he will be successful selling Hillary (not that she’s for sale, or anything like that) /s.
South Dakota plays AIDS = gay = immoral = Clinton...
Bubba_Leroy thinks unspecified drugs:
The shakes. They are common among long time alcoholics and drug addicts when they are forced to go for a few hours without a fix.
JudyinCanada amusingly thinks that Clinton fears a repeat of 1996:
Well, seeing as there’s recently been a call for all of his bimbos/victims to come out of hiding, I’d be shaking too. He’s probably nervous of somebody being out in his audience waiting for the chance to confront him publicly.
wiggen trembles sometimes, so Bill Clinton is probably just like him:
I’m late stage renal (kidney for those who don’t know) failure and my hands tremble at times from that. I believe its toxin build up.
Alberta's Child brings it back around to Freep's new favorite subject:
It’s hard to believe that guy is almost the exact same age as Donald Trump.
VideoDoctor mostly wants to deride the Clinton marriage:
It's moving into the realm of the pathetic when the estranged husband ( they don't sleep together, you can sense that ) has to explain and defend the wife who is a complete ne'r do well.
Farmer Dean is sure the tremor is because that Hillary sucks so much:
Maybe.Or maybe he knows that he has to go home with the jabberwalkie.
laplata suspects fear...of Hillary?
I bet he’s scared of her.

I really don’t think he wants to live in the White House again because it would interfere with his alley cat exploits and the bitch would be around too much.
sten thinks Hillary is poisoning Bill!
hillary could be feeding him a slow poison so he’ll drop dead around june or july... just in time for the sympathy vote to push her into the nomination ... and should be enough sympathy to carry her to the election

it’s a lot cleaner then a divorce ... and he serves a purpose for her.
bigbob wonders if Bill is maybe getting Parkinson's to help Hillary:
Parkinsons? Hillary sympathy play in the making?
deweyfrank also thinks Parkinson's could be a political plot:
Parkinson’s is my guess too. It will be diagnosed right before the election.
BTW, Clinton was asked in 2013, and said it's not Parkinson's. Vic S thinks it's a false flag of some sort:
If Hillary is indicted, Bill will suddenly come down with dimentia and will forget everything having to do with his speeches and the Clinton Foundation.
gwgn02 would like to remind everyone Obama's totally gay:
He’s not aging well, not many POTUS do, but he’s aging much faster than others. Obama will too with his smoking and bath house lifestyle :O
Props on the spelling, but TigersEye has clearly never read The Picture of Dorian Gray.
Dorian Gray Syndrome. His karma is beginning to ripen.
WENDLE develops a sense of mercy!
That is Parkinson’s disease and I would not wish that ON HIM.
ProtectOurFreedom also seems unwilling to undulge in the usual Freeper infinite spite:
As much as I thoroughly detest that vile scumbag, I wouldn’t want anybody to get Parkinson’s. I watched my Dad die of it and it is a HORRIBLE way to go.
deweyfrank as well! What is this site coming to?
I agree. Watched a friend recently die from it. Bad stuff.
ROCKLOBSTER gets us back to the hate. Whew.
That is Parkinson's disease and I would not wish that ON HIM.

Why the hell not? He's a child-molester and rapist.
ChildOfThe60s joins the lack of empathy, providing 'rumor has it' as evidence Bill brought it on himself by being a cokehead:
If it is Parkinson's disease, it is possible (not probable) he had a hand it it. His brother has been quoted as saying The Bent One had a nose like a Hoover. Rumor has it that Bill had to have his septum surgically repaired (plastic insert) because it was eaten away by coke.

This is evidence to suggest that coke abuse could play a role down the line in Parkinsons.
Watch ChildOfThe60s's pretzel! He doesn't want Bill to get Parkinson's, but he totally thinks he deserves it:
I want him to get justice in the arena of courts and public opinion.

I want legal punishment for his crimes along with extreme disgrace and public humiliation.

He may well deserve a horrible thing like Parkinsons, but in his sick, deranged mind he would not see it as punishment for his crimes. And that matters to me, that he knows he is being punished for the things he has done.
PGalt knows with superlatives, all hate is possible:
1/2 of the greatest crime couple in the history of the republic.

ESAD scumbag
Ahh, that's the stuff.


  1. I hope you'll be covering the Trump "Two Corinthians" thread. The infighting in funny now and will be even sweeter to go back and look at 9 months from now as half the Freepers have changed their tunes in accordance with whomever gets the nom.

  2. I like in the caucus thread that there are many freepers fail to follow simple instructions.