Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Potpourri

Jim Robinson is trying to ignore the rising calls for purges:
You want me to ban all who don’t agree with Levin? Rush? Malkin? Hannity? Other notables? Ban all who think Cruz may be ineligible? How about just banning all Trumpsters?

Bloody Tuesday?

Or should we just let it play out?

Personally, I want to see Cruz or Trump win the presidency. I tend to favor Cruz, but I won’t be upset if Trump gets it.

Go, Cruz, go!!

Go, Trump, go!!

Either way, we win, they lose.
publius911 is sure an EMP is gonna hit any day now:
Critics and anonymous commenters live in a private bubble, isolated from everything else in the Universe, blissfully oblivious that, as someone once said, everything is connected in various ways to everything else in the universe.

What is the connection among the following :?

Murdering Mass Muslims?
Airport Security?
Incompetent central government?
Political correctness?
"Playing Nice" with terrorist groups and religions of peace?
Constant Rapid technological advancements?
Criminal "executive order agreements" with nuclear prolifirators?
Possible ways to apply weapons of mass destruction?


It is common knowledge among normal informed adults (excepting, by definition, TI* "progressives" and gibsmedat Barack Hussein supporters) That EMP is the most effective means of paralyzing a nation, and of setting back cultural existence 100 years, yet known to man as a weapon.
elcid1970 has some immigrants he's welcome:
White Afrikaners should emigrate to America, settle here and rearm themselves. They will be welcome & already hard-inoculated against the PC nonsense that is ruining this land.
elcid1970 also explains how Muslims these days totally love Hitler:
Mein Kampf was first translated into Arabic by the Nazis before Hitler became chancellor in 1933.

It has been a bestseller in the Arab World since the 1930’s. Along with “The Protocols of The Elders of Zion”.

Called “Ya Jihad” (My Struggle) in Arabic.

Hitler and his Arab henchman Haj Amin al-Husseini are admired in the Middle East to this day. Goosestepping & stiffarmed salutes are the trademark of Arab militias & the Iranian military.
RavenLooneyToon is looking forwards to some Soviet-style purges:
come next year, we might well be banning the Clintons, Obamas, the GOPe in it’s entirety. I mean, somehow the later doesn’t seem crazy, at all.
flaglady47 is sure prosecution of the political opposition is coming once Trump's elected!
The FBI is just lying in wait. They have lots of paybacks stacked up against the Obama’s and Clinton’s, and are just waiting to spring upon their corruption, along with the willing State Dept. that facilitated Hillary and Bill in steering money to their bogus, front Foundation. All they need to finish these criminal enterprises off is a President Trump. And they will get that in the not very far future.
B4Ranch thinks Twitter is a consiracy:
The whole idea behind Twitter is to dumb down the nation.
Like Obama disproved racism, bgill's grandmother disproved sexism after 1920!
In the 1950s, it was a man's world. Girls weren't supposed to act smart, tough, or ambitious.

Hillary's life story is fiction. It's a fact my grandmother graduated from college in the early 1920s.
PGR88 hates how we keep true reform away by having an economic system that prevents massive crashes:
Political reform in the USA will be impossible as long as we have a political, soviet-style central planning central monetary authority (in our case, the Federal Reserve) which is able to keep the government afloat with printed, unbacked money and massive debt. The Fed is the foundation of progressive government.
manc totally owned some random college girl, for reals:
One thing about Sanders is that we can now see the socialist and communist dumb ass@@ if they have stickers on their cars.

Saw my first one the other day and yes it was a young college girl with her college sticker next to the Bernie sticker.

Asked her if she was happy about Sanders and then asked her how would he pay for all of his freebies. The young dummy had no idea how to pay for their free education, health care etc.
I then said when you start working will you be happy for over 70% off your earned pay to be taken away from you in order to pay for someone’s who did not work as hard.
She replied no and when I pointe4d out to her that is what she will vote for she then had a blank expression.

These are the idiots which will vote and yet have no frigging clue about what they are voting for , except slogans
TexasFreeper2009 never thought he'd love a Yankee:
It's a strange world. I am betting on a pompous loud mouthed Yankee to blow away the Establishment.....


I am in the same boat with you!

I find it hard to believe I am now so strongly for Trump, after being so strongly for Cruz.
Screw the economists, Darksheare knows we've been in a depression since Obama's been in office:
The Obama depression never ended.
The market will crash.
How, when, and why is still speculative.
But this will be...interesting to watch play out.
kiryandil is so anti-intellectual, he even rejects the Freeper economists!
You mean "economics types" like Milton Friedman, Tom Sowell and Walter Williams?


I'm "overawed" by yer namedroppin.

Economists are witch doctors. Of course, it's easy to expound from the safety of a ramparted Ivory Tower castle, and the attendant monetary rewards...
Not thinking too hard, zzwhale blames Flint Michigan on liberals:
libtard government serving the people...... as usual
come on WATER isnt high tech
even a reatarded liberal (LIBTARD) can solve that one
come on guys steal a little less and give your victims drinkable water.... you ca get the technology from somalia or any third world country
Feckless hopes Netanyahu assassinates all the Democrats:
I hope Bibi adds her to the Mossad “To Do” list that Queen Putt must surely be on.
Liz continues to prove that conservatives love bullies:
This is nothing more than a transparent effort to give the execrable Ryan a little stature.

Ryans the puny guy on the beach, a chump up against the big boys.
RummyChick - liberals that reject Cruz birtherism make her quite suspicious of Cruz's secret liberalism...
What really scares me and has me pondering is this question:

Why are so many pundits AND even the DNC Chair coming out in favor of Cruz and many claiming it is settled law? Has the Cabal leader put the word out? Something seems fishy with so many people completely ignoring the fact that this is not settled law.
gr8eman knows generalizations are truth, man!
Let’s get one thing straight...there are NO conservatives in New England, zero, nada, null, nil. Not one! If they were truly conservative they would have left there a long time ago! Proof of the arrogance is when the faux yankee conservatives start trying to take down real conservatives.
C19fan has a suggestion for Trump re: Nikki Haley:
GraceG fails statistics forever:
Isn’t it funny how countries with a lot of Muslims seem to have a lot of Muslim violence?
mellow velo may want to look up how to fire nonpolitical government employees:
Right you are. Probably every Department is infested & infected with lower-level Socialist bureaucrats, so even when the head is removed, these rats will still trundle along.

Nothing short of a complete (ideological) housecleaning will be necessary, practically down to the person who empties wastebaskets & sweeps the hallways. But what a logistical nightmare that would be to implement.
Paco knows liberals never leave office due to scandals:
I've learned to never expect a liberal to ever take the fall for anything or be held accountable. It just doesn't and won't happen so don't get your hopes up. Too many stupid people.
CaptainAmiigaf is still on about the State of the Union:
Two days ago, January 12, 2016, a DATE WHICH WILL LIVE IN INFAMY, the President of the United States of America declared war on the American people, their Constitution, their hopes and dreams, and their very being.
SkyDancer was homeschooled about how evil FDR was:
Stuff you learn by being home schooled. You’d never learn the real story behind FDR’s administration in public school or liberal universities.
Gaffer really demonstrates how Obama being Muslim is an affinity statement, not a statement of fact:
Barack = Hussein = Muslim. And that is a fact, Jack.
DiogenesLamp is convinced Obama's only electable quality is that he's black:
Listen you ignorant twat. *YOU* didn't win. Your COLOR won. If you had been white, you would be a nothing and a nobody as you so richly deserve to be. You have no skill. No Talent. No Education. No Knowledge. No real capability which is of any use to anyone.

Your sole purpose in existing is as a "Token" to induce Liberal Orgasms. You are simply a masturbatory tool for Liberal Virtue Signaling. (White Liberals are better than other people because they voted for a "black" man.)

You are a F***ing idiot who is so far in over his head that you make Chauncey Gardner look like an Einstein.
Slambat knows even conservatives have been infiltrated by liberals:
Just like homosexuals pretended to be Christians in order to infiltrate the Catholic Church and destroy it from within,

liberals pretend to be Conservative Republicans in order to help destroy the country from within.
T-Bone Texan doesn't seem to think mixed race babies are a blessing...
And I will throw in that of the hundreds of white wimmin with mulatto offspring I have encountered, not a single one was married to the father of their excretions that I could see (those in my own family included).

No man, no ring, no problem, I guess.

If anything this dynamic speaks not to the utter failure of mainstream black values but the rapid devolution of white mainstream values. No one is forcing these wimmin to have sex with those criminals. The parents of those wimmin failed.


  1. you've gone crazy when you're telling yourself:

    "I mean, somehow the later doesn’t seem crazy, at all."

  2. This is just wrong on so many levels.

    Theophilus to WENDLE
    The JOY of election night will be orgasmic.

    God bless you but that is just wrong in too many ways. Please save your ecstasy for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

    1. I can't even...

      These so-called "Christians" are sick individuals.

      And I just love how T-Bone Texan describes mothers of mixed-race children as "wimmin" who give birth to "excretions". How very pro-life of him.


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    3. Donation guarantees citizenship (on Free Republic!)

  3. Birtherpalooza!

    Someone seems to be playing both sides of the fence.