Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Trump's Waterloo

Haha, not really. But the thing that has sent Freepers spinning the most furiously has been when he said some nice things about Obama - that his tears during his speech on gun violence were real, and that Obama means well. Odd, I thought at this point that Trump could read a room better than that. Maybe he's begun to think about the general election.

Of course, Trump followed that up by announcing he'd unsign Obama's executive order "so fast..."

But Freepers needed to find a way to integrate their devotion to Trump with their devotion to hating every little thing Obama does. And they have never been big fans of integration...

First, you have those who agree Obama cried, but only because he's a pussy/Communist:

backwoods-engineer knows liberals run on emotions, so they cry all the time!
Sure, I agree with Trump. When your entire psyche is run by feeeeelings, tearing up isn’t hard. It was real. But it makes no difference. What did the Progs think we’d do? “Oh, no, Obama is crying, quick, rip up the Constitution” ? Uhh, NO.
biff wants a more butch President:
I don’t care if they are real or not. I am sick and tired of bawl babies. And as well, I am old fashioned enough to not be a fan of grown men hugging each other.
Clear alpha male SteveSCH calls Obama a girly man:
Obama crying was the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen. Does Putin cry? Or the Chinese, or Iranians?


So yeah Obama’s tears were real, because he’s a pathetic girly man.
A CA Guy argues the tears are because Obama's crazy and self obsessed:
probably was a mentally impaired President overcome by his own moment where he mentioned himself 76 times in under thirty minutes.
House Atreides thinks Obama is lamenting his waning Presidency:
Any tears that Hussein Obama shed were due to his recognition that he was entering his final year and was becoming increasingly irrelevant and not in control of events. So he comes up with things which he knows are small. They are small like his disease-racked “slims” body.
alstewartfan is sure Obama was reminiscing about dead Freeper villains:
Not true. Obama was reminiscing about the funerals of his idols Saul Alinsky and Frank Davis. Any Communist would be driven to tears contemplating the deaths of those demons.
iontheball knows they were real tears...of HAPPINESS
Ah, yes, real tears of joy over the assault on and further infringement of the Second Amendment. Sincere, you betcha, the bastard is dead serious about going after the guns of honest citizens.
albie is sure Obama only cries at evil people dying:
**Real tears. Bush in NY on 9/11.

**Real tears. Reagan every Veterans Day at Arlington National.

**Real tears. Obama, when Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were gunned down.
Others just insisted Obama was faking, and in their rage forgot all about Trump:

PATRIOT1876 knows Obama is like the Tin Man:
Fake tears!

A man with no emotion and no heart can’t cry. A man with emotions couldn’t do what he has done to our country with a straight face.

“Oil can!”
SkyDancer brings in the Onion conspiracy:
Onion oil on your finger when brought to your eyes will do that.
Cheerio agrees - no need for evidence, it's Onion all the way!
Obie had a cut onion in his coat pocket - NOTHING IS REAL WITH THIS MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE representing the MB.
PATRIOT1876 knows anyone who disagrees with his gun control ideas must love dead kids:
His crying makes no sense.

He's sad because several kids were gunned down, but he supports unarmed teachers so that many more kids will be killed in cold blood.

Most of those kids would be alive today if an armed teach could’ve stopped them.

“...then I let a bunch of ghetto thugs out of jail to kill more kids in the cities based on imagined racism.”
Then there were the Freepers who thought this was another Trump masterstroke:

Cowboy Bob thinks this is some kind of unspecified plan by Trump:
Trump’s just messing with Obama.
Kenny thinks this was a clever lie:
I think Trump is trying to avoid the conspiracy nut label from the media. No harm saying O was sincere lots of damage if he says he thinks O faked it.
theoldmarine agrees - Trump is just reeling in the rubes, and smarties should ignore this!
I’m sorry you don’t understand. Donald may lose 5pts with Obama haters (that would be pretty much me and everyone I know). But he will pick up 10pts or more with potential crossover voters who will see him as more empathetic, reasonable, sensitive, blah, blah, blah....

I am not affected by this statement of his because I understand he’s got a strategy in everything he says and does... The end of that strategy is “Make America Great Again” Ok... ready for all the delusional fanboi flamers... have at it, but I’m right.
And last but not least are the Freepers who disapprove of Trump now:

RginTN knows opposition to Obama goes way beyond truth:
Obama’s tears are real but Trump isnt so sure on Cruz’s protestant faith cause not many come from cuba...does Trump realize obama is enemy number 12345 & 6???/s
CopperTop explains to Trump that anyone who passes an anemic executive order about gun regulation is evil:
"..But Trump, who has vowed to reverse Obama's executive action, nevertheless said the president most likely "means well.".."

History begs to differ. Can't say as I've seen any evidence that a government body wanting to disarm the population has ever... "meant well".
Unlike the masterstroke folks above, TBP hates what he assumes must be Trumps insincerity (since no one can believe Obama really cried):
Wrong, Doanld, and you cannot possibly believe that.

Typical politician, being politically correct.
Truth29 thinks Trump is playing a long game:
Oh Donald, what were you thinking? Maybe he is setting up his alibi for when Ted Cruz cleans his clock in Iowa.
Paul46360 gives us the title:
Trumpster may have met his Waterloo..
alstewartfan is not a fan:
Really stupid comment, Donald. Three jeers for you!
IMR 4350 lists all the times Trump hasn't gotten as personal with his rage as he has:
Anyone that thinks Obama means well lacks the cognition to be President.

Not to mention Trump also thought the psychopath Hillary and her pedophile pervert husband also meant well.


  1. It is A sad thing to see people who are so consumed by hatred that they lose all power of reason.

  2. The old geezers are getting a little testy with each other,

    "How many times was Trump on pedophile island with B Clinton?"


  3. Fuck these assholes. Fuck I hope everyone is ok. I hope these assholes die alone in lots of pain.

    Maybe more freepers will exercise their second amendment right and put a gun in their fucking mouth.