Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Civil War 2 is actually petty vandalism.

So much for property rights.

A contractor removing Confederate monuments had his $200,000 Lamborghini Huracan burned down. Freepers do their all too common dance of "I'll bet it was a false flag" at the same time as "This was awesome, and I approve," with a little extra declaring victory in this petty little Civil War 2 added.

BenLurkin is pretty smug about this turn of events:
Collaborator karma.
MrEdd seems to think these monuments are about as vital as the ancient monuments in the cradle of civilization:
Perhaps if he wanted to get paid for destroying historical monuments he should work for the Wahibis.
wrench seems to think that without these monuments, no one will know the Civil War happened:
This lefty trend of rewriting history has got to stop,

No matter how one feels about the War Between the States, it is a part of our history. Erasing all traces of it and scrubbing it from our books is not what freedom is all about, but what tyrannies do to maintain control over their subjects.
Iron Munro smirks that this guy gets screwed out of his insurance:

Sorry, not covered by your policy.

Have a nice day
Jewbacca suspects insurance fraud:
I bet he did it himself. Probably burned out the clutch for the 100th time, was facing another $20K bill, and decided to play hate crime.

Just a hunch.
alpo likes the false flag angle, but would prefer to blame liberals:
Perhaps the people who want the memorials destroyed did his car because he wouldn’t do the job.

Hard to tell from the info in the story.
In a thread full of Freepers dancing in the streets about this, Charles Martel knows which side is the vandals:
only one side of this issue has shown a propensity for vandalism.

Of course, if a security video shows a bunch of BLM types putting a match to the Lambo, it will not be seen on the evening news.
shotgun throws in another random suspect:
The guy probably shorts his sub contractors too. I wonder how many of them may have an axe to grind...
unixfox has an odd definition of who's a traitor here:
Boo effing hoo.

Friggin traitor deserves it.
dynachrome is also pretty happy:
Golly gee, what a shame. snicker
Attention-seeking nihilist greene66 approves, of course:
Good. Vigilante justice against those cultural-marxists who are erasing our history and heritage. I wholeheartedly approve.
NY native theater lady miss marmelstein is pretty into the South here:
This kind of sabotage will continue. The South never gives up and it never dies. Of course, the outrage will far exceed the crime but I noticed the contractor quit. No fool, he. I do not condone this kind of action but I understand it. Some folks, including me, are fed up with this erasure of our memories and our history.
miss marmelstein also claims to hate the North:
Let’s face it: my North are the originally sore winners.
OK, miss marmelstein's obsequious Confederacy-boosting is getting a bit unctuous now...
It’s possible it’s an insurance scam. I admit that wasn’t my first thought. I was hoping (and still believe) that the South has risen!
They'll never love you, MM.

catfish1957 seems envious:
Dang.... I’m a pretty militant southern heritage defender, but these guys make me look meek.
It seems dljordan would also approve of murder:
You don’t **** with a man’s heritage. He’s lucky he’s still breathing.
knarf seems to think this was Civil War 2, and the South won:
This is about the same impetus ...

The government trying to force its will on the people

The same ones rose up again

IronJack also thinks Civil War 2 will start with petty bullshit against strangers:
The war ain’t over, pal. It’s just fixin’ to git started again.
ctdonath2 also writing on the Internet about the South rising again:
The South has peacefully relented for some 150 years. Just let them keep their memories and monuments. Raze those, and it will start right back up again because the “winners” just couldn’t let it be generations later.

Yes, the arson is a taste of what will happen if the destruction of Southern history progresses.
mumblypeg is about 150 years too late:
editor-surveyor seems to think Satan hates the Confederacy:
Play footsie with Satan, feel the heat.
Proto-ISIS Oatka doesn't condone vandalism, unless it's in service of political ends.
Like many others here, I've had ENOUGH of this PC crap and while I normally don't condone this kind of vandalism (if it is vandalism - see post 11), I do NOT feel bad about this event.

Somehow I make the 'lie down with dogs" connection in that you associate yourself with this PC theatre, you deserve what happens.


  1. Their pride in the symbols of seditious men who lost a war is quaint.

  2. it'll be vicksburg all over again the day one of their hover-rounds catches fire.

  3. "like i said, mlk used to beat the @#$# out of hookers, can we take down every highway and avenue sign (usually in horrific neighborhoods) down?"

  4. The difference between them and jihadis slims down just a little bit every day. They'll be the last to realize it, though - if ever.

    There should be a new television game show: Freeper, or jihadi? I'd watch that show!

  5. Re: The Malheur Wildlife Refuge standoff --

    Putting Bundy’s down like traitors or something ...
    I hope they have land that will be taken from them some day. However these types probably don’t own land, but take gladly government money.


    The land in question is NOT OWNED by Bundy; he's grazing on it for free for 20 years. So he IS taking government money. I guess welfare is swell as long as you are wearing a cowboy hat.

  6. Equal protection under the law and private property rights, my ass!

    I'm personally against taking down Confederate displays as they are a part of our history as a nation (a broken nation existing in a broken period), but the shameless praising of this act of vandalism and the vigorous approval of destruction of property and of actual personal threats is abhorrent. It still boggles my mind how these cretins can praise the Lord and wish the worst of evils on their political opponents all in the same breath.

    Small government and unrestricted freedom? No, they want an all-powerful, fascist, right-wing dictatorship that mercilessly torments all those who are not totally and perfectly aligned with their ideology and completely curbs minorities and other "undesirables." Make no mistake.

    Seriously, some of their posts make it seem like I'm reading the script for a snuff film.

    1. Thank you for being a reasonable conservative. I don’t generally talk politics IRL, so most of what I see is internet nutcase like Freepers. I *do* support removING monuments to the Confederacy, but as a historian I simply want them moved into museums or at the very least, accompanied by a plaque that puts their agrandisment into an historical context for the viewer.

    2. Thank you for being a reasonable conservative. I don’t generally talk politics IRL, so most of what I see is internet nutcase like Freepers. I *do* support removING monuments to the Confederacy, but as a historian I simply want them moved into museums or at the very least, accompanied by a plaque that puts their agrandisment into an historical context for the viewer.

    3. Glorifying the confederacy strikes me as wrong. Treating it as history, a not so good part of it, is one thing, glorifying it is wrong. Remembering slavery, genocide and war in a historical context doesn't glorify them, wrapping oneself up in a flag that flew over seditionists is glorifying their crime.

  7. Part of our history? True, but on the same basis there should be vainglorious monuments to the heroic Witchfinders of Salem, the 20 Medal of Honor winners at Wounded Knee and the true Patriots who rounded up the Japanese into internment camps. Also (to get the Godwin out of the way), Germany should be awash with Swastikas.

    1. Point taken. Perhaps I've been viewing it purely from a historical perspective, not fully realizing that they are actually paying tribute to those who fought to uphold an evil institution (slavery).

      I come from New York City and such displays are, rightfully so, unthinkable here. So it's a little hard for me to envision these tributes and how emotionally charged they are because I am not a personal witness to it in my day to day life. I certainly do not celebrate these tributes or what they stand for, but at the same time I don't want any knowledge of what took place to be lost either, especially when some from that region are taking this issue very personally. That said, violent upheaval and harassment, which seems to be the Freeper solution, is definitely not the answer and must never be tolerated.

      Maybe I'm trying too hard to be pragmatic, but I guess the question in my mind is: how do you strike the proper balance in this debate? Or should their even be a debate about this? I always love the free exchange of ideas and in learning from others and finding the best solutions. :)

    2. Eastern Europe (including Russia) managed to topple hundreds of statues of Lenin without there being any risk of anyone forgetting about him or the history of the Bolshevik Revolution and the USSR.

    3. That's very true. We can say the same with Germans and toppling Nazi statues and other symbolism, or even with America and erasing symbols of 18th century British imperialism.

      This may sound naive of me, but what I'm struggling to understand is why exactly are the most ardent supporters of displaying Confederate symbols and statues so ferocious and apoplectic about this issue (aside from those in the KKK and other organized white supremacist organizations because their reason is obvious)? It's as if they feel their very identity is being stamped out. So how exactly do they identify themselves? They swear it's not about racism, but is it really about heritage or is it a cover for something more sinister?

    4. There's a solution that should make everyone (well, most people) happy. Put the Confederate displays in a museum. That way they're still there for everyone to see and it doesn't look like the state is promoting slavery and treason.

    5. Excellent idea. To put everything in context, such a museum could be hosted on a plantation, a bit like Poland did with Auschwitz. Perhaps with a holographic recreation of the "Cornerstone Speech" to debunk persistent mendacity about the real purpose of the conflict.

  8. These people would be screaming foul if someone did the same thing to a contractor who were putting up Confederate monuments. Freepers literally do not see people who aren't like them as human.