Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday Potpourri

CincyRichieRich thinks Obama is behind all bad things:
Makes me wonder if 0bummer has been turning things on an off at his behest to create /incite insurrection in this country...

Conceivable? I think so. These epidemics, like all hysterical events in 2015, were created out of thin air and like most, then silence.
bert asks plaintively:
why is there an Obama still?
Chauncey Uppercrust has some political analysis about the Bill Cosby case:
My first thought politically is that this hurts Hillary

Bill Clinton is at least as bad as Cosby if not worse
Reader of this blog Impy gets a bit carried away about Obama's past:
Actually, even if the worst about Cosby is true, he’s still better than Obama’s muzzie dad, and Frank M Davis, his Stalinist father figure.
Barring actual Stalinist genocide, most would think serial rapist is worse than most everyone.

alloysteel is sure the recent rash of anti-Muslim vandalism and assault are all fake:
The Muslims have been setting their own mosques on fire, sort of a “Reichstag fire” moment, then they can point to the “damage” as their excuse to demand more “protection” from the authorities. None of these fires are “burn to the ground”, rarely are there any worshipers in the mosque at the time, and the damage is usually relatively minor.

Or maybe it is competing sects of Islam that are the cause of the fire outbreaks. Muslims are in greater danger from other Muslims, than they would ever be from any outside agency.
piasa knows the real reason for the hijab:
Sometimes the most important reason they require women to wear the hijab is so the men have a way to disguise themselves as women when losing a fight.
demshateGod minimizes recent victories against ISIS:
John Bolton pointed out that this liberation was really nothing to brag about. ISIS pulled their forces out, leaving snipers and booby traps. If this is a defeat for ISIS, it’s nothing compared to the huge success they’ve had, and will continue to have. The West is in no philosophical position to win against Islamic fundamentalism. If anyone defeats ISIS it will be IRAN and Russia. Not the West, until we overthrow our leaders.
Darteaus94025 hates how liberals are always moving away to conservative places:
Muslim “refugees” are just like lieberals: their ideology fails where they live, so they move on, but they bring their ideology and thus screw up another location.
NorthMountain is pretty stoked about that twelve-year-old executed for waving a toy gun around:
Dumbass got his 'justice'. Deserved every scintilla of it.
That's at best a tragedy, not justice. Jesus.

freedomjusticeruleoflaw just now heard that the IRS has been able to suspend your passport since like 1970. He's shocked!
This is Stalinist ideology. The Berlin Wall in Amerika... Welcome to the last turn in our cycle to statism...
Uncorking all the Freeper bad guys, mindburglar explains that making Steinbeck makes you a fascist Commie Nazi jihadi!
You are partial to Steinbeck? The guy is remedial reading for communists. You are in the wrong forum fascist. Enjoy Germany and your jihadists friends.
B212 saw a horrible sight!
Sunday last, I was in a coffee shop, across from me was a traditional American family...a man a woman, and a 8 year old girl.

The girl was showing her mother how to wear the scarf of red and white, similar to what the Arabs wear....she covered her hair in the Muslim style with scarf, and modeled for her mother, who appeared to approve...

I thought, it is over if young girls embrace the Muslim dress at such an early age....
RitaOK - Freepers are not maintaining appropriate segregation between Trump folks and Cruz folks:
I believe we were 150 replies deep on that thread having a great party, before the bored Cruz supporters trolled over. With nothing for an argument for their candidate, it was immediate that the snark against TRUMP supporters having such a good time, began.

How that thread descended into scriptural combat, I’m sure I don’t know, but it was unseemly and uncalled for.
Politicalkiddo is not an optimist:
“Winning” is a superficial concept in modern politics. We still lose no matter what.
servantboy777 is trying to fire up the Clinton hate with Obama still around:
Don't know if anyone could top the damage the marxist muzzie has done to our country, but Hillary as president would be disastrous. Not only her as president, Bill being back in the white house as first husband.

The nation would accelerate it's path of emasculation with Hillary sitting in the oval office and would enable her husband to further embarrass our nation and defile our sacred house.
exit82 has already turned to hating Hillary more than Obama:
Ted, you are not going to win this election by debate points.

Hillary is the greatest evil we have in this country—her Presidency will change this land in ways even Obama could not dream of.

You better be prepared to fight, and fight hard.
Even more ahead of the game, LeoWindhorse preemptively calls for a Military coup if Hillary's elected:
Sorry...we do not need a frumpy matron for commander and chief. Add to that , she’s a slimeball liar and a lawyer .

If this country is stupid enough to elect this person I hope our Armed Forces DO SOMETHING about it , before she can be inaugurated . Screw convention . We just cannot be subjected to this s#i+ . Time for something totally different . Donald Trump or military control
HiTech RedNeck exhorts people to stop fucking the Devil:
The real fornication that matters, is the one with the devil. Think Satan sexy, and you’ve dived into hell hugging and kissing the devil. Let Jesus get you out of that, and there won’t be any questions of fornicating statues or anything else either.
Eddie01 laments how many people aren't as smart as Freepers:
In my recent converstations with friends, family and strangers I have come to realize just how many people attempt to back up their opinion with simple sound bites which in an of themselves are a lie.

Never for one minute believe that a majority exists anywhere with the political knowledge of a active Freeper, even the crappy, trolly, stalky ones.

Trump needs to hit the airwaves hard with his straight talk. He owns this political season’s narrative and more people need to adopt his soundbites as their own rational thought. That’s just how it works, sadly.
glorgau knows as much about Hitler's bedroom activities as he does about Hillary's:
Like Hitler, she’s a carpet chewer.
Don't bother Cowboy Bob with the facts about how much violent crime has dropped since the 1980s:
Since the 1960s, the justice system has sided with the criminals. As a result, the average person is forced to turn their homes into fortresses. Children are no longer able to play in the streets near their homes, or in the local parks because they have been taken over by drug dealers, gangs, and the "homeless."
Not content with reality, Theophilus prefers substituting a future where non-Freepers are actively evil:
NONE of our problems will be fixed until Mothers STOP KILLING THEIR BABIES!!! It̢۪s the Holocaust to end all holocausts!! And EVIL to end all evils!

Compulsory abortion will probably follow, just like China, especially if said young mothers are performing their obligatory "Universal National Service" AKA: "The Draft".
SumProVita thinks Obama is gonna be impeached aaaany day now:
I will be surprised if Obama even finishes his term in office. His *popularity* is dropping rapidly...

...and the national stage has been set by the leftists for many unpleasant and *unexpected consequences* in 2016.
Popman smugly proclaims how he was a weirdo in Baltimore:
At the Harbor in Baltimore there is a science museum for children that has a section for the worship of Rachel Carson...

I took particular pleasure in a loud enough voice explaining to my nieces and nephews who RC was and that she was responsible for millions of deaths because of her bogus research and the politicians who bought her environmental ideology...

Needless to say I got several side glances from other patrons...Truth hurts...
Reno89519 is going full Obama speculative BS against Rubio:
So Rubio’s qualifications: Corruption, adultery, misuse of public funds, shady real estate deals, and maybe even drug dealing with his family and others. The perfect GOPe candidate.
In response to the fire at the Dubai hotel, BenLurkin roots for terrorism:
How long till the Burj Khalifa gets the 9/11 treatment.

A one megaton blast at its base would make me happy.

Very happy.


  1. "people need to adopt his soundbites as their own rational thought."

    sounds doubleplusgood to me, winston!

    1. I couldn't have put it better myself!
      Still laughing.

  2. Freepers react to Ted Cruz's statement on the Oregon situation.

    1. Let me guess without having read it yet...
      Lots of "FUTC"?
      They are so fickle during election years, like tween girls with a different favorite boy band from week to week.

    2. Actually a mix of Ted is right/wrong, Ruby ridge redux and totes false flag.

  3. Two links to two of your posts on Cracked. Nice work, Ozy!

    1. I saw that too. Go Ozy!

    2. Front page articles or forums?

    3. Ahh, I read that on mobile so I didn't see what any of the links were.

  4. Time for something totally different . Donald Trump or military control

    FReepers sure do love the Constitution, don't they? Especially the part that calls for imposing a military dictatorship if the wrong person gets elected. (Don't laugh — it's in there alright, just after "The federal government can't own land.")

    1. They also lament (and ignore) the fact that the Constitution was amended to make non-whites, and wimminfolk more than 3/5ths human.

    2. I love how you liberals trot that 3/5s thing in an incorrect fashion, as something Black people should lament to this day.

      It spoke only to congressional apportionment and it was not what the slave owners would have preferred.

      Slave owners wanted slaves to be counted same as everyone else so their slave states would get more slave supporting Reps in Congress. Slavery opponents wanted them counted not at all for the same reason, and since slaves couldn't vote, why the hell should they have been used to increase the number of seats that slave owners got? 3/5s was the compromise they reached.

      I assume you would have opposed slavery so if you were a delegate to the concon, you'd have been in that Northern group that wanted slaves not to be included at all in the tally for congressional apportionment. Think about that.

    3. You're not wrong, Impy (at least pre-Civil War), but I think AMJ may have been exaggerating a little to illustrate a point. How many times have we seen Freepers say that the 19th Amendment should be repealed? Or to dream up solutions to "voter fraud" that coincidentally disenfranchises a large percentage of African Americans? I think that was AMJ's larger point there. Of course, I'm not presuming to speak for AMJ, and if I'm wrong, I welcome any correction.

  5. Hi Oz, still reading.

    I'm always surprised by which posts of mine you choose.

    1. Hey, Impy. And you know I respect you for that.

      I am, of course, surprised that you're surprised lol.