Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Grand Jury does not indict Planned Parenthood; indicts the activists.

I love it, but I'll admit it seems a bit curious that this Huston jury went a bit rogue and indicted the folks who made the videos that were the supposed evidence they were examining.

Not that it matters. Abortion is an argument about values Freepers dress up like it has something to do with facts. Add that to the generally fact-free atmosphere of Freep (especially these days), and you get nothing but jerking knees and Bible verses about evil.

One last note - this thread was a mere 171 posts long. I supplemented it with some greatest hits from other, smaller threads. A year ago this woulda been 500 posts minimum; Trump-Cruz is eating up the site's other crazy.

Neoliberalnot knows liberals love all exterminations, and disqualifies the judge, who does not exist in the grand jury process):
The left hides the atrocities committed in any kind of extermination process. This Blackrobed tyrant is unfit to pass judgement on people doing what we all know was the right thing. A ruling to favor the dissection and sale of the unborn is about as barbaric an act ever passed down as the stench from the bench. Let us recall how the nazi socialists hid the ovens from the world for so long.
Going for the deep cut, kiryandil wants the DA beaten with a cane, antebellum-style.
Sounds like the DA would benefit from a visit by Preston Brooks...
Sarah Barracuda saw the same video Fiorina did:
It can only take a heartless bastard to look at that video, hearing “Doctors” gleefully describe how they rip apart babies parts for PROFIT and have NO problem with it
Unsatisfied, Sarah Barracuda's horror-video grows in the telling:
here, you have it plain as day, they are LAUGHING at babies being slaughtered and here you have the media calling Planned Parenthood victims instead of these innocent babies who are being MURDERED its sick, we live in a sick society
On a roll, Sarah Barracuda starts making things up about Planned Parenthood's services:
I doubt those progressives would care even if they knew the videos were true(Which they are) they love baby murder, they celebrate it every single day..They go on and on about how PP is about “Women’s Health” show me ONE woman who goes to PP to get a breast exam, doesn’t happen, in fact PP doesn’t even offer mammograms. I asked my doctor once(I belong to Kaiser) do they send any women to PP, and he said yes, only for abortions, PP doesn’t offer anything except abortion but of course leftists love pretending they offer more than that
Ann Archy is the best:
TexasCajun explains how liberal Houston is:
Houston, like most large urban cities is Democrat, former Mayor was homosexual and the Black Democrat guy beat the White Republican guy for new Mayor.
fhayek is pretty sure America is now all dystopian allegories at once:
When I was in my teens, I read 1984, and Fahrenheit 451 and Animal Farm and Brave New World. And I scoffed the arrogant, naive, scoffs of a middle class drone. We read these books in literature, but we we removed, maybe even isolated from the cautionary tales so presented. This was America, for gosh sake, never happen here.

We read, but we did not listen.
Grand jury bedamned, Dr.Deth is sure there was baby-selling somewhere!
This charge is similar to having someone step down from the curb to record a jaywalker, and charging that person with jaywalking while absolving the jaywalker of any crime. It's completely ludicrous on it's face.
manc has a great interpretation of this:
Typical liberals and baby killers. Always blame others for their deeds.
xzins is one of many Freepers to explain how this proves America is dead. Again:
This is the sign of a real banana republic.
kingu is also providing his own facts:
From what I understand, the grand jury was not to consider any charges against those who were illegally taped; IE: They couldn’t indict those who were selling the baby organs as they were recorded with a hidden camera without their knowledge.
Faith Presses On is all about the caps, so you know SATAN is gonna make an appearance:

This is that important, I believe. It’s SPIRITUAL WAR!

Not everyone can give that much, I know, but everyone who can should send something to them, including prayers and encouragement. And contact anyone and everyone you can think of, on both sides.

The black-is-white and white-is-black evil taking place here is an astounding Satanic ABOMINATION.

I watched those videos, and saw PP officials HAGGLING OVER THE PRICE OF THE ORGANS OF BABIES.
Arthur Wildfire! March doesn't bother with reality at all:


And throw a parade!

Medals and horors!

I would amend the Constitution for David Daleiden!

— have him compensated by Planned Parenthood leaders — all their assets!
sport is grimly hoping for America to die:
One day in the future, the United States of America is going into God’s gristmill of justice. And when the grinding stones are finished grinding, there will not be found a smile throughout the land. Because, while the grinders of God’s gristmill grind slow, they grind exceedingly fine.
Candor7 thinks this indictment is Civil War 2:
CWII is actually becoming a reality , not at a movie near you, but in the streets.The administration is creating its own right wing terrorists after putting them on the Homeland security list 6 years ago. I wonder how they knew back then ( sic).
bad company thinks Freepers are going sane in an insane world:
“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.’

St. Anthony the Great


  1. This whole episode is pretty hilarious, especially considering the whole thing was set up by Governor Abbott, thinking it was just going to be kangaroo court.
    Abbott picked the prosecutor, Abbott directed the indictments to be considered, the whole debacle is on his shoulders.

  2. Between these assholes and James O'Keefe with the hidden, creatively editors videos entrapping those they want to destroy, its refreshing to see them bitchslapped in such a public fashion.

    1. James O'Keefe is really scraping the bottom of the barrel lately with his "exposes" ... weak sauce.

  3. One day in the future, the United States of America is going into God’s gristmill of justice.

    I'm sure if that's true, the USA has a lot more to answer for than abortions. Slavery, genocide, theft, and the overthrow of other sovereign nations just for starters. If one believes in such things as collective punishment for people within artificial borders.

  4. before sending in one's hard-earned gelt for the "SPIRITUAL WAR!" one should ask:

    "what does god need with a starship?"

    1. And before spending it anywhere, ask yourself "Have I donated to this quarter's Freepathon yet?

  5. oz, ever consider devoting a post to freeptard taglines?


    1. Pelham (Nikki Haley, ethnically cleansing South Carolina for the GOPe)