Thursday, January 14, 2016

Iran naval drama

Some of our ships drifted into Iranian waters. Iran held the sailors for a while, and then handed them back. If that doesn't show how our diplomacy has this bellicose country over a barrel, I don't know what does.

Freepers, however, have three different reasons to be upset.

Most importantly, they want to make Obama look bad. Every principle (except immigration), can be momentarily ignored or spun if it makes the other side look bad. This is particularly the case for foreign policy, where most Freepers' dim awareness is made entirely of right-wing narratives.

The second is that they do like them some war. Oh, they'll lament the Iraq war nowadays, but they do have that attitude of a fearful bully, and kicking sand in smaller guys' faces on the national level is just their style.

The third is historical, Freeper style - they remember an Iran hostage crisis under Carter, and how that made Reagan look super strong. Obama is getting to the end of his term, so maybe...

This whole thing was over pretty quickly, so they couldn't really get up much of a head of steam despite the above triple incentive. Now the right wing media is trying to argue about the semantics of the Geneva Convention, which may come to something. But at least initially, Free Republic experienced more of a impotent tantrum than anything else.

TomasUSMC is seriously not yet tired of Middle East wars:
Admiral needs to be busted to recruit. Should have been in a nice war by now damn it to hell.
Nothing makes huldah1776 madder than diplomacy preventing a war:
Just heard that Kerry THANKED the Iranians.

oh boy, my blood pressure is through the roof.
John S Mosby knows special forces solve everything with no consequences!
SEAL team to Farsi, get em out. Then, level the place. No... give em 150 billion to make a nuke to walk across our border.
Mastador1 knows only women solve problems diplomatically:
Good God we have become a pussified nation under the the ayatoll ahassahola oslama. Jimmaaaaaah must be proud, he was quite the eunuch himself.
Nailbiter is pretty eager for a Carter redux as well:
Is Obama channeling Jimmy Carter?
Democratic-Republican hopes this will destroy all non-Freepers:
Hopefully the deathknell for (D)ummycrats and their (R)epublicrat slaves.

Too early to tell but this is looking like the beginning of the self-destruction of the (D)ummies and hopefully the entire uniparty.
Super Jack Baur wbarmy explains that all our secrets are now Iran's
As a former 96C/97E, if I was “talking” to a prisoner and his government released a statement that the soldier/sailor had been in the wrong, I would own that soldier/sailor psychologically. Within a few hours he would be telling me everything I wanted to know without one drop of blood or one ounce of ill treatment. I would make his own mind into a stew in which he was boiling alive.
carriage_hill sees this as a harbinger of America's death:
Under the current administration this could be a time period where major death blows are delivered to the US and the West.

A year under Ovomit is an eternity...

Agreed that he’s going to wreak untold damage on us, on behalf of socialism and his caliphate.
dp0622 is just set off on your usual 'I hate Obama and America' rant:
i’m ashamed of my country and its citizens. at least the 52 percent who voted this jerk in twice.

the FIRST time moochelle was proud to be an american was the first time I wasn’t!!

moochers, and f....ts, the real ones and the “men” in college these days, trans whatever, they come close to 50 percent and that’s scary.

We must WIN this election. Or we won’t be a republic by 2020.

not that we really are one now.

interrogated. incredible.

I @#$@#$ing HATE when he bows to everyone in person and in gestures!!!!!! stop bowing!!!! it’s the US!!! we bow to no one!!!

and stop wearing traditional garb of other countries, you fool!! you look like an idiot.

God, can this nightmare really be over in another year?
Mr Apple seems to think the Cuban Missile Crisis wasn't the result of a colossal failure of American diplomacy and intelligence:
Back during the Cuban missile crisis Kennedy made the Russians back down. With this filthy scumbag islamic mullah obama and todays democrats -all we see are apologies. I hope all Americans now realize that there should not be another democrat President for decades to come.
Future Snake Eater does the Freeper trick of believing initial accounts completely, and then smugly questioning inconsistencies:
The initial report made it sound like the Iranians were helping out a couple of our boats in distress. Then they went all crazy haji and started ranting about “spies” and it all went out the window. Naturally, Kerry just ignored everything after the initial report.
floralamiss wonders about science fiction:
Heard the Iranians and Russians are testing pulse technology. Maybe they “tested” on one of the boats, disabling it, and it drifted?
dfwgator suspects false flag:
It does almost make you wonder if it was a setup?
No need to wonder, littleharbour is basically convinced this was another False Flag op!
Likely a staged photo op. The brass set these sailors up for capture so that Kerry could ride to the rescue and obtain their immediate release, in order to show how great the US - Iran relationship is because of the nuclear deal. Nothing is beneath these cretins.


  1. Today in Freeper racism: "Advice on a good children's book for Martin Luther King Jr. Day?"

    1. Seriously, what's the point of couching their racism by posting "witty" remarks like "Several books by Joel Chandler Harris" come to mind" and pat themselves on the back for sounding so nuanced?

      Why bother with the pretense? Why even hide it? Who are they trying to kid? Why not just use the n-word and be done with it? I know they want to so very badly.


    2. Oh, C'mon, Freepers have lots of respect for many African Americans. There is...uh, well, they like, crap.

      Wait, I got it, those two women that looooove them some Trump.