Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy MLK Day!

Anonymous found this one, and it really covers all the bases from an angle slightly different from the usual "MLK woulda been a Republican, and also sucked" antics.

A Freeper innocently inquires what books she might recommend for her pre-school daughter's MLK day. Freepers show why they've given up on the black vote:

dangerdoc has a very bland suggestion:
The Bible.

Dr. King was a minister, what better way to honor him.
Zionist Conspirator, though, notes that King wasn't a creationist, and thus wasn't really Christian!
you can always go with Darwin's Origin of the Species and Descent of Man--two books King and his admirers embrace wholeheartedly.
W. finds a pre-school celebrating this holiday to be very suspicious:
Um, not to appear overly suspicious or anything, but why are they teaching little kids who are barely aware of their own existence about some long-dead quasi-political figurehead? Just seems kind of odd to me, m’dear...
cgbg agrees:
Time to homeschool....
The Final Harvest knows it's not propaganda, it's REAL history!
Rush Limbaugh’s Childrens’ Books

They are awesome .. and the children just love them. Go to Rush’s website and you can find a link to where you will be able to see the books and what they’re all about.

They have fun learning about our REAL history.
T-Bone Texan brings on the MLK hatred:
Actually Michael King was NOT an ordained minister, and since he plagiarized his thesis, is he really even a Dr.?
ohioman has a new one, comparing Martin Luther King Jr. to Hitler?!!
Being a Good Speaker is all that Matters - by A. Hitler.
762X51 notes that King was flawed, and so isn't something kids should learn about:
Get a copy of his FBI file. That should be interesting. You can introduce your little one to new words like “prostitute” and “Communist”
Dick Bachert has the exact same idea:
Not sure if Hoover’s FBI files on MLK have been released, but they’d make very exciting reading for the kiddies!
nothingnew just smugly suggests an out-and-out racist children's book:
Little Black Sambo
Speaking of repetition, doberville:
Little Black Sambo?
How stagnant the racism brain-trust is.

longfellow coyly suggests studying the guy who shot King, haw haw:
The biography of James Earl Ray.
Charles Martel is also coy, though I can't tell why:
Several books by Joel Chandler Harris come to mind.
That's the guy who wrote the Brer Rabbit books. Hardly the height of diversity, but I don't get the reason behind the roundabout language, especially given Charles Martell's other posts...

apocalypto suggests some 1943 vintage racis.
There was a cartoon “Coal Black and the Seven Dweebs” or something like that. I don’t know if there is also a book.
Heartlander suggests some propaganda about how Democrats were the party of racism, guys!
Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White
N. Theknow knows how blacks talk!
Horton Hears A Who Dat!
Rannug knows where blacks live!
Little Red Riding Hood?
I swear, they're regressing.

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