Friday, January 29, 2016

Spotlight Friday: Politicalkiddo

Usually I spotlight a Freeper because something they wrote still managed to shock my jaded eyes. But sometimes it's more about who they are, like that lesbian freeper (since zotted), or the cross-dressing Freeper (inactive for 3 months). This Freeper is of this sort, because she is young. Like, in college. As such, thugh her crazy runs maybe a bit below the Freeper mean, when she spews the usual Freeper business about Civil War 2 and Muslims it's...weird.

She signed up in 2011, so she's been here since the first Romney purge. Her profile says, "I am a young, Christian, female college student. I love reading, adore history, and I'm an avid tea-snob. I am absolutely obsessed with American history..." it also has a bunch of quotes, like I had when I was in college, and a rather ambitious reading list.

It's an odd set of peers for someone in their twenties, but somehow she has found Freep as her community, even going so far as to reach out to them for prayers when a fellow in her college attempted suicide. (As Freepers are with their own, they were all very sweet.)

Her character is also notably non-Freep, She's quite well socialized, being not nearly as stubborn and pugnatious with her fellow Freepers as many are, and is not only tactful, but quite willing to humbly eat crow when she goes against the current Freeper narrative.

When accused of loving to see Arabs killed:
And Arabs love seeing Jews and Christians killed. What’s your point?
Slavery was a states rights issue:
States’ rights are States’ rights. I feel the same way about slavery in the Civil War. It’s wrong, but populations should have to right to decide what laws govern their states. Besides, if a policy is truly bad, the people can easily get rid of it. After all, “best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.” -Abraham Lincoln
Pretty Boy Rubio is just not hot:
I don’t see how any woman could find pretty boy attractive. I can’t believe that his looks somehow give him an edge.
Paul Ryan is kinda gay:
What has this limp-wristed moron ever done to deserve to be that close to the presidency? What a terrifying thought.
Lynch John McCain:
Oath Keepers Founder Calls for John McCain To Be "Hung By The Neck Until Dead"

Sounds like a plan.
Not a huge fan of Trump
He’d have done us a big favor by suing Obama about *his* eligibility. Yet, of course, it served no purpose for Trump so he wouldn’t have pursued the issue.
Worship Cruz, but don't compare him to Reagan!
Love Ted, but I hate all of these comparisons to dead people. Look, there can never be another Reagan and there can never be another Washington. They were absolute gifts from God to our country. Both unique and amazing people. I believe this about Cruz as well. He is unique. He may have qualities that resemble those of other people, but Cruz, nor anyone else, can be the “next” so-and-so. Cruz can just be who he is and who God made him to be and that’s the best we can ask from anyone. Let Cruz be Cruz.
The democrat party:
The democratic race is comprised of crazy old white people.
She's all for executing the mentally handicapped and underage:
If he had enough of a brain to kill someone, he had enough of one to be punished for it.
Girl Scouts are evil liberal indoctrination:
The parents of these scouts are throwing their children to the lions.......
Why are so many liberal policies mandatory?
If Windoze 10 was such a wonderful thing, M$ wouldn’t feel a need to force it.

Just like liberal policies.
Martin Luther King and hating the Democrats of the 1960s
I’m sorry the dude was killed, but I wasn’t even born when it happened. Furthermore, it was the support of non-Democrat whites that helped the Civil Rights Movement succeed. It was a white Democrat who killed MLK, and it was the policies of white democrats that subjugated and enslaved the blacks in the US for hundreds of years. It wasn’t Republicans who filibustered the Civil Rights Acts in the 60s. But, of course, none of this stuff matters as long as those on welfare get “their” checks and their “reparation” money.
Global warming is a scam!
I think some are truly stupid and naive while others know how to exploit the stupid masses and make money off of them. I believe the latter are smart in a pernicious way. Cunning probably is the most accurate description.
Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!
Yes, yes. I understand the gargantuan error I have made. The government is in the wrong, as usual. I don’t dispute the rights of landowners protecting their property. I probably should’ve gone on more than the excerpt, but I guess I will take this as a lesson to be less impetuous and more careful.
Not a lot of empathy for a human rights activist who protested against Israel, and was executed by ISIS
Probably tried justifying them to the very end, blaming the West and Israel for what she no doubt suffered at the hands of these monsters.
Conservatives always lose:
“Winning” is a superficial concept in modern politics. We still lose no matter what.
She hates Bristol Palin:
Where did I slam Palin? I slammed her stupid lying daughter. I can’t stand Bristol Palin. Is she supposed to be a positive role model for people my age? I don’t think so. Glad to know that you throw your support behind an immoral, salacious, selfish woman-child. Shows where your priorities lie.
Also doesn't much like Fiorina:
Oh, gosh. Someone needs to muzzle her.
Never resort to personal attacks:
“I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.”-Margaret Thatcher
Publik school:
LOL! You probably wouldn’t be posting on FR if you were being brain washed at a state school.

True, although I did do 11 years in publik skool.
She doesn't like her peers much:
College kids are morons.
She wrote a paper on Civil War 2:
So I am writing a paper for my PoliSci class on the "right of revolution" and I plan to use John Locke's writings as my main supporting evidence.
Free thinking!
Gotta love mindless idiots who vote solely by party and not on issues.


  1. mlk = meh, cuz "i wasn’t even born when it happened"

    washington, reagan = "absolute gifts from god to our country"

  2. could noob wendle ...

    "obama was a mistake. Many of you will castigate me but I had hope for him. He was our first half white / half black to have a chance. He blew it right out the tail pipe. He was a disaster like we have never witnessed. 20 trillion dollar debt. No jobs. embarrassing foreign policy. A foot note in history. Go play golf and remember the chance you had."

    ... be the zotted truth2012? cause he's the only freeper i've ever heard confess this particular delusion:

    "even conservatives had hope for him, that he could really rise up, like the American dream. He could have been the greatest president in the history of the world."

  3. Though PoliticalKiddo may be younger than he average freeper (meaning she may be under 70 years old), I highly doubt she is some young college student.

    Whether its the gun toting internet tough guys, or those that claim to have "inside info" from top intelligence agents, or sweet little blonde girls under constant attack from brown people ...
    most freepers have created a false persona for themselves to play on-line make pretend.

    1. I wonder if Laz has creeped on her

    2. Would be hilarious if he has, and "she" is really a dude.

  4. and so it begins -- chum for freeperville's video analysis geniuses:

    "The Death of Lavoy Finicum in Oregon"

    (i'm just waiting for frame-by-frame guru nonpareil butterdezillion to chime in):

    1. "... frame-by-frame guru nonpareil butterdezillion ..."
      I bet there were a few scuba divers there!

    2. They were there on the grassy knoll too. That's how they got away with it - no one expects frogmen in a park!!

    3. Arrrrggghhh! Look at them obsessing over every single frame of this ARMED man's non-surrender, after publicly declaring he wants to die, and them calling foul. Tamir Rice got shot dead without so much as a warning! Where is the obsessive, frame-by-frame post dissecting the police video for that fiasco?

      ARRRRGGGHH! My head asplode.

      Of course, there's no privilege....

    4. The consensus seems to be that the guy got himself shot, he was known to be armed at all times and repeated several times to journalists that he had to intention of being taken alive.

      I can imagine in his last seconds of life he was thinking about how he was some glorious martyr to the cause.

    5. I have been wondering if the man didn't have cancer or some other terminal disease, or was just sick and tired of taking care of 11 foster kids and his wife. I'm not making fun, either. Maybe he thought that was his only honorable way out. If so, I'm sorry for him.

    6. Fuck that piece of shit. There are all sorts of routes for dealing with any kind of disease without
      A) Threating someone's life
      B) Leaving a dozen kids too find new homes again. Those kids have suffered more pain than he ever has and know more about government failure then he ever would.
      C) Forcing some poor cop who just got threatened by an armed wingnut into killing a man, and then having a bunch of loons will eventually harasses him as a conspirator.

    7. Hey, I wasn't saying I agree with what he did, or that he was in his right mind. I was only saying it looks like he had a death wish. Probably irresponsible of me to speculate why.

  5. for the time being it appears that utterdenutter is frantically chasing bigger rabbits:

    "Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have a hole in our south-facing radar?

    Obama is not going to let a new POTUS be inaugurated. If it’s Trump he will expose the coup of 2008, and Obama’s owners can’t allow that. Obama will be in the southern hemisphere in November and December, and it’s looking like Iran and North Korea are on-schedule to be able to do the EMP attack that can start the Armageddon that Iran has promised - with the terror sleeper cells here in place to finish us off, just as Obama held the door open to them so they could do...

    This needs to be the top priority for Trump and Cruz: we NEED to move our portable radar system into place to fill that hole in our radar defense. NOW!"

    "Obama’s handlers will lose everything if Trump is able to expose the coup of 2008. I don’t think they’ll let that happen. Obama was illegally put into office through the crimes of the communist-Islamist alliance so that he could buy them time to get everything ready for Armageddon, and Obama has made sure that everything is ready. ... and if that is the case it is WITHOUT A DOUBT treason for which he should be sent to Gitmo (the real reason he wants to close Gitmo, I suspect...)"

    "The experts have been saying this since the mid-70’s. The reason to not do anything about it was always that our enemies either didn’t have a nuke to use or didn’t have a way to deliver it vie the southern hemisphere. Both of those things have changed under Obama. ... Fact is, he’s done everything necessary to make sure our enemies have exactly what they need - right when they need it (at the end of his last term so there can be a catastrophic event preventing any new POTUS from being inaugurated and extending his time as CINC to the “8-10 years” he told us he’d be POTUS in July of 2008."

    "But I do hope that Trump and Cruz get on top of this, because I have no doubts that Valerie Jarrett and the other handlers who seriously intend to ANNIHILATE this nation would do what it takes. The Obamas, ValJar, etc just need to stay away from the rioting and sleeper cells finishing off the state capitols. ... Of course he could have the attack come the day after Trump mentions it but then there would be absolutely no question that Obama is working with the enemy, and his Secret Service detail might actually serve the nation instead of the Foreign Enemy Combatant in our White House..."

    i must confess, with utterdenutter manning the ramparts, i feel more confident than ever that the usurper's commie-islamist diabolical schemes will never come to fruition.

    1. nutterbutterdezillion, who can't even figure out how to rotate an image in MS Word, is suddenly an authority on our missile defense systems.

    2. I imagine that NutterButters has probably gotten herself caught up in the whole illuminati-new-world-order conspiracy world.

      She's not coming up with all this crap on her own. Next thing we'll be hearing about is how Obama is really an alien lizard person.

    3. She was on the above top secret forums for a while during the height of the birther craze but I think she got the boot.

    4. And when President Obama doesn't prevent the next election, and the next President (Ain't gonna be Trump) is sworn in, Freeperville will say that it was because he was afraid to declare martial law or usurp another term because he feared the mighty Freeper Hoverround Brigade

    5. AMJ: go back through the archives of this blog and you'll see they'be been predicting Obama to end democracy since he was elected. So, I predict their explanations of him "allowing" the 2012 election will be the same this time aroind. With the twist of him pulling a Putin (but not awesome, like their mancrush Putin, because he's a Liberal) and being the real puppet master behind whoever gets elected, sonehow.

    6. AMJ: go back through the archives of this blog and you'll see they'be been predicting Obama to end democracy since he was elected. So, I predict their explanations of him "allowing" the 2012 election will be the same this time aroind. With the twist of him pulling a Putin (but not awesome, like their mancrush Putin, because he's a Liberal) and being the real puppet master behind whoever gets elected, sonehow.

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