Friday, February 1, 2013

Spotlight Friday: Psycho_Bunny

A transsexual Freeper? Ayep! When she first came to my attention I was worried about how Freepers might treat her.

Turns out, if you hate the right people, Freepers can forgive!

Her "condition" makes her hate Muslims all the more:
I’m not some jackass like every liberal I’ve ever talked to, who throws around the word “freedom” as though it’s mere mention will make me free or saying it over and over will endow understanding of it. I actually understand that had I been born in some worthless shithole in the middle-east, I would have already been murdered for having been born with gender dysphoria.

My life is a gift from God, but the fact that I’m still alive is a tolerance by my fellow citizens and a testament to the document we’ve agreed to live under.

I am morally certain where my line is. And no one should cross it: nothing on Earth is more dangerous than “certain”.
Yeah...not a big fan of Muslims:
The war ain’t over ‘til the fat muslim dies.
In fact...
Islam. What an effing nightmare. It’s a pity the crusaders didn’t have nukes.
Her enthusiasm seems to have left her pushign the envelope of the "we don't swear" high horse of many Freepers. on liberals:
I assume every liberal I meet is a moron, a thief, or both.
The Left simply lives and breaths treason.
I’ve never met a liberal who understood the concept of “stupid” and how to stop being it.
Not a lot of empathy for gays:
gay people are not so different than straight people,

So you dumbasses keep saying, but you can’t stand it when you’re treated like straight people.

I don’t change clothes in front of women I don’t know because I’m inhibited by the knowledge I may be judged in terms of sexuality. It makes me uncomfortable.

So....if gays are like straight people, why can’t I say they make me uncomfortable and aren’t welcome in my locker room?
Gays in scouts?
Doing this will increase child molestations. Period.
Despite it all, she's knows women belong on a pedestal, not in combat!
This article’s a waste of space. All you say is this:

“Men fight for women or over women. Not with women.”

Still not convinced?

“How combat effective would you be after seeing your wife blown up by a land mine?”
Getting into guns, cause Obama is so evil:
I’ve owned a single gun for over 20 years but I don’t remember the last time I fired it. I dislike them: you do not have to forge a relationship with a gun in order to become effective with it. I find that to be “killing on the cheap”

But as of a couple weeks ago, we’ve become reacquainted and have an understanding of what’s going to happen should certain events take place.
She's ready to shoot her some liberals!
Taking my healthcare choice was the last ‘in situ’ portion of the American social contract I will be giving up without a seriously considered and fully focused response.

The Second Amendment was put in place specifically so the public at large could protect itself from a tyranny that develops at the Federal level. There is no moral justification for tolerating the removal of that safeguard by the very offices the safeguard was intended to stop.

I will fully support any honorable resistance - in any honorable form - to the disarming of the public.


  1. So gender isnt the only thing this person is confused about, got it

    1. I wouldn't say she's confused about her gender, she's honest about it. It is stunning, though,how a member of a misunderstood and ACTUALLY persecuted minority (transgendered people) has absolutely no empathy toward members of other misunderstood minorities.

    2. It's her lack of empathy that makes her a freeper. They will do their very best to deny others the same rights that they demand for themselves. It is a defining characteristic of the "Right" to view the world as a zero-sum game.

      There are countless examples of this, but it's when I see female freepers raging about abortion I always think of the facinating article: The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion

  2. <It is stunning, though,how a member of a misunderstood and ACTUALLY persecuted minority (transgendered people) has absolutely no empathy toward members of other misunderstood minorities.

    Not really that surprising. You'll find sociopaths among every group of people. And it's also not uncommon for members of minority groups to attack other minorities in order to make themselves feel better and to ingratiate themselves with the people they think of as "normal."

    Sad, but unfortunately not all that surprising.

  3. Houmatt was exposed as a transvestite with gay experiences a few years ago, based on his Usenet posts. He called himself "Shelley" when he dressed up in women's clothes. Once that came out, he posted a lot less on FR.

  4. I wonder what it's like for Psycho Bunny to read a thread like this one, and know they're talking about her.