Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dorner was doing it wrong

For all Freepers are insisting all liberals love Dorner, they sure seem into his tactics:

Big_Harry knows you only shoot police:
Never fix your position. Never assault civilians. Work alone and work quietly.
Big_Harry follows up how you gotta keep it small and paranoid:
Until there is some organization to any resistance, you had better not group together in more than threes. One of you will be an informer.
What, no 'we?'

Quickgun knows you gotta be more Red Dawn:
That isn’t the way we fight. Booby traps. Watch house from outside. neighbors join. We don’t have everything figured out,but just shooting into a horde of armed anything is just committing suicide. And, as Churchill said, fight anyway, even if you know you may lose, because living under tyranny is not an option.
Trod Upon thinks the problem was that he stopped shooting:
Considering the American response over the last few months, I have the feeling that in the circumstances you describe it will not be the citizens who have to hole up and try to survive. I bet they would go on offense and stay on offense until the threat of tyranny is over and its willing agents and complicit parties are room temperature, just root them out and destroy them once and for all. Hopefully it never goes there, but that’s what I think awaits any would-be Mussolini and his minions.


  1. The University of Chicago is teaching sex! Not that much new here, but there are some gems. I couldn't resist this one:

    "I remember when the anus was something your waste passed through, and wasn’t exactly a place to play around in.

    The world sure is changing."

    I think the one subject there seems to actually not be a hive mind on at FR is porn. Well... let me rephrase that. I think the one subject there seems to be TWO opinions on at FR is porn. Iceland considers banning it, all the weirdos come out of the woodwork:

    "A ban on not attending church would be more helpful."

    Boy scout leader arrested for child molestation, of course. This is somehow Obama and the left's fault.

    allendale imagines a study and then immediately dismisses his own imaginary study:

    "Someday a study will be done asking homosexuals how old they were when they had their first homosexual tryst and how old was their partner. Then there will be little doubt about homosexuality. Of course such a study will never be done."

    1. "Someday a study will be done... such a study will never be done."

      I see...

  2. Yep, saw that last one - it'll be seen on Monday, no doubt.

  3. Google promotes inter-species relationships!

  4. Ultimate Freeper shitstorm in 3...2...1...