Monday, February 4, 2013

Freepers leaving Free Republic.

Freeper Melas has had enough, and is leaving Free Republic for less hateful pastures:

I thought a goodbye was in order.

While I've been a FReeper for well over a decade, I must declare that it is time to part ways. While I have the greatest respect for a great many of you, the days where I can in good conscience remain silent about the issues that set me apart from the rest of FReeperdom have past. For clarity, or perhaps catharsis, I'm not entirely certain which, I'll lay them out on the table an call the ZOT™ down upon myself.

The racism: I just can't handle it anymore. FR has become increasingly racist since President Obama took office, and enforcement has dropped. Now, not a single crime can be reported with an "amish" comment, and I've yet to see a post express embarrassment or shame when lo and behold sometimes the perpetrators turned out to be lily white.

Homosexuality: FR is on the wrong side of history on this one, and I'll just leave it at that.

Mostly though, it's the hate. More and more posts reference violent solutions to political disagreements. Some subtly couched, others make no pretense. I wouldn't be surprised at all if I read in the morning paper that a FReeper murdered a federal bureaucrat or a federal judge.

I've learned so much, from so many of you, and for that I'm grateful. I genuinely and truly wish all of you well, and sincerely hope you all live out the rest of your lives in happiness.
Significantly, Melas has not been zotted - her profile and posting history remain.

Also, Freeper wag Lazmataz was bothered enough to write his own sarcastic parody!

Mostly, though, Freepers cover themselves in crazy in attempting to excuse or deny their growing bitterness:

PAR is pretty sure Free Republic hasn't changed:
One of two possibilities is true:

1) You are a malicious troll (I think unlikely)

2) You have made the relatively common mistake that many people lacking self awareness make: Mistaking a change that has occurred within you for a change that has occurred externally (in this case at FR).

Because I can assure that FR hasn’t changed. I have been coming here since at least 96 and there have always been some over the top comments made here. I don’t always agree but I usually get a kick out of reading them.

Get an effing grip, buddy.
Flycatchernever liked you anyway!
I've always thought you to be a very soft thinker.

Soft is nice for a mistress.

But your kind of intellectual softness is of no help.

But you're too soft to even grasp that.

Good riddance.
Mr. K thinks the only problem is too much Freeper hate for other Freepers:
Boy are you WRONG!

There is not racism, there is exposing of racist HYPOCRACY if the media. When a black or muslim or homosexual or other ‘protected’ class commit a crime, the media leaves that out and so we mock them by saying “it must have been the Amish again”

There is not anti-gay agenda, there is anti-GAY-MILITANCY. (i.e. forcing homsexual agenda on everyone) This is not anti-gay, God loves everyone, and made everyone the way they are- but lying to the public to promote special favors for any group is what we are against.

Are there some stupid people here? yes (i am resiting the urge to name names) And I do see your point about less enforcement- we need to police ourselves more, we are not DUhmmies here.

And the tone has changed- if you disagree with someony “what are you an idiot for disagreeing with my” is ghappening way too often
Ghost of Philip Marlowe thinks being racist and wanting to shoot people is fine, cause Obama is so evil:
Everything you complain about began in FR as a REACTION to what was an overt set of policies instituted by this racist, hateful, homosexual-supporting socialist tyrant.

We are angry. We tried being friendly and smiling and getting along with leftists.

They did a Trayvon with our heads into the pavement.

Good riddance.
A_Former_Democrat also with the Treyvon Martin shooting. Also OJ Simpson...
I have to laugh at this, given what the other side has done to George Zimmerman down in Florida. And I bet nary a beep from you huh

Don’t forget, Melas, these were the same open minded types who gave a standing ovation to the Simpson verdict

Oh yeah, and then there’s that other “protected class” who only started the spread of a deadly disease amongst millions around world, which includes infants, children, hemophiliacs, wives, medical personnel . .well, you get that picture surely

So yeah, good riddance
re_nortex knows Free Republic isn't racist, except for rare false flag operations:
I've seen only one instance of racism here on Free Republic and that was back in summer 2009 when some moronic pictures and cartoons were posted about Obama's family (and his children) when they vacationed in France. The mods were quick on the draw and pulled the offensive thread.

Then the truth came out. The racist pictures and comments were the acts of leftist infiltrators trying to disrupt this site. It was clear that they weren't genuine FReepers. That one incident aside, Free Republic is perhaps the most non-racist site on the web. Have you forgotten that Jim Robinson looked very favorably on the candidacy of Herman Cain? And people like Thomas Sowell, Allen West and Clarence Thomas have long been held in high esteem here.
sand88 knows liberals are the real haters:
Your affinity to the left has finally caused you to express your true feelings.
You want to see hate?

You want to see rascism? Go visit the leftist blogs like the DUmp. Go read comment sections at the huffpo, politico, yahoo, etc.

The evil left is purposely destroying our Republic as founded.

The evil left is pushing those who believe in Liberty and our Constitution up against the wall of tyranny.

What you foolishly don't understand (b/c you are a leftist at heart) is that those in power on the left, if given the power that Stalin, Mao or Hitler possessed, would likely fulfill a blood lust that is unimaginable.

The left HATES the 2nd Amendment because it stands in the way of the goal -- absolute totalitarian control.

The so called hate, racism ,etc you assign to Freepers, is not such; it is the frustration of so many who are being pushed daily against the wall.

The goal of most Freepers is a Constitutional Republic where ALL can live in peace, where justice is blind, Capitalism flourishes and where we treat each others as individuals, not as groups.

Conservatives, unlike your comrades on the left, want to be left the H*ll alone.
Lazamataz is pretty sure the real racism is thinking other people are racist:
As usual, the racism that one tends to see if the racism that one tends to embrace. To put it succinctly: You spot it, you got it.
machogirl thinks Obama is the racist, violent one:
How can we forget the words out of Barry’s own mouth?

“Enemies” “Typical White People” “get in their face” “bring a gun to a knife fight”.....

Not to mention his penchant for encouraging lawless behavior.
traditional1 knows sports star is about as high as negroes can rise:
Jackie Robinson had SKILLS in the career he CHOSE, and moved forward. He was not "planted" via Affirmative Action in a job he had no qualifications for. It's ALWAYS the use of such mis-fit analogies in defense of "Diversity" that clouds the issue that if the Continent of Africa, in nearly ALL of the countries there, having been led by Blacks for 100's of years, have hardly moved forward since the beginning of time, simply put, because the Black intellect of the vast majority is NOT up to the task of innovation, creativity, self-respect, MORALITY, etc. Hundreds of years of lack of progress, and we want to foist that on Amerika, to show our "big tent" sympathy?

If you want to live the American Dream; JOIN THE values-based, Christian-based philosophy that it was FOUNDED UPON
kiryandil thinks the EPA is killing people:
I wouldn't be surprised at all if I read in the morning paper that a FReeper murdered a federal bureaucrat or a federal judge.

Anonymous federal bureaucrats at the EPA just made a decision in my area that WILL incur fatalities - fatalities that are 100% avoidable.

I kind of consider that "murder", but of course the US Department of Media would NEVER point that out.
Kickass Conservative remembers this one made-up liberal racism, so he gets to be as racist as he wants!
Well, that does it. I guess I will never use the term “Marxist Mulatto” when referring to Obama in fear of being labeled a Racist, even if he is (1) A Marxist and (2) A Mulatto.

As far as his ethnicity goes, I will now include the famous line from Seinfeld, “not that there's anything wrong with that”.

Better we go with the Liberal model, using the terms Uncle Tom and House Nigger while throwing OREO Cookies at Black Republicans. FR, it's kind of like the KKK you know. Geez. One other thing, did Melas just insinuate that a FReeper would attempt to Assassinate a Politico? FReepers know that any violence coming from our side, real or imagined, would be used as Propaganda against us. We leave the Violence to the Leftists, who of course never get blamed for anything.
Tublecane knows the real Taliban is the left:
Seriously, though, I tire easily of political religiosity, especially among our side with some born agains’ imperialist foreign policy. But the idea that there could be an American Taliban. Have you seen tv, for instance, ever turned on the radio or looked out a window, even? Not that there couldn’t be a reaction. But I find it slightly less likely than constitutional government falling to a martian invasion.

That term I threw out, reaction, may be a bit misleading. For should there be a theocratic revolution it’ll almost certainly be leftist, just like the Ayatollian revolution. The other kind is highly unlikely. If that’s confusing, it’s because leftists control our historical imagination to a startling degree, and people have forgotten the difference. See the great little book “The Lost Literature of Socialism.”


  1. Ghost of Philip Marlowe is either lying or was just born yesterday. I had to laugh at him for saying that Freepers ever tried to "get along" with liberals.

  2. Don't read into the non-banning. Rimjob's been known to lock folks out by changing the password.

  3. "Jackie Robinson had SKILLS in the career he CHOSE, and moved forward. He was not "planted" via Affirmative Action in a job he had no qualifications for."

    Yeah, except that he benefited from an effort to integrate the major leagues, counteracting a decades-old "gentleman's agreement" to exclude African-Americans from the bigs.

    traditional1 should probably look into why Cool Papa Bell, Josh Gibson, and Hilton Smith didn't make it to the major leagues. I guarantee it wasn't because of lack of talent.

    1. Clinster, that was wonderful. Thanks. I really enjoyed looking these guys up.

  4. My favorite thing about Freepers is they know exactly how I'm feeling and what I am thinking ( as a non conservative )

  5. FR is nothing but Stormfront Lite anymore..