Thursday, February 7, 2013

Freepers love due process!

Obama has taken the decidedly non-leftist position that he can kill American citizens overseas without any oversight. Freepers' suddenly discover really high standards for treason:

SampleMan wants trials:
I don’t see why Americans truly fighting against us cannot be tried in abstentia for treason when we know who they are.

I see the need for a quick trial, but I do not see the need to eliminate trial by one’s peers.
Chewbarkah sees the slippery slope, suddenly:
I doubt many of us grieve the loss of terrorists, but a lack of due process opens the Pandora’s Box of who determines the terrorist status. This slippery slope almost surely will end in abuse of power.
PghBaldy is suddenly rethinking everything!
I am afraid I bought into the scare tactics of the GOP during the last 12 years or so that compared what we are facing then and NOW with Hitler and Tojo. There is NO comparison. Yet we are willing to give the govt MORE power in some regards than it had then? This is just natural extension of what the govt has been doing for a while.
Mrs. Don-o hates drones now:
With drone assassinations, you're hitting people in a country we're not at war with, no declaration of war per the U.S. Constitution, and all we have is the President's word that he believed they were terrorists.

A president who's word is worth less than the contents of my sock drawer.

Plus, for all we know, he believes 2nd Amendment supporters are terorists too, especially us at Free Republic.
butterdezillion adds in her usual compete certainty about the government's sinister plans:
Not only within the realm of possibility. It’s the plan. Federal agencies have got billions of rounds of hollow-point bullets to use in the metropolitan areas when TSHTF, but they need an efficient way to “take care of” those who prepared ahead of time and went off the grid.
Da Coyote doesn't care about overseas:
I do not worry about Americans being killed on the present context. If they are targeted, they are allied with our enemies, who have such low morals that they make nazis look good.

What I worry about is the Obamadork’s group of felon/cretins making plans to do anything of this sort here in the mainland.
xzins knows you never use treason ideologically!
Is there EVER a good reason?

Sure -

On the battlefield fighting against the US

When in the midst of any crime from treason to threatening the life of another.

Never for any political or ideological reason. Treason ONLY when it is in the act of being carried out and lethal force must be used.
coloradan is ready to kill Obama:
Enemies of the US don’t need any due process of law. Nazi, Soviet and Japanese soldiers during WWII, Al Qaeda fighters today. President Obama.
allendale has decided liberals get no due process:
Its a very difficult problem. If an American citizen goes abroad and gives aid, comfort and advice to an enemy who is trying to kill US soldiers or citizens, is that person a legitimate target? Better ask John Kerry, Bill Ayers, and Jane Fonda. Why only drones, why not CIA assassins?


  1. We liberals tried to warn them about this exact scenario. But all they did was blather, "Terrorists!" and "Why do you hate America?"

    On an entertaining note, wingnuts have
    elected a virtual (white) president who will surely be a better president than Obama!

  2. While the hypocrisy of the rightists is amusing, the quiet of the left on this topic is a little disturbing.

    1. It's because last time liberals loudly objected to a Democratic president's handling of a rather dicey situation, we got two terms of a Richard Nixon presidency.

    2. Agreed. These partisan times do make tools of us all...

  3. Nixon gave us the EPA, OSHA, revenue sharing, price and wage controls, War on Poverty increases, scrapped the gold standard. You should've loved him

    1. Nixon also gave us the Southern Strategy and Watergate. Just because he was more liberal than today's Republicans doesn't mean we should love him.

  4. >last time liberals loudly objected to a Democratic president's handling of a rather dicey situation, we got two terms of a Richard Nixon presidency

    So it's better to say nothing? Wrong is wrong no matter who is doing it.

    1. I'm just saying that that's the reason liberals are silent on the issue. They know that if they object too loudly, we'll get some crazy teabagger president who will not only keep doing it but take it to another level. Yes, it's wrong, but the alternative is worse.