Friday, February 1, 2013

All out of Charity

President Obama calls for Americans to volunteer in some constructive way. Freepers ain't feeling too Christian these days, however:

NoGrayZone feels taxes are enough.
My “National Day of Service” is everyday I go into work (on very reduced with this new tax, they take 5-6 hours per paycheck)so the government can steal my money to hand out to others.

FUBO. Go back to hell where you belong!
txrefugee prefers feeling empowered to feeling charitable:
After work, we’ll be at the range shooting, a more fitting way to spend the day.
Stormdog hates visiting seniors, and seniors hate Obama!
Obama suggested that “visiting a seniors’ home might be good ways to pay society back for the privilege of living in our great country.”

Which explains why when the Emporer’s name is mentioned the reply is often, “I’m glad I’m on the way out.”

Note to Granny: It won’t be long, he’ll help you right along.
Mastador1 notes volunteering how the Nazis began:
You will do whatever it takes to support the Fatherland, no sacrifice is to great! All hail the Fatherland, all hail Obama! (do I have to tag this as sarcasm?)
Argus doesn't understand the difference between 'choice' and 'no choice'
The Bolsheviks called them “subbotniks” - “volunteer” forced labor by the “free” population.
kenmcg wishes Obama would stop acting above his station:
Hopefully in four years he and Moochelle can get a real job servicing people like cleaning houses.
BTCM's friend had a bad experience once.
I had a friend that through his church volunteered to patch a roof on a very tall two story ghetto house and while he and his boys were on the roof the locals stole his ladder and the fire department had to rescue them.
xrmusn knows the negroes he helps will just rob him:
I guess National Day of Service is when “US” and “OUR SPOUSES” take a day of leave without pay, gather the family, go to WalMart, get a lot of cleaning supplies etc and descend on the ‘Minority Community’ and mow their lawns, clean the streets, clean their houses - LIKE it isn’t enough that many are living in subsidized housing, food stamps, disability for drug and alcohol usage etc etc..using OUR tax money..making sure we don’t get there early so as not to awaken them.

In return, the ‘able bodied’ leeches amongst them will go ransack OUR homes while WE are cleaning theirs.


  1. Normally, Freepers are all about charity. Until Obama comes out for it. Then charity is obviously evil from the pit of hell.

  2. The Britain-found-pig-DNA-in-its-supposedly-Halal-prison-food thread is full of ugliness. From "The supplier should apologize for mixing in pork when rat poison was ordered :)" to "Put them on a pure pork diet and hopefully they will kill themselves!" to "A muslim eating a pig, is that not considered cannibalism ?" Confusion over exactly what a pastie is adds to the amusement.;page=1