Wednesday, February 13, 2013

State of the Union a big failure for Obama

SeekAndFind knows this was the worst speech Obama has ever given until the next one:

Obama has only a few opportunities to speak to the nation, and he blew this one (but is anybody even aware of this?)

It was so hackish, so devoid of any theme or purpose, that it makes one wonder whether part of Obama just wants to see how bad he can be before his worshippers in the lamestream media (yes, I’m talking to you Chirs Matthews) can see it.

Just listen to him talk about climate change for instance.

His attitude was this -—’either do what I say or I will just start issuing executive orders’.

Is anybody in the lamestream media going to point out that his back handed plan is to make his green energy cronies rich in the process?

He then said the word “deficit,” but don’t hold your breath for anything there. He spoke of it as if it had just magically appeared yesterday when, in fact, he has been ignoring it for four years while running it up.

Is anybody in the lamestream media going to point out and EMPHASIZE how it took him just 4 years to run up our debt by $6 Trillion, when it took the hapless Dubya twice that time?

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