Monday, February 18, 2013

Medal of Honor recipient declines invitation to State of the Union

Many Freepers are former military, or have military family members. They also think everything Obama is involved in is evil. So the fact that Obama is the Commander in Chief really rankles Freepers.

When Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Clint Romesha declined an invitation to go to the State of the Union, Freepers rejoiced and welcomed him as one of their own.

Da Coyote:
The thought that this soldier would be required to salute the bat-eared-b*stard if they were outside makes me hurl.

Sgt Romesha has class, cojones, and honor beyond measure.

Dorkface has no measure of anything except slime.
itssme knows what Clint was thinking!
Yes, this soldiers wants to spend the time with his wife and friends.....AND NOT WITH OBOZO OR THE MOOCH. The unspoken meaning is understood loud and clear. You can be sure the dictator heard it. And so have we, for which we give thanks to this young soldier. He knows the enemy when he see it and he deals with it accordingly, be it in Afghanistan or in OUR White House.
Vinnie's wrath is warring with his pride:
I told my wife last night the decision to get the award from Beezle or not receive the honor would be a tough one.
Lancey Howard also indulges in some telepathy:
The guy has class. I have little doubt he’d like to spit in the African communist scumbag’s face, but instead made up a respectful excuse.
SampleMan knows honor demands you never go near Congress:
Honor first.

There is no honor in the company of these tyrannical trash.
silverleaf thinks attending the State of the Union means compromise, somehow:
That is what honor is about

the lion declining an invitation to lay down with jackals and hyenas in a show of “compromise”
Ted Nugent compromised?

momincombatboots sees honor and raises wisdom:
Why would he waste that time with something as insignificant as being a photo prop for people who do not understand his wisdom... nor do they possess it.
FES0844 sees wisdom and raises...fetishes:
I’d like to kiss his boots!!
coldflamingo knows the only thing that can make valor in battle more valorous is telling Obama to suck it:
This soldier has brought more Honor to HIS Medal of Honor
God Bless him, he is more than worthy of recognition.


  1. I won't speak for the man who was awarded the medal; I won't speak for the man who pinned it on him. Courtesy would demand that the President invite the recipient to attend the evening's festivities. Compassion & discretion would insure that the President would add "And if you're opposed to my politics, I'm sure that the Speaker of the House would be honored to have you as his guest." It is the Congressional Medal of Honor, not the Presidential Medal of Honor.

  2. Freepers live in a world of their own, don't they? There is no indication, even in the right leaning Washington Times, that this hero had politics on his mind.

    Really, Freepers, put down the pipe and join us in the real world.

  3. Freeperville is currently down.

    The hamster is sleeping on the job.

    1. The Former Just Little Old MeFebruary 19, 2013 at 2:05 AM

      Try to remember a Freep-a-Thon which hasn't featured at least one downed server, bad database, or whatever the computer-based reason was at the moment.

      I can't.

      I can't recall a single F-a-T where some dire computer emergency or another didn't crop up.

      They seem to have become more of an issue since the F-a-Ts have slowed to a glacial pace, but I'm sure that is a total coincidence. o.0

    2. there was an ex-freeper site that used to keep track of how much the freep-a-thon's raised and used JimRob's emails to estimate how much was needed to keep the site running. It was a guessing game, but they they thought JimRob and company are raking in 80-90K a year. Since the Romney purge they have lost a lot of donations.

    3. If I thought I could successfully (and in good conscience) run a scam separating hateful, frightened seniors from their social security checks, I'd be all over it, too.