Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Universal pre-school is Satan.

Freepers may be proclaiming how much the weren't listening to Obama but they are totally obsessed. In outreach to some rural states Obama mentioned universal pre-school in his State of the Union. Freepers will have none of that, and are as outraged with that as with anything else:

GeronL knows what is coming:
he wants it mandated
lightman thinks private school will soon be over:
Early childhood indoctrination.

Can't have all those religious schools teaching about Jesus...

allah (pizz be upon him) might be displeased.
svcw's Mom totally called this over 50 years ago!
Mu Mom died when I was a kid, it was 1959 but before she died...she told me to be vigilant.

In the future she said the government would require children go to government schools when they were two, she believed the end would be close when that happened.
DustyMoment knows this was all because of this San Antonio Mayor was cheap:
This isn’t his idea, he stole it from sycophant (and San Antonio mayor) Julian Castro. Castro didn’t want to pay for pre-school for his own kid, so he came up with an idea to get the taxpayers to foot the bill.

For future reference, Castro is a slimy snake and a dangerous leftist. In LiberalLand, he’s considered an “Up’n Comer” very much in the Obama mold. I don’t like him at all but, fortunately, he’s not my mayor.

The left has a number of VERY bad plans for our kids. DON’T give them the opportunity to carry them out.
funfan can get incoherently outraged at nearly anything!
FUBO—I hate this man sorry to say it but it is true he actually turns my stomach.
Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America hates how Obama is STILL doing nice things for women:
By the way, the arrogance of this man.. Didn’t he already get enough females to vote for him in 2012? I mean, is he greedy or what?
DaveTesla thinks this will help China somehow:
Nothing is free...

In the end these socialist giveaway will cost everyone their jobs.

The communist Chinese rulers must be dancing in the streets.
bmwcyle knows what the curriculum will be!
Worship of Satan and Obama for the little ones.
Truth2012 trusts his 4-year-old's conservative instincts:
I saw this happen already in my daughter’s preschool. She is 4 and demanded that I remove her.

So I did.

It was a little preschool in a Methodist church, and the teacher is a big Obama fan. I started to get uncomfortable with some of the things she was doing,myself- but when my daughter demanded to be removed from a school she has loved- I knew something was up.

Parents need to be vigilant.
savagesusie can't resist:
He wants to create little Marxists who can’t reason because they are in artificial environments all day, away from caring adults and real situations where you can learn life lessons and how to control environment, plus develop your individual interests instead of forced conformity.

Of course, they will brainwash the kids to think Good is Evil—and Heather has two Mommies-—anything so they get a real warped view of society—so anything is “Right”-—well, whatever the “authority” figure states.

They will be more conditioned for “herd mentality”-—Individualism comes from a life with family who cares about you——like in Lincoln’s life-—or Mark Twains-—rugged individualism would never have been natural to them if they were institutionalized at young ages. They would have been conditioned to be told what to do and conform to the majority “PC think”-—with no free creative time. They would have been bullied into group think and would have been ridiculed for thinking “differently”.


  1. So what are they proposing, that only people who can afford it pay tuition for private school, and poor kids are SOL?

  2. They person who said their 4 year old demanded to be taken out of preschool is full of shit It just sounds like a big lie.

    1. The kid also demanded to only eat cookies! And Obama doesn't want that! So that's all the kid will ever eat! Until she dies! Which will probably be soon!

    2. Extra salt on those cookies, too.