Wednesday, February 6, 2013

'Traces of pork' found in prison food served as halal

Via Anonymous.

England served some pork to Muslims. They apologized and fired to contractor. Freepers decide that the dietary concerns of Muslim prisoners are evil:

Impy recaps:
Did you hear about this, PORK DNA was food in food for MUSLIM PRISONERS in the UK that was supposed to be HALAL (Muslim Kosher). Why they were even testing the DNA of the meat is a mystery to me.

The government is right miffed because the dietary needs of criminal scum are very important to them.

I say feed them nothing BUT pork, I’m mean like that.
MtnClimber jokes that the Muslims should be killed:
The supplier should apologize for mixing in pork when rat poison was ordered :)
doc1019 knows the Muslim doctrine on pork:
I would hate to think my salvation depended on whether I accidentally ate pork or not. What a screwed up religion.

Give them a choice ... eat pork or starve to death.
rktman laments that the UK still has human rights for Muslims:
Kinda thinkin’ the brits won’t poison them. They’ll probably bow and curtsey and give them early release for violating there “rights”. To be free from pork. Maybe we could send them some pickled pigs feet for Christmas. Maple cured bacon maybe? Seriously. There’s gotta be something wrong with people who don’t like bacon.
Is CIDKauf joking, or is this another BS story Freepers believe?
Not as bad as Clinton taking the Dahli Lama to Taco Bell for a taco!
I want the USA back knows apologizing is surrendering:
Britain is lost. The groveling submissive apology is disgusting.
SunkenCiv doesn't seem to be joking:
Next time, add Ricin to their food, and there won’t be any more complaints.

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